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Will Smith's Megatrailer -- TOWED ... On Tape!

5/12/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith's 1,150 sq. ft. trailer was unceremoniously dragged off a busy NYC street yesterday after complaints from residents -- and you gotta see the footage ... thing's UNREAL.

Smith's double-decker luxury trailer was plonked down in the middle of a tiny street in Soho while the actor shot "Men in Black III" -- but after several residents complained it was blocking traffic, giving off fumes, and screwing up local businesses ... the studio towed it to a nearby parking lot.

And to give you an idea of how absurd this thing is -- the 53-foot trailer also boasts marble floors, a massive 100-inch TV, a bedroom, and several offices.


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Puckett 37 minutes ago

Yeah how dare Will Smith and an entire cast and crew from a major motion picture studio show up in NY city, pull permits, and start spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a day filming a blockbuster movie, greatly enriching local businesses and putting people to work in the process. That egotistical bastard! how dare he! OMFG he's blocking your view of the ditry sh*tty streets of SOHO for a week! How friggin' outrageous!!! :sarcasm:
Oh get over yourself Puckett. Why in the hellz should the world come to a screeching halt because this clown is making some crap azz movie? What about the rest of the city who goes to work every day and pumps money into the economy by spending their hard earned money? Are we not suppoesed to be able to get around the city because of him? Are we suppposed to stand their and kiss this clown's ring or something? Why? Because he was on "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" 100 years ago?

You call this "a blockbuster" movie? BFD! Nobody will remember it 15 minutes after they have seen his latest POS "blockbuster".

I have an about giving the cops and firefighters who pulled people out of the World Trade Center a block long trailer with a Plasma and a hot tub? Doubt that that sucker would be towed.

Pull your head out of your azz Puckett.

1230 days ago


All the comments here and only one really made sense. Thanks KH

1230 days ago


Will Smith is filthy rich. I wish I was filthy rich too.
Rich people do stuff like this, and I ain't mad at them, cause I would too.
Music..."I wanna be a millionaire, so freaking bad..."

1230 days ago


One thing I did several years ago was to pretty much stop going to the movies. About the same time with the development of the "reality show", I stopped watching mainstream TV.

The point is that if more people would "just say no", then the money thrown at these so called "Stars" would soon dry up.

1230 days ago

tippy katz    

WTH? Last I knew, he had a home around the corner in the east village. And people wonder why his pukey son is such an arrogant twit. Stop buying will's "aw shucks, I'm just a regular guy" act.

1230 days ago


He is like the other well known guy in the whitehouse, they tend to think that they are all THE CHOSEN ONE.Could it be just because of their skin color.

1230 days ago

moe l.    

Will Smith is black beacuse he's so full of SH_T. A conceited assho_e like we've never seen. I refuse to see any of his stuff because he's such a jerk. And look at his kids - bringing them up the same way. Just because you have money doesn't mean your shi_ don't stink. In fact it's made you and your family into turds.

1230 days ago


@ KH and you too Cella since you agree.
It isn't anyone's business. I believe it is. The people whom live in the building and pay rent to live there. It is large and in the way of whatever they might want to look out the window and see. You would be singing a different tune if it was in your front yard.

1230 days ago


Will Smith is hyping up Men in Black III? Is this a joke?

The only decent thing about Men in Black II, was the pug dog. That was in the first 20 minutes.

Whoever voiced over the pug had the best lines. Swanky, nice sleigh, who let the dogs out, that's canine profiling I resent it (the best line in the movie).

1230 days ago


No problem with how he spends his money; however, if he put half as much effort into making quality films, he might have a better career. MIB is the only movie of Will's that has franchise success and it's mostly due to Tommy Lee Jones as the straight character. Not Will's acting. In an interview for I Robot, he said he thought that movie would become a franchise to rival Star Wars. WRONG. It wasn't anything. And 7 Pounds? 7 pounds of nothing. As long as he continues to act like himself on screen, he's not going to get the Oscar he covets. He might want to ask Jayden for some pointers.

1230 days ago


Do they not have hotels in NYC?

1230 days ago

Lovely Rita    

I used to like him but his whole family has turned into some ego trippin' fools. His kids make me want to gag. Same with Jennifer Hudson now that she's lost weight. Sick of her disingenousness. And no, I ain't racist.

1230 days ago


YAY for towing it ! I get so tired of peeps who are "stars" getting treated 'special'. Who are they anyway to be treated any differently than the rest of society. They should have towed it to the impound lot and he should have had to pay to get it out. That's what would have happened to a NON star !!!!!

1230 days ago


Used to love him.. Can't stand him now. Thinks he is holier than thou! Can't stand his kids either... Karate kid remake SUCKED and so does his daughter's songs.. If you have enough money you can make anyone into a star.. even someone with NO talent.

1230 days ago

todd lee    

Hes a arogrant douche-bag, and so his his bitch-ass kid. I hate how celebrities think *WE* owe them!!

Tommy Lee Jones is in this movie too, isn't he? wheres his big ass trailer? TLJ is a better, more established actor and i dont see him acting like hes gods gift ot the world. Maybe TLJ has more respect for people then this A-hole.

1230 days ago
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