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Chris Brown & Rihanna

Hook Up Online

5/14/2011 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is following Rihanna ... and even more surprising, she's following him.

We were hunting around online when we noticed their Twitter pages reveal that both are not only following each other, they added each other very recently. We grabbed the screen shots this AM.

A Rihanna fan noticed what we noticed and asked her if it meant they were getting back together -- Rihanna tweeted back, "its fu**in twitter, not the alter! calm down."

A judge lifted the restraining order prohibiting them from having contact, so it's all on the up and up.

Still, that's a pretty big bygone.


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Seriously... too all the people commenting on here... like she said "its f*ckin TWITTER".. who cares.. its like Facebook.. yeah you may have your ex's as friends on there it doesn't mean you want their dumba**es back.. and what the hell does this have to do with who Harvey sleeps with at night??? Is writing on here just a way to prove to the world how stupid you really are?? because thats what it looks like..

1224 days ago


Just get out of people's business

1224 days ago


I still think she provoked him.

1224 days ago


Chris has not changed...wasn't he in the news not too long ago for throwing a violent and destructive tantrum after a interview? The guy has anger issues...period.

1224 days ago


@ZB yeah he was he broke a window on GMA because he was mad they asked him about this whole situation.... he obviously still has some serious anger problems..and to everyone else but just because they are friends on twitter doesnt mean she wants him back... by keeping something he wants at a distant but still contact with (rihanna) might give him even more of a reason to straighten his life out.... maybe its a "you can't have me till you do this, this, this, and this" kinda thing... which may give him reason to work to reach a good place in his life..

1224 days ago


john 11 hours ago
This just proves how dumb some women are, most actually. They always complain about these guys treating them like crap, but they date them and keep going back to them anyway. Dumb idiots. Great guys have to turn into these wife beaters just to get sex because women aren't smart enough to know what's good for them.

It's always creepy, freaky retards who belch "women don't like nice guys! They only like jerks! I guess I'll have to become a jerk to get sex! What a shame, since I'm really a nice guy!" Baloney. You're a freak and a weirdo and THAT is why you can't get women or sex. It has nothing to do with women not liking you because you're nice. You're not. You're twisted, as evidenced by your post.

1224 days ago


I liked Rihanna but now ..not so much what a desperate dumb bitch and saying people "calm down" u should be lucky people even care he kicked your flat face. To say its just twitter and talk about it like it isnt a big deal. Everything is done for a reason u dont accidently add your old bf who kicked your ass back. She wants the attention wants him to want her and ya shes desperate and obviously likes a jealous possesive immature love. she prob feels special. What an idiot..if i added an ex to anything...cell fb twitter.. obv u wanna talk and she just doesnt get it and is such a child. I hope he beats her ass again. That bad girl was right she did deserve it and i hope he cheats some more .

1224 days ago


Looks like woman beater is working his way back in to FINISH her.

1224 days ago


OMG why is she swearing at a fan ??? who does tht ?? thts just rude ! i swear if i was tht fan tht asked tht and i got tht reply WOW i would of been soo pissed at her .

also they made a cute couple and does it matter wat the world thinks if ther ever (not saying they will) get bak together just as long as ther happy :)

1224 days ago


That was pretty rude of her to react that way to a fan. Like she said its twitter, a social networking site where you KNOW millions of people are following you. So when you follow an ex who use to beat you up, you should expect millions of comments relating to the fact.

1224 days ago


I guess she didn't learn anything. She's going to learn her lesson the hard way. And the next time around she won't get any sympathy. So Unfortunate.

1224 days ago


When is she going to go back to school and learn how to spell? Most of these young, somewhat talented, people are sadly uneducated.

"not the alter".


1224 days ago


go rihanna go chris do your thing. its your life. personally, I think rihanna was taken by chris brown's she aint you....

1224 days ago

tony gee    

I couldn't have believe it if they didn't show this to us. I never thought that Rihanna had a thick skull. She looks like a beautiful person inside and out but I didn't think she was this dumb and relatively very pretty stupid.

We better leave her alone 'cuz the **** has a death wish! She is into S,M,B & D, so she'll die of it, I am quite sure. Very, very sure.

I had lost that tiny bit or a speck of what little respect I had for her. She will get what she wants sooner than later. Trust!

1224 days ago


Rihanna has a cave-like lady part so she will never give up on a donkey like fellow.

Just sayin

1224 days ago
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