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Arnold & Maria -- Truce on the Holy Day

5/15/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have put aside their differences in the name of a higher power ... by showing up at the same church this afternoon.

Arnold and Maria are known to attend St. Monica's Catholic Church in Santa Monica, CA every Sunday. According to our spies, they both showed up this afternoon ... but they arrived separately.

There are some things even HE can't fix.


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You know I think they prove the theory that usually two not so good looking parents produce REALLY good looking children.

Their kids are very nice looking sooo......

1220 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Lori: Their kids are NOT nice looking. One of their daughters looks like Ahnie in drag but with Maria's hair. The other kids are average to below average looking.

Doesn't Maria Shriver blab on her cell phone and text while driving? Isn't that illegal in the state of California? Isn't it supremely dangerous as well?

Doesn't Maria Shriver park in handicapped parking spots? Isn't that illegal in the state of California? Isn't it unfair to people who are actually handicapped and may need that spot to park in?

Why the eff should anyone care about sociopathic Maria Shriver and the sociopathic Kennedy family who are chock full of murderers (Teddy Kennedy), rapists (William Kennedy Smith), etc. Patriarch Joe Kennedy even had his own daughter Rosemary lobotomized because he didn't think she was "smart enough" to carry the Kennedy name.

So Ahnie and Maria are separated because Maria is too effing ugly for Ahnie and he needs to cheat on her with other women (and men) what? Truth be told, most people would cheat on Maria Shriver - she's ugly inside and out.

1220 days ago


who CARES leave them the **** alone

1220 days ago


There's nothing too hard for the Lord to fix except for the writer of this article's stupidity!!!

1220 days ago


ditto what WillOTheWisp just said!

1220 days ago


Totally agree with Willothewisp....and Sociopaths are said---dude you have issues. Whats with the lame rant??? You're hung up on her texting and driving last summer?? Yeah its wrong, its over, go on with your life...lame.

1220 days ago


Two ugly people getting too much attention. Who cares?!

Oh, and fire the person that decided this was news worthy.

Just saying.

1220 days ago


What do you need Maria; A DOG RASH ??
You have everything, STOP YOUR NONSENSE!!
Too bad your mom's not here.

1220 days ago

His Prince Michael    

WHEW. A brief note on a separated couple attending mass, turns
into a CHILDREN bashing thread?!
1. At least we know -for sure- who DID NOT go to church Today.
2. Let's pray, that next time it's not YOUR kid being based.

BOTH - Maria and Arnold do GREAT work for various YOU?

WHEW. Unbelievable.

1220 days ago



1220 days ago


So funny heh, Arnold Schwarzenegger cheats on his wife on a daily basis, screwed at least 13 women other than his own wife during his marriage, but on sundays he tries to look like a good Christian.

1220 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@His Prince Michael: Nobody is "bashing" or "basing" their kids. Whatever it is that you mean. I am just calmly pointing out that they are not good-looking. There are many unattractive people in the world, and to say so is not to bash them.

As for "GREAT work for various organization" - LOL!!! You mean Ahnie and Maria "work for various organizations that is GREAT for their image and PR right", right? Because that is EXACTLY why they do it. Ahnie and Maria make sure they blab to the press EVERY SINGLE TIME they something "charitable" in their public lives. But they act very very differently in their private lives.

I'll tell you what GREAT work I do for charitable organizations.

1) I DO NOT PARK IN HANDICAPPED PARKING SPOTS so people who belong to those charitable organization have a spot to park in whenever they need it.

2) I DO NOT DRIVE AND TEXT AND/OR DRIVE AND BLAB ON MY CELL PHONE so I do not risk killing motorists and/or pedestrians.

I think that's very charitable of me.

And finally, its not my fault Maria Shriver is one of the ugliest women I have ever seen (both inside and out) and that her husband Ahnie is one of the most disgusting sleazy cheaters I have ever heard of who must cheat on his haggard looking dog of a wife because he doesn't find her sexy.

I mean REALLY - WHO would find haggard dog-faced Maria "shriveled-up" Shriver sexy? She looks vomitous.

1220 days ago

Enough Already    

Notice they both have the the same frown......

1220 days ago


I don't think going to church on Sunday but committing adultry the other days of the week counts but hey I could be wrong.

1220 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@NYGirl: "Yeah its wrong, its over, go on with your life...lame." What an absolute fool you are. So blase about it. Shriveled-up Shriver HAS NOT LEARNED HER MISTAKE. It is NOT OVER because Maria "shriveled-up" Shriver does it again and again and again and again. IF Shriveled-up Shriver would have killed someone while texting and driving or talking on her cell and driving...would it have been "lame" to blame her for it as well? What an effing moron you are NYGirl.

1220 days ago
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