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Pruned People -- Guess Who!

5/15/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These A-list celebs never forget their lines -- check out how they hold on to their SAG cards!



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This is cyber bullying!
This is called aging.
Who cares?
TMZ find your news someplace else!

1259 days ago


A new low for TMZ. Back off, TMZ. This was completely disgusting on your part!!!!!

1259 days ago


Yes, people age. Judi Dench, Goldie Hawn.... TMZ douche bags who enjoy picking people apart for fun and sport... all aging.

1259 days ago


Yes, people age. Judi Dench, Goldie Hawn.... the douche bag who that picking people apart for fun and sport... all aging.

1259 days ago

crazy christmas pie    

Ok nhrncir, you want my individual attention, you got it lady: you prove the point that age doesn't equate wisdom, though you seem to think it does, think as you may it does not make it so. At the ripe old age of 63 you still have a strong need to "fit in" as you point out that I'm "in the minority," with my comments--as though I should care about something so asinine--LOL! I hope. . . .no I pray, that when I'm your age I have more to do than troll web sites about Hollywood fiction and youth culture--if not I may as well end it all now cause gosh that would be pathetic. One final thought, you're the ignorant bully (calling me names and getting personal like a haughty sophomore, when I only made a general comment in my original post), unable as you are to separate fact from fiction, petty, insecure, and bitter . . . .and at your age too (what a miserable life you must have). If you're so wise about the life and the aging process, I would think that you could take this little post about celebrities and their wrinkles with a gain of salt--but no, you want to make a federal case of it--what, are you going to call it a Hate Crime next and contact the ACLU and Justice Dept (not to give you any ideas)? Oh, and on your way to hell learn the difference between the words "your" and "you're"--not only do you STILL have a lot to learn about life, grammar seems not to be your forte either.

1259 days ago


Wow did I touch a nerve? I know your parents are beaming.. Also I worked for 40 years, earned my right to surf the web and what name did I call you? If I called you a name other than crazy christmas pie then my apologies.

Your original comment was no better than the post TMZ has made here in my opinion. You stated yours and I stated mine. Oh and sometimes I spell potato with an e but at least I don't feel the need to tear someone down.

1259 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Can we please see another side of your greatness Harvey. This is equal to someone posting your sex life. Just nasty.

1259 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

a-list celebs, eh? can you get some close-ups of their herpes infestations as well? still trying to narrow down the search!!

1259 days ago


Wow, a brand new low, even for tmz slackers. I didn't even look at the photos, but I hope grandpa Harvey was among them -or does he have his face stretched and ironed too? Let's see, asking who'd you rather f---, to demean woman; and now, photos meant to demean more people. Way to bully, tmz. No wonder your numbers are dropping.

1259 days ago


HOW RUDE!!!!!!!! Let's see Harvey and Charles's wrinkles!

1259 days ago


was this necessary? I'm sure all the ugly losers at TMZ will age much WORSE than these people listed here. IF they're not already stupid old frogs

1259 days ago


TMZ you guys are a bunch of immature losers. Lets zoom in on your close ups if we can stomach it

1259 days ago


I love seeing the celeb's wrinkles/cellulite/warts and all...It counter-balances all the times I see them airbrushed/their photo's altered to make them look flawlessly perfect. I want to see who I'm really admiring/am envious of:)

1178 days ago


Sorry, but this is not normal. Accelerated and or premature aging is something that caucasians are genectically predisposed to.

1178 days ago


Wow...that's pretty mean wouldn't you say? Why not add Harvey's big mug to the list. Taking cheap shots at people is really low class.

1178 days ago
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