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Charlie Sheen's Ex Bree Olson

Count Me in

For Ashton's 'Men'

5/16/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought porn star and former goddess Bree Olson would boycott "Two and a Half Men" -- now that her ex-BF Charlie Sheen is officially out and Ashton Kutcher is in -- think again.

Of course, when has Bree ever said no to two (and a half) men?

Ironically, she was pretty tight-lipped about her upcoming Playboy spread.


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OMG, LOL I just came across a Roseanne Barr interview where she gives her views on Charlie. People have been speculating what she would think based on her own history, especially with Lorre. Well, here we have it:

Roseanne Barr perfectly sums up Charlie Sheen
In a brash article, the comedian explains all you need to know about the former "Two and a Half Men" star

AP/Jeff Christensen/Chris Pizello
Roseanne Barr and Charlie Sheen
Roseanne Barr may have retreated from the limelight and be working some seriously stunning gray hair these days, but she hasn't mellowed a bit. Thank God.

In a fearless piece on her life inside the television comedy bubble for New York magazine this week, the legendarily loudmouthed comedienne opens up about her admiration for Dave Chappelle, her rise to fame, her disdain for television's "enterprising, overmedicated, painted-up, capitalist whores claiming to be housewives," her thoughts on "starring on a sitcom, fighting with producers, nasty divorces, public meltdowns, and bombing through a live comedy tour" – just like another famous television star. But while she admits she knows it's like to "brag about winning when one is actually losing," don't compare her to Charlie Sheen.

"Charlie Sheen was the world’s most famous john, and a sitcom was written around him," she writes. "That just says it all." And in the most acidly funny observation we'll likely read all week, she lays it on the line: "Doing tons of drugs, smacking prostitutes around, holding a knife up to the head of your wife—sure, that sounds like a dream come true for so many guys out there, but that doesn't make it right!" All you other would-be winners out there, take some advice from one of television's greatest moms.

1235 days ago


I'm surprised Bree has written a tell all book about her time spent with Charlie and the other bimbo. I know she wasn't there that long but it could be a short book.

1235 days ago


This woman is about as attractive as a young Linda Blair. She looks like she's pushing 40.

1235 days ago


tight lipped? riiiight.. she has beef curtains no doubt unless she did a pam anderson and had them trimmed.. banging that would be Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway... or banging a warm bucket of water.. that is where the term loose as a goose came from..
To bad she is a ho, she is not bad looking at all.

1235 days ago


Charlie what have you done:

In some ways i admire Mr. Sheen. for one thing he was finally giving a voice to the men of this nation. Men who are truly interested in family. Men who are not ashamed to be a man. Two-and-a-half-men was a program was a program taking a dangerous political stance. The stance they were taking was that men had just as many rights as women. Unfortunately, Mr. Sheen has learned one very serious lesson. There is no wisdom in exhibiting tolerance towards the faults of dictator no matter how well established that dictator is. No matter how fervent the political rhetoric behind a tyrant, tyrant's rule by fear not Love. Somehow it is extremely Ironic a beautiful Porn star should be the one to teach mr. sheen that lesson.
My overriding concern is this. Two-and-a-half men is a political platform. The producers of this show have managed to address many sensitive social issues. Issues such as FEMALE CHILD ABUSE, SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE ABUSE OF MALES BY FEMALES, AND OTHERS.
while I can sympathize with Mr. Sheen's fate, I can only wish his producers had been as adept in councilling him as they were in producing the show. Further, if they do not provide some very adept councilling for Mr. Kucher, they will lose a very productive cash cow.


James Auburn Caraway
(conservative democrat and responsible man!)

1235 days ago


Have you regulars noticed how quiet it's been in today's
discussion without ksis? Wonder where she's been with her Charlie defense? Now that he's rendered himself irrelevant, it will be interesting to see what he pulls to keep himself in the ego like his can't stand not to be in the headlines. Perhaps it's starting to sink in that all his groveling to WB/CBS/Lorre was too little TOO late. He cooked his own goose, and now the chickens have come home to roost!
BREE - good luck to you! I am SO proud of you for breaking
away from that LOSER!!! BEST move you could have made! Question: why do you feel compelled to do porn and Playboy? If you were my daughter, I'd steer you toward something in a more reputable field. You don't want to be known as a whore/slut/gold digger as some of these posters have so cruelly labeled you. I know you have feelings and these hurtful things must bother you. Hold your head up and turn your life around, sweetie! I'm rooting for you!!

1235 days ago


angeleyes 3 hours ago – “ Well Bree - you go girl! Hope you are taking acting lessons since you wanted to get into mainstream - I'm glad you realized the "goddess" thing was not going to work out - Good for you not badmouthing anyone - shows class and maturity -
Hope that house you're having built for yourself is a real nice home to get back to - Keep smiling sweetie!”

According to her Tweets she moved into her new, fully paid for, house late last summer. The pics look very nice and it seems $400k can buy you a really nice house on a big plot of land in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Jodi about an hour ago – “ I'm surprised Bree has written a tell all book about her time spent with Charlie and the other bimbo. I know she wasn't there that long but it could be a short book. “

According to this interview she is going to write a book and that Charlie Seen would only make a small part of it and that she has lpts of other interesting stories to tell. Based on her Tweets she can at least write very descriptively in 140 character chunks.

1235 days ago


"According to this interview she is going to write a book and that Charlie Seen would only make a small part of it and that she has lots of other interesting stories to tell."

Unfortunately for her most of them involve taking it up the poop shoot and we've already seen the movie.

Who reads the autobiography of a 24 yr old porn star, i mean really?

1235 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, n don't schedule for him to come pick you up on grammy night either....i'm just saying....*wink wink*

1235 days ago


UGH!! Weren't her 15 minutes up a while ago? Harvey, why even give her any attention?

1235 days ago



Please don't tempt fate :-).

I heard a radio interview with Bree where she discussed her reasons for going into porn. She said that it was simple.

(Paraphrasing.) People have different types of gifts or intelligence. Some people are book smart and are intellectuals (her example). Some people are gifted athletes (my example). She says that she has always been very sexual. So, she eventually decided why not embrace her sexuality like any other marketable attribute that a person might have.

In that interview she also said - when asked where she saw herself in ten years - she saw herself married with kids. She wants to be a full time mom.

In other articles I read that she was in college, was pre-med, got involved part time in soft porn. She was so successful at it that it began to cut into her studies. She dropped out of school and went into porn full time. So, I would guess that somewhere around that point was when she decided to embrace her natural talent.

Maybe she also discovered that she was not intellectual enough to go all the way through med school. I don't know that was true, she may have had good grades. Its just a thought based on what she said in her radio interview.

But, if she does want to be a full time stay at home mom, then med school and a doctor's career may not be what she wanted anyway.

1235 days ago


SIM - out of curiosity I did a bit of reading up on Bree as well as other famous porn stars. Some are Harvard graduates and married and living in Hawaii with their husbands and happy.

Seems Bree being from a town of 1500 population found this industry to be one she could excel in but even she admits its got a short shelf life - but it was one that gives women the power as they get the high pay.

Since she was smart enough to save her earnings and build herself a nice clear title home I say more power to her! Not many 20 year olds would have done that - they might have spent the money on drugs and cars and partying - so I think there is lots more to this girls future plans than we could even guess.

So though I can't say I'd ever recommend this way of earning a living to any young woman I can't knock it - Guess many her age are just giving it away for free and she knew herself well enough to stay positive about herself and gain some recognition in her field -

More than anything I like her attitude - she's an upbeat positive person and she's young - I hope she makes a great life for herself -

I shake my head at myself - LOL....Never thought I'd be saying I actually liked a porn star - but there you go - live and learn!

1234 days ago


Don't you love the fact that ksis NEVER talked sh*t about Bree before...referring to her as a "goddess" prior to her falling out with Chuckles...but now she's a "whore". Where's my friggin' "eye-roll smilie" LOL!

1234 days ago


she has the fakest smile and the coldest eyes i've ever seen. ugh.

1234 days ago



LOL You are reading my mind over there! That's exactly the impression that I have of Bree, too. It surprises me as well.

I live not far from Fort Wayne, Indiana so I have a sense of the midwestern life style that she sometimes talks about. Its a lifestyle that I appreciate for the same reasons that she does. So, I find myself also relating to her that way as well.

Did you read the article that Jake shared? If not you might find it interesting.

1234 days ago
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