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Stephen Hawking Declares

'There Is No Heaven'

5/16/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking doesn't want to rain on your parade or anything -- but he'd like you to know there is no such thing as heaven when you die. Debbie Downer!

In an interview with the Guardian, Hawking explained, "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."

If there is no heaven ... how does he explain bacon, Bar Refaeli, and the iPad?


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Amazing how such a smart person can be so dumb!!!!

1234 days ago



Anyone who believes in organized religion and the made up invisible man in the sky is truly a lost, scared human.

There is no heaven. No hell.

Religion was created to control anarchist activity probably right around the time man started walking upright and could be a danger to himself or others.

Careful, the boogie man is gonna get you too!


1234 days ago


Thank you, Steven.

Clearly, Hawking has had a life of struggle and would be a great candidate to give into a "God in Heaven" myth. His intellect and insight into the origin of the universe have allowed him to overcome the weakness and trepidation of myth believers.

He is an inspiration for his intellectual courage.

1234 days ago


How can anyone so smart be so stupid??

1234 days ago


Good idea Canon. And perhaps when you can explain exactly where God came from and what preceded it, etc., I will consider you something other than a pathetically scared little boy who clutches onto his fairy tales in a desperate struggle to avoid reality.

1234 days ago

pilot kelson    

Jesus is as real as Santa and the Tooth Fairy, they are all stories for kids.

1234 days ago


and dee, six weeks ago I banged my head and saw stars.

1234 days ago


Stephen Hawkin has been dead since he was forced to use a wheelchair. His opinion on things doesn't matter anymore.

1234 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp a related note, Stephen Hawking also declared... "... the world ends past his left shoulder."

1234 days ago


Years ago I got kicked out of astrophysics physics course because I didn't believe in his big bang theory. I told my professor "that theory is about as good as his legs are to stand on." I would bet, that he's wrong about his heaven theory also.
What he needs to do, is figure out if are such things as ghost or not. If their is ghosts, that would mean theirs spirits then why not a heaven and hell. Even Jesus said " I'm not a ghost." meaning their is soul of the dead.
MIT Astronomy/Astrophysics/Physics/Cosmology/Master's and PhD
levels, sorry type out on very small text screen tele.

1234 days ago

Where is my get out of jail card?    

I believe in God and heaven, I believe that Jesus died for us. I am not afraid to defend my lord in front of others. I will not be ashamed for what I believe in. I feel sorry for this little man, for he knows nothing. Worlds smartest man... just proved he's the world's dumbest besides the 31%. There is a God and heaven and I don't care what you think of me saying so!

1234 days ago


Folks, when you die it's going to be a lot like it was before you were born.

You have no problem with the pre-life "nothingness"; so why all this elaborate fabrication of the afterlife?

1234 days ago



1234 days ago


There is no reason to make fun of him bc he is a cripple! if you were living your life like him, would you believe in God? God made him the way he is and it would be very tough to deal with everything he has to go thru. i don't thing very many ppl would be happy and thankful to God that you looked or had to function like that! He is a very smart man! and bc we believe something very different doesn't make him stupid. Its completely his choice to believe what he wants. I don't think he should be saying that there is no heaven bc he has no idea if there is or isn't. and its very obvious that scientists go off of facts and with God you have to have faith! and that is not to high on the scientists priority list. But what Christians have to understand is that they shouldn't care what he has to say or anybody for that matter, he will get what he deserves when he passes. I think ppl should not worry about what other ppl believe and quit wasting your time! God will take care of them as needed! as for athiests, i don't understand ppl who are so against ppl believing in something??? I don't believe in the toothfairy or the easter bunny but i don't post that on bill boards or protest about it. i let ppl think what they want to think. If ppl would quit worrying about other ppl everyone would be alot happier.. but hey this is just what i think.

1234 days ago


that face! LMAOOO

1234 days ago
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