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Arnold Used Santa Monica Office for Romantic Liaisons

5/17/2011 3:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger had numerous, late night rendezvous with various women at his Santa Monica office building ... and some of the women were mysteriously carrying legal-sized manila envelopes ... sources who were present tell TMZ.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Affairs

Arnold has now come forward and revealed he did indeed have a baby with a member of his household staff approximately 10 years ago, and finally revealed the secret to Maria after he left the governor's office this past January.

TMZ heard the story of the baby last week, but members of Arnold's team threw up a wall and claimed ignorance. 

Now our sources say there were other women -- at least two of whom repeatedly came to his office at around 1 AM with manila envelopes and would spend hours there.  Sources familiar with the office when these women were coming in -- approximately 5 - 7 years ago -- say there were several bedrooms in the suite where they would go.

People familiar with Arnold's operation tell TMZ ... Arnold kept his home staff and business staff separate.  The woman whom he impregnated was a member of his household staff.

Arnold's Oldest Daughter -- Dad, Let's Take a Walk

Out-of-wedlock baby-making ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spent some quality time with his legitimate oldest daughter Christina in L.A. yesterday ... hours before Arnold publicly revealed he had been hiding a secret child from his family for nearly a decade.


Wonder what they talked about?

'American Idol' Finalists Visit Hometowns

The Top 3 on "American Idol" got to leave Hollywood this weekend -- and went for their big hometown visits, where the judges' song choices for this week's episode were revealed!

A tearful Scotty McCreery returned to Garner, North Carolina on Saturday for his bash and visited Lowe's, where he used to work as a cashier, before putting on a mini-concert for fans at Lake Benson Park.

Lauren Alaina had an emotional visit when she visited Rossville, Georgia, which was recently hit by a devastating tornado. Alaina visited a shelter at Cherokee Valley Baptist Church before a parade ending at Fort Olgelthorpe Lakeview High School.

Lastly, Haley Reinhart had a rainy visit to Deer Park, Illinois, hitting up Wheeling HIgh School, her alma mater.

Pruned People -- Guess Who!

These A-list celebs never forget their lines -- check out how they hold on to their SAG cards!


Guess Whose Gorgeous Gams!

Spring is in full bloom, which means pants are out and skirts and shorts are in!

Can you pair these lovely legs with the correct stars? Click on the gallery below to play along:

Audrina Patridge -- It Was Her Birthday

And yet she's the one that gave us a present ... by gallivanting around the pool at Wet Republic in Las Vegas yesterday.


Celebrity Bridesmaids -- I Do!

With "Bridesmaids" opening last weekend in theaters, we're taking a look at some famous faces who have walked down the aisle as bridesmaids for their own family and friends!

Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and more -- see which mega-stars worked it in a supporting role.

What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Focus in on these magical photos -- and see if your eyeballs are powerful enough to spot the subtle differences!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above pictures!**

Cyclin' Stars

These daring stars have taken to the streets on two wheels and risked it all on a motorcycle!

B-B-B-B-B-Bad to the bone.

Celeb Card Sharks -- You Bet!

Don't let their good looks fool you -- these stars have some serious hustle when it comes to playin' poker!

Check out which stars know how to play their cards right!


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Ah, we're bored with Arnold already. His reputation was made decades ago.Dig up some dirt on someone else.

1257 days ago

Pondo Sinatra    

Should he not have learned from John Edwards ???

1257 days ago


Come on TMZ do your job where is a photo of the chick Arnie knocked up?????...No one cares where he banged other woman, big deal he banged chicks in an office that has a bedroom.

1257 days ago


How can this be? No.NO! I refuse to belive this about arnold.He is a member of the evangelical right,the christian coalition,the moral majority,the right,the republican party for crying out loud.Republicans simply do not philander-----------do they?Oh my,Im so disappointed,crushed

1257 days ago

Ruby G    

Arnold has always been a sleazy PIG. Move on, who cares. Makes me sick seeing his fat jaw in the press.

1257 days ago


The terminator is the procreator! What's new? Nothing that powerful men have done since the beginning of time!

1257 days ago


This press release just came out from Arnie & Maria's kids "F*ck now we have to split up mommy and daddy's 100 million dollars 5 ways"

1257 days ago


"What fools these supplicants be." I think with all their money they will make it through the "slings and arrows."

1257 days ago


When will men learn??? Either take the venom out of your snake, wrap it, or pull out way before the grand finale. Good for baby mamma! If you're going to get knocked up, better off having it done by a celeb.

1257 days ago


I guess Sarah Conner left one piece still alive!

1257 days ago

Ruben Chuquichanca    

who cares, let him be! mind your own frigging bussines. Are you paying for his **** no right! Arnold is the man!!

1257 days ago


Who cares about what Arnold does? Why do we need to know his business. There are plenty of couples who cheat behind each others backs and I am not judging him from all of this. Just leave Maria and him alone already. Enough is enough and there are more important things to worry about like getting this economy back in order, if that ever happens.

1257 days ago


What's newsworthy about a man who cheats on his wife and lets his family down?

1257 days ago


I don't know what the big deal with Arnold cheating on Maria is, was this not the final test of his initiation to become a member of the Kennedy clan

1257 days ago


I want to let An. and Marria know, if you truly love each other as your statement in the other post then just keep your way up tight but stop x other people's path and hope you understand what was you doing cuz not one is perfect.

And as for the Media, I'm so sorry for her lost but please remember this is not the end of the World for you woman.
God has some thing wonderful for the Innocents so keep on going and be happy with all the creation you have in yourself NO E, NO M. :)

1257 days ago
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