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Miley Cyrus Is a Marked Woman

5/17/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Teen phenom Miley Cyrus commemorated her trip to Brazil by getting some wrist ink the other day.

So far, we haven't seen a pic of the design Miley had inked on to her body.

Her back tatted winged mom must be proud.



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Stupid People Hater    

She's getting fat.

1257 days ago


Old "Shovel Face" is at it again...

1257 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

With an idiot mother getting angel wings tatted on her back, what do you expect this poor girl.

Men, do tatted women look good to you?

1257 days ago


She's 18 years old and her brain isn't even done forming yet and she's scarring her body for life. That's just ignorant. One or 2 small tats is fine and no one really cares. Random, amateurish and ugly tats everywhere is a sure sign of mental problems or ignorance. Tramp stamps ARE tramp stamps. Tats (and piercings) pointing at or referring to your sexual parts is just like wearing a permanent fart shirt. Low class and ignorant. Stupid sayings and misspelled tats the same. Gang and awful prison looking tats on teens in the burbs the same. But there's no use arguing about this because the offenders ARE too mental and/or ignorant to understand. It's survival of the fittest and they take themselves out of the running for a lot of good things in life and the rest of us benefit from it.

1257 days ago

sick of it    

Miley Cyrus is TRASH.....

1257 days ago


@ Wiley: what they said.

Except "one or two" is still too many.

The "self-expression" argument is bogus, as well. Try learning, developing a skill or talent. Try READING A BOOK, study the stars (celestial ones), learn about ancient civilizations. The list is endless.

Get your "self-expression" from expressing yourself. Any *moron* can sit for an hour getting ink poked into their skin with a needle.

1257 days ago


while you were all shocked to see how tattooed mom was the other day when you first posted pics you didnt happen to notice that Miley has something just under her left boob! Something is written in ink there. Tell us what that says?????

1257 days ago


If she was HALF as good as she think she is,
She would be just So-So !!!
Her 15 minutes were up 3 hrs ago ...

But, She's a Great Bad Example.....

1257 days ago


It is her body to do with as she pleases.. from a 3rd party view it is sort of sad to see though. She is not bad looking at all and doesn't need to attract any further attention to her body as she's already a beautiful young woman with a very pleasing body. I do often wonder why young nice looking women get all of the tattoos it really doesn't make much sense.

1257 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I have not met ONE tatted person yet who has a 3 digit IQ.

1257 days ago


yea, not a fan of tattoos.

1257 days ago

I am Spartacus    

sulkydog, i bet i have more class in my pinky than you do in your whole body. Way to stereotype you idiot.

1257 days ago


Another episode of the Beverly Hillbillies!!!

What a low class thing to do.

1257 days ago

I am Spartacus    

"Fred Farkel 11 minutes ago
I have not met ONE tatted person yet who has a 3 digit IQ"

try coming out of your mom's basement and maybe you will. There are lots of people that have tattoos that you don't even know because they get them in places you don't see. Its one thing to not have a tattoo and be like whatever if you do or don't but the people that act like theyre better than others because they don't have tattoos are just d-bags.

1257 days ago


ahhaha, nothing like showing that you are insecure. Get another tattoo! More proof that tattoos are for weak, delusional people.

1257 days ago
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