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The Sitch's New Chick -- Unsuspecting Prey

5/17/2011 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Warning to The Situation's new Florence fling -- by our calculations she's now kissed everyone he's kissed! How do you say, "Tell me how Snooki tastes" ... in Italian?051711_TV_situation_still

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You say.

La domanda sorge spontanea: Meglio cornuti o piglianculo?

1217 days ago


Tell you how Snooki tastes? Thanks for the sour stomach, *******.

1217 days ago


There's the kind of woman I want...pudgy, overtanned, can nail an opponent with a flashy somersault in a WWE pay-per-view event...I thought Sorrentino had more sense than that...he described her as a "sunburned chihuahua".

1217 days ago


Everyone on the show is a walking petrie could ANYONE do anything..including kiss...any of them. Not a talented one in bed or out. In five yrs, no one will remember any of them. Better be saving your money cast will be out as fast as you CAME in..:)

1217 days ago

lallaaaaa balls    

hey whatsoever, i watch the show...i'm an adult, I work, I go to school, etc...watching a show has nothing to do with jobless. This is what America stands for now? You idiots sitting infront of your computer bad mouthing somebody you're jealous of? Are you kidding? First off, he isn't the only one getting paid for Jersey Shore, let's go ahead and realize that, there are other members aswell. And why hate? Who here wouldn't get paid to just be filmed? I MEAN REALLY, it's so easy for you haters to sit here and bitch like you are the almighty God, but take a good long look in the mirror, I am pretty positive none of you are perfect. He isn't hurting anybody, he isn't doing drugs like Lohan, he isn't murdering people, he isn't raping... so what shame should he have? He is doing what EVERYBODY ELSE in the "partying world" does, having fun. I can assure you his looks might play a small role in him getting laid, but mainly it's either A. they want to be on TV too, or B. WHO CARES. I know people that look like Quasimoto that get laid on a weekly basis...people eff around, that's what people do. Everybody has done it or is doing it. So why judge? If you hate the guy so much it shows how ignorant you are to flip through these photos, come across somebody you're supposedly NOT jealous of, or you hate, and you stop, look at the video/ pic, then post on it? You obviously don't have him too much for you to be ape shi( watching him and some girl make out. You just gave him more publicity by acknowledging him so BRAVO haters. Let me point outI am not a mad fan or anything of that nature it's just we have troops dying everyday for "our freeedom", we killed Osama, and we should be a proud country, when we arent, all we have are hypocrits and miserable people, that need to just go ahead and overdose, or suck the end of an exhaust pipe. GO FIND a real website to get heated over and make know? like A NEWS...a real news website, tmz and other celebrity websites are made to be light hearted and fun...even though tmz is a bunch of morons and sexist, still and all. and btw Harvey, if anybody, should be crucified.

1217 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Why does he always wear his sunglasses like reading glasses? To make his nose look less pear-shaped?

1217 days ago

Proud American    

The 'mystery' woman is an American co-ed from UF.

1217 days ago


How do you say, "Tell me how Snooki tastes" ... in Italian? You would say, "Dimmi come gusta Snookie."

From the author of "Dirty Italian"

1208 days ago


You Losas are just Haters!!!!! in a bad way and just wish u could be the Sitch. So shut it homos!!!!

1204 days ago


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1191 days ago


Come si ****usto la bocca di Snooki?
(How does Snooki taste translation in Italian)

1190 days ago


That is a pretty nasty thing to do in public if you ask me.
But they both look good together dont they (:
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931 days ago
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