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Arnold's Baby Mama is On His Side

5/18/2011 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama has been unwavering in her support of him, even before the story broke.


and the Los Angeles Times were digging on the story for more than a week before it broke.  We're told Arnold has been "generous" with Mildred "Patty" Baena from the get go, and she never threatened him by going public.  In fact, when the L.A. Times asked her about her son, she flatly denied Arnold was the father.

Sources say she never threatened Arnold, and the reason he came forward was because TMZ and The Times were so close to the story, Arnold wanted to get ahead of it.


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Too bad this guy can't find a woman that doesn't look like a man.

1256 days ago


Kill me if you want, but I think it's kind of cool that he cheated with someone who looks like just a regular everyday woman, instead of a plastic 23 year old bottle blonde with big tits. For some reason even I don't understand, I respect that. I 've always liked him! And yet I also feel for Maria. She's a great woman, but mostly what I feel is fright at the looks of her. Poor lady.

1256 days ago



1256 days ago

artie help    

she looks like a splice of reah perlman and danny devito in a wig, in other words SHE'S HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1256 days ago


She's not very pretty, is she? How old is she?

1256 days ago


His wife isn't pretty either.. What is the
point of even bringing up looks... News Bulletin..
Most pretty women are kind of ugly inside... Their
heads get inflated by the attention they get.. I
totally understand why a man with options could
fall for a homely woman.. They tend to be more
grounded than "beautiful" women...

1256 days ago


Of course she is sticking by him, he probably pays her more in child support than she made cleaning. If she doesn't support him, it makes her look like an even biggger piece of garbage.

1256 days ago


If the woman was the slightest bit attractive, he wouldn't be AS humiliated as he is now, would he?

1256 days ago


For those of you wondering why he chose such a "plain" woman and not a supermodel, it's because she was there and she was available. She was in the house and convenient and what man can resist easy and convenient?

It was very good of The Times to wait till The Arnold's term as governor was up before they went after this story. It would really have inconvenienced Arnie if it came up during his term.

1256 days ago


WOOT WOOT WOOT gravie train stops at TMZ also

1256 days ago


Gravie trainSS stoppies at many many places

1256 days ago

confused in k-town    

A whore standing by a lying cheater is no big surprise.

Birds of a feather....

1256 days ago


TMZ and the Los Angeles Times were digging on the story for more than a week before it broke - FUNNY

1256 days ago


Then SHAME ON YOU, TMZ and Times, for ruining a family. Do you think your story is more important than the well being of these children who've been devastated?

Maybe your executives need to have all your dirty laundry outted. I'm sure your kids won't mind. Hey, it'll be a good story.

1256 days ago

Betty Sue    

Well, the majority of these comments validate the advice I gave my 3 daughters when I did the "sex education" talk which was, "Girls, if you don't remember or listen to anything else I say, then please heed the following--A man's brain is between their legs!"

1256 days ago
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