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Arnold vs. Mel

Who's the Baddest Bad Guy?

5/18/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What's worse ... Arnold Schwarzenegger fathering an illegitimate child -- or Mel Gibson's infamous audio rants? Kinda decision that leaves you needing a shower, but still ... CHOOSE one! 051711_TV_arnold_still

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Amusing. Not.

1234 days ago


Actions always speak louder than words which makes Ahnold a real dirtbag.

He used to be my hero and now he is a zero.

1234 days ago


Shame on you TMZ.

1234 days ago


Pardon me for asking, but didn't Mel also father a bastard, sorry must be PC here an illegitimate child himself. I mean I do believe he is still married even as I write this, which makes his love child just as illegitimate as Arnolds. Only differeence is he never tried to hide his. Catholics and their Hail Marys (or maybe just rich low lifes).

1234 days ago


I have to vote that Arnold's actions are worse then Mel's words.

1234 days ago


It comes with no suprise that former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has fathered a child from household staff. He isn’t the first nor the last politician to do so. Remember John McCain fits the same catagory and a more shocking predecessor, the 1964, the also married former Governor, Paul B. Johnson Jr, of Mississippi fathered a child with his household staff during the Civil Rights movement and she was black.

1233 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

I predict that Arnold's indiscretions are going to rival Tiger Wood's assortment of hooers as far as numbers go. Except Arnold was probably not paying them huge amounts of money to sex him up, and they weren't some kind of sex trade worker i.e. porn stars or prostitutes. And I also predict Gloria Allred will have a few new clients by years end, all thanks to Arnold.

1233 days ago


Arnold is much worse... he lied to his wife and kids for 10 years.. Mel cheated on his wife and fathered a child as well but he didnt wait ten years to tell us all about it... Arnold needs to learn to keep it in his pants and Mel needs to learn to keep his mouth shut .. enough said

1233 days ago


What Arnold did is none of our business and affects only his family - Mel's rants affected us all. 50% of first marriages end in divorce, and it's not from throwing socks on the floor - grow up!

1233 days ago


Charlie Sheen is the worst of the lot, no question about it.

He wins this contest as the biggest L O S E R hands down!

1233 days ago


the incorrect / 'bad ones' are ....

TMZ and the rest of the 'halkers' for making money and/or games of other peoples personal issues

two wrongs .... if it's wrong to do, it's wrong to spew

why not real news

all you're showing is how low you will go in your effort to harm others

... 'you' are, through your incorrect actions, a hate crime

1233 days ago

paul a.    

I know TMZ is a gossip site and these 2 stories are great cannon fodder for you, but there is also a lot of moral judgement being passed along with the facts and I find it disturbing.

Is anyone at TMZ in the position to judge these 2 men? These were clearly major mistakes and they are both facing the consequences of them. Am I to assume no-one at TMZ has made major mistakes? Is Harvey Levin a perfect being?

If the answer is NO, then it could be that the staff is very young there. Give it time.

1233 days ago


I'd take Mel over fugly Arnold any day. Mel may have a few issues but who dosen't? Arnold is just a sleeze.

1233 days ago


I have to laugh at this. Mr. Harvey obviously wasn't happy with the last poll results so he's pushing the issue.

Mel Gibson - separated from his wife but still very involved with his family when he hooked up with Miss Oksana. When she got pregnant, he immediately told his family and had full intention of providing for his baby. As we've learned, Miss Oksana was more interested in being provided for herself - which she made very plain by walking out when Mr. Mel told her she was not going to score his "Mexican movie". Man was pissed and she recorded him illegally. She then used used the wiretaps as a "negotiating tool" when the time came to talk about adding Lucia to the Gibson estate. After deciding that there wasn't enough in it for her, she made those recordings (a result of betrayal and anger) public and accused him of beating her and threatening to kill them all. Given what this female is capable of, can anyone really blame Mr. Mel for getting pissed and saying bad words?

Ahhhnold - Screwed around with a housekeeper behind his wife's back in their own home. Got her pregnant and kept it a secret for a decade. I at least give the housekeeper credit for apparently not extorting the ex-governor and so he had no reason to say bad words. And while he may have been "generous" to his baby momma, he never acknowledged the child - just kept the whole thing a dirty secret.

So which is worse - bad words or treating your own son as a dirty secret for ten years?

1233 days ago


Well, Mel wasn't living in the same house with Robyn, and was played by a gold digger. Arnold was living a dubble life while his wife living there knew nothing of him screwing around in their home, and kept that from her for years! I say that what Arnold did was far worse, than a man that still married at the time, but wasn't living with his wife at the time, and was taking advantage of by a gold digger.

1233 days ago
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