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Lindsay Lohan -- Wardrobe Malfunction In Miami

5/23/2011 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What does NBA star Chris Bosh have in common with Lindsay Lohan's right breast?
They both COULD NOT BE CONTAINED in Miami this weekend!!!

Lindsay Lohan Nip Slip

Lohan had a bigtime photo shoot on the roof of a Miami hotel this weekend -- and in between shots, LiLo had a Janet Jackson moment.

Only this time, no one complained.

UPDATE: Her boob falls out AGAIN... See photo here.


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Where is my get out of jail card?    

Ugh thanks TMZ....

1251 days ago


Honestly, people. You're so fixated on whether or not she wears a bra. Her choice, not yours. Women have survived quite nicely bra-less for millenia in various cultures and times, and still do. The idea that perpetual adolescent perkiness is required for grown women's breasts is a relatively new idea (like the idea that women's lips are supposed to be painted and the rest of their faces unnaturally altered by cosmetics, or that women's body hair must be removed to make them look like children). Makes big money for a few, that's why it's promoted so heavily by direct and indirect advertising (movie and tv actresses have had a major impact affecting the way regular women view the need for such things, going way back to at least the 1920s). As in war - always follow the money in order to understand the real motivations for peculiar activities that make no objective sense and obviously have serious drawbacks...

To me, she looks fine below the neck. (Okay, the price tag is a bit Minnie Pearlish, as others have noted ... somebody probably just forgot to remove it for the shoot.) But her face looks disturbing in these photos. Hopefully it's just Elvira-type makeup or bad lighting or an odd angle. Regardless - she doesn't look right above the neck here.

1251 days ago


Jwoolman I think you are missing the point on why people are fixated. She is 24. the amount of sag she has to her breasts suggest a woman that is much older. so yes, while it is going to happen, why is it happening now??? And while it may be a new concept for women to have perpetually perky boobs I do not think its that new of a concept for a woman to be wearing some sort of under clothing for the breasts. it is only in recent years that they have evolved what they are today.

there is nothing wrong with full sized breasts or the fact they will eventually be taken over by gravity. But that is supposed to be a gradual process that takes years to achieve, OR if you are a mother and has breastfed all of her children then they tend to get a little softer as well. But in Lindsay's case she has outright refused to take care of the shape of her breasts. Its not a matter of keeping them nice and perky, its a matter of letting her skin that holds the breast retain its elasticity. it is the same with facial skin and everywhere else that wrinkles can exist. The skin loses its elasticity as it gets older and THATS WHY wrinkles form. Its a similar situation with her breasts.
THAT'S WHY people are so disgusted by it.

1251 days ago


Has it occurred to any of you that since it was a photo shoot - if the person directing it wanted a bra worn with that dress, she would have been wearing one? Focus your problems with bralessness on the director.... It looks like a casual dress that looks fine the way she is.

1251 days ago


TMZ has stalked this girl to obsession. It's getting really tedious.

1251 days ago

Seal Team 6    

TMZ isn;t the one stalking this woman. Look at the stories about her -- most are sold by herself, her family, her friends. She thrives on the negative attention, which is actually very sad and pathetic.

1251 days ago


she needs to go back to red hair. the piss colored blonde hair washes her out--doesn't look right w/her skin tone.

1251 days ago


Ever notice how in almost all her pictures she either has her dirty fingers in her mouth or her saggy grandma boobs are showing. Yucky gag gag

1251 days ago

Red Cloud    

The camera lens can capture distorted facial expressions that are usually not seen when looking directly at a person, usually because of bad angles and lighting. Take a look at her face on the Jay Leno clip. Take a good look at the Blank photos. This is much closer to the actual physical Lindsay that you would see if you were looking directly at her with good lighting. Her boobs are fine, she's pretty, and most straight guys would love to get very close to her.

@tbkwd, If you're a guy, are you sure you're straight???? Not that it matters.

1251 days ago


Thats a big'n

1251 days ago


I knew she had some nice big boobs but not that big.Granted she does not look hot anymore but unlike most of the other comments her boobs look great to me.I'd love to have my hands holding onto them while I lick her nipples.

1251 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

That is a job requirement for The Monster Under the Bed, scary and nasty.

1251 days ago

Red Cloud    

@tbkwd, Are you saying she did not look great on Jay Leno?!?! Are you saying she does not look great in Blank?!?! Are you saying she did not look great on the radio show?!?! Are you INSANE?!?!

1251 days ago


She did NOT look great on her radio interview. she looked tired and strung out. And EVERYONE has those days but ****, if you know you're going to be filmed you usually try your damnedest to look refreshed and RESTED.

And her Blank photo spread was photo shopped to DEATH.

1251 days ago

Red Cloud    

Some people are going to be really, really, really pissed when she's on the big screen again with A-Listers!!!!!!!! I'll be laughing my head off!!!!!

1251 days ago
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