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Timberlake Targets Bieber in Unaired 'SNL' Sketch

5/25/2011 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake took aim at Justin Bieber during "SNL" rehearsals last week ... saying in an unaired sketch, "Why don't you put a wig on a chipmunk and tell it to act like a Black man!"

During the sketch -- in which JT plays Wolfgang Mozart -- Timberlake jokes about his pursuit of an acting career, his lack of accolades for "The Social Network" and public fascination with Bieber.

When JT's posse threatens to start hanging out with Bieber in the sketch, Timberlake drops the line --  "Why don't you put a wig on a chipmunk and tell it to act like a Black man!"

So far, Bieber has yet to tweet about the situation.


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Gloria Unread    

TMZ - You got the "chipmunk" line wrong. The exact quote in the video is:
"Why don't you put a wig on a chipmunk and TRAIN it to act like a Black man!"

You can't tell a chipmunk to do anything - they don't understand human language. But you could possibly train one to do something. (Though I'm not even sure chipmunks are used as trained animals... **shrug**) Still, I listened five times, and Justin is definitely saying 'train', not 'tell'.

1214 days ago


This is hilarious, it should have aired!

1213 days ago


matt is right justin is jealous of bieber, bieber has been very kind and donated time and part of concert money to people in need. as far as someone acting black ( thinking that will make them seem more talented) justin t. has been doing that for a long time. he wishes he had the number of fans bieber, has. people always try to discredit or defame beiber, because he is so popular. they constantly try to bring him down, i think it is a shame they cant just accept that he is well liked. the world is full of bullies as you can see on this comment page and in the entertainment world.

1213 days ago


People calm down with the argument between Timberlake and Bieber. It is SNL this is what they do. Make fun of each other, Timberlake has made fun of himself on previous skits. God it is not that serious. Plan and simple both of these guys make more money than any of us.

1213 days ago


WOW TMZ, from the title you'd think that Justin Timberlake wrote this sketch. He acts in them, not write them Bieber wouldn't have anything to say it's comedy. And if he does have ANYTHING to say...he should just shut his young azz up.

1213 days ago


Sounds like Timberlake is a bit jealous, as he should be. Sorry,'re out, JB is in!

1213 days ago


yes its offensive... Saturday night live lives on offense.

1213 days ago


JT has a voice like a chipmunk and has always tried to act black. Anyone out there seen the videos of him competing in beauty pageants as a kid? Talk about fruity-tooty.

1213 days ago


Interesting, considering He and Usher were fighting over mentoring Bieber before he was famous..

1213 days ago


Did anyone listen the the part right after the JB dig? He then acknowledged the same thing for himself & teased that it was okay since he was from the South. It was tongue in cheek. He was poking fun of himself too. Brilliant!

1213 days ago


I think it was "train him to act like a black man". might want to take a new listen

1213 days ago


wow people are definitely not bright..the point of the joke was that he's making fun of himself...stop trying to make issues out of nothing especially if ur not smart enough to get simple jokes...and i do not care one way or the other about either of these justins but u people who yell and scream about any time anyone other then a black guy/girl (who do more damage to the credibility of the black race)need to stfU!!!

1213 days ago


calm down ppl its SNL they make fun of ppl all the time its just a joke okay and it was funny not serious get over it..and to the ppl saying JT tries to act black too they called it out in the sketch as well so it was all jokes

1212 days ago


ell at least Justin Timberlake can sing not like tht joke of a kid beaver when his nuts drop if he has any his voice will truly stink he can't sing

1212 days ago


You know, I used to love me some Justin until he let Janet take the fall during the super bowl. He darn well had prior knowledge to what was going to happen with that wardrobe "malfuntion" but let her hang saying it didn't know what was going to happen. Now he made that comment about the Bieber kid. Of couse his ire has to do with the kid choosing Usher over him but really would it have been much difference. Justin was and R&B singer just like Raymond. Justin's swagger was just that...URBAN just like Usher's. I personally don't think Bieber is all that R&B. He is just a typical boy band member only solo and his success is just like the success from the boy bands...emulating urban swagger but not quite pulling it off!

1210 days ago
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