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Kim K.'s Ring -- Costs Way Too Much Booty

5/25/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's $2 million engagement ring may not be a complete waste of money -- since it finally united the TMZ newsroom in agreement ... that it was a complete waste of money.052511_TV_kim_ring_still

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Cherry Neptune    

So, this no-talent whore gets a 2 MILLION dollar engagement ring, no doubt we'll all be subjected to the vulgar 20+ million dollar wedding. Meanwhile decent and hard-working people in this country can't pay their mortgages and are losing their homes to foreclosure. Class warfare is may be sweet to be a kardassian, hilton, et al right now, but the revolution is coming and thanks to the likes of TMZ, it will be televised.

1245 days ago


How does she get all those layers of pancake off? I'm itchy just looking at her...and putting on eyelashes everyday with all that gooey glue? And the discomfort of endless year after year extensions? And the shots in her face and bottom lip. And the burden of the weight of those heavy silicone breasts that break her back. And those high, high heels on those short, short legs.

Aw, just havin' fun with you Kim. We all give you props for suffering for your beauty.

1245 days ago

Hawaii Girl    

Kim, Miss Botox, is a loser. She knows it, everybody knows it. She has nothing to offer a man. She's already slept with everybody out there, been p**sed on, dumped on, and she's a laughing stock. This guy isn't very selective. He's reached for the bottom of the barrel. Not sure why he feels like he cannot attract a woman of quality, and is choosing to settle for this pig? I think it's all a "name" thing and a "fame" thing. He's trying to capitalize on the fame and notoriety. Guess he's dated a string of bimbos and finally settled for the biggest bimbo of them all.

1245 days ago

Bill Leslie    

who knew that the gheys hated diamonds?

1245 days ago


1 of the many states hit by tornado's could have used 2mil. & u would have got a tax right off dumbass.

1245 days ago


Kim didn't get pee'd on, it was her baptism. It's the Kartrashian way......

1245 days ago


guess $ don't buy :)
2 mil & tats the best face she could come up with.

1245 days ago


I officially hate her now. Up until now, I considered her a slightly loveable bimbo, but a 2 million dollar ring is disgusting. Think about how many starving children in Africa that money would raise to adulthood and whose education it would pay for. Am I a bad person for wishing Kim would be disfigured in a car-wreck, or have acid thrown in her face, or lose a limb? I really wish some horrible tragedy would befall her.

1245 days ago


Who in their right mind would marry this trash!!

1245 days ago


Can you contact her and ask her to donate half of what that ring is worth to the Joplin Missouri Red Cross? Doubt she would even consider it, but you are the only ones who can get close enough to ask her.

1245 days ago

I am Spartacus    

she did this so she can get another reality show. People are bored with the no talent Kardashians.

1245 days ago


That guy needs to watch Kim's video of her getting a "shower" before he makes the biggest mistake of his life.

She isn't worth a 20 carat CZ.

1245 days ago

Throwback kid    

Two sisters being married to NBA players who make millions (I know, Lamar looks like the black Goblin) but still. What what will this do to Scott? He has no real job and no college education. This is going to really make Scott feel like a total loser who doesn't measure up to the other guys. Why to go girls!

1245 days ago

who dat    

Lets say the ring is 2Mil retail. Means its 700K wholesale. The Kardashians are cheap publicity whores who never pay for anything. Most likely had someone else buy it in trade for story whoring.

Really what guy would marry her. You should post that as a poll question.

1245 days ago


This story turns my stomach these women have no apparent talent except for having clothing boutiques and the stage mother from hell plus the backing for some ungodly reason of Ryan Seacrest.Kim K excuse me has done her own porn promoted I'm sure by her mother but why don't they all see that the image they promote is not of success but greed and that lazy younger brother paaleeez.A write in campaign to cancel all things Kardashian should be started to the E channel.If you feel the same way write in to tell whomever NO MORE WHINING NO MORE GREED NO MORE LAZINESS NO MORE KARDASHIANS!!!!!!!!!

1245 days ago
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