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Kim K.'s Ring -- Costs Way Too Much Booty

5/25/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's $2 million engagement ring may not be a complete waste of money -- since it finally united the TMZ newsroom in agreement ... that it was a complete waste of money.052511_TV_kim_ring_still

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Man she is just so plastic her face can't even move. Does anyone else find her completely unattractive? She's just revolting. Every picture looks exactly the same with the same facial expression. It reminds me of that video clip going around that shows one girl smiling in hundreds of pictures with the exact same expression in every one.

1249 days ago


Madonnna is accused of pocketing money from her kabbalah charities and all care about is stupid Kim Kardashian's engagment. Who cares. I think this is more important news that Madonna's exposed for the krook she really is. shame on you tmz. the concerned citizen.

1249 days ago


Kim Kardashian's Ring Close up
Google: Kim Kardashian's ring VIP

1249 days ago


god, can this chick get anymore fat? lol she's huge. who is this chick anyways? i wouldn't know considering i only pay attention to certain celebs who actually have talent. lol I can't stand fake people like this trashy bimbo whore. the only thing she's good at is letting old men pee on her. haha i feel sorry for anyone who actually has to run into this whore.

1249 days ago

Captain Obvious    

Is she real anymore? she looks like an anime doll ..

1249 days ago

Captain Obvious    

ps: that guy has a total **** eating grin, and that ring betta be shaped like her asss for that much money! :D

1249 days ago


Uhhhh.....dude looks really, really weird!!!

I bet she paid for that ring, like most of these women who get engaged to these broke ass males!
She should have stuck with the men of color, cause I'm not trusting this Ofay, he looks kind of nutty!!
Fo real though!!!

1249 days ago


That is so stupid to pay that much money for an engagement ring. Why do these people in the "biz" find it so important to spend that kind of money on engagement rings? Especially since they will either not get married ( In Ca. she gets to keep the ring if they split up before getting married) or they get divorced after six months. It's just plain obnoxious.

1249 days ago


She is one of the most fantasized females of men on the planet, and she could have any successful man, so she picks this fugly dude? Gross. Wouldn't be surprised if she did this to get Reggie jealous. I say after they get married, if they do, she will want her freedom back and he will want her to be less sleezy and then it's divorce time and the one who is richer will soon be the poorer.

1249 days ago


@ rose
"Wouldn't be surprised if she did this to get Reggie jealous."

Fo real, though!!! I'm sure that's what this is all about!!!
I can just hear the OB/GYN Doctor now:
"You two are proud parents of a 'big butthead'!!"
I know, I know...Not Nice!!

1249 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

It is a waste of money because it's not gonna last. She was with Reggie Bush for a longer time and look how that turned out!

1249 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

The babies, if any, are gonna have a strange appearance. Mother has kind of like an alien head..and dad just looks plain weird.

1249 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

And of course, these Kardashian's have to marry athletes (Even the mom) to get their names out there.

1249 days ago


If yea ask me its one sister trying to up stage another!! who has the biggest ring!!! cant wait to see the wedding ! il give it a yr!!! !!! HAVE THEY NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH THERE MONEY!! SHOULD DONATE TO THE KIDS AND PEOPLE THAT ARE STARVING!! MORE MONEY THEN SENCE!!!!

1249 days ago


Man, this bitch is a gold digger just like her mom. sh*t i thought she was going to marry Shango hahahaha.

1249 days ago
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