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Kim K.'s Ring -- Costs Way Too Much Booty

5/25/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's $2 million engagement ring may not be a complete waste of money -- since it finally united the TMZ newsroom in agreement ... that it was a complete waste of money.052511_TV_kim_ring_still

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so tired of the kardashians....sick of their self-absorption...sick of their excess and over the top flaunting of their money from doing nothing but being their spoiled, worthless selves

1213 days ago


E! will be filming the wedding & giving them a spin off

1213 days ago

Kev the Realist    

ENOUGH of these cheap media ( and real life) whores. The whole family will do anything for fame and publicity. They are all trashy whores.

HEY Harvey here is an idea; Call Chris Jenner and see how much she wants for her troup to travel around town in the TMZ Bus and screw all comers...... They do it anyway, why not capitalize on it. Steve Hirsch could tape it and sell the DVD's.

Holy Crap Man, All those stupid a holes that actually care about these creepy, sanky, trashy, untalented, homely whores could get their fill and TMZ could cash in.

STOP COVERING THESE TRAMPS ALREADY........ They are not stars, they never will be stars and their 15 minutes is so washed up ( like them) and over..... MOVE ON

1213 days ago


People that spend this kind of money in such silly stuff makes me sick.

1213 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

I am no hater so I don't really care about Kim one way or the other.So I ask you does she or doesn't look more and more like an Alien from outer space?

1213 days ago


This guy does NOT look comfortable in front of the camera. And, she doesn't look happy--not a good combination for Kardashian land.

1213 days ago


I have 2 comments:
1) WHY?!

2) Totally off subject, but I heard Kris Jenner say she's thinking of changing her name back to Kardashian. WHAT THE HELL!
Can't wait to hear what Bruce has to say about that... oh wait, he won't have a choice with that crew!! :(

1213 days ago


she bought that ring herself this is reality tv that guy cant afford 2mill ring after agent and other commissions and tax he made that with the nets this season bt still scott is the cokeuot loser husband in the fam . oh whats the countdown on the twins to be legal thats gonna be one hell of money makn sex stolen lesbian sister tape you know momma k have it all plan out while jenner sits there countn money with his forever look of surprised

1213 days ago


OOF! Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar.(what a surprise) Unattractive ring.

1213 days ago


He's 6'9", she's 5'2"- the stupidest, most absurd looking couple. She must come up to his naval without her stripper shoes. The sad part is they'll smell up the airwaves with another krap Kardashian spin-off.

1213 days ago


@ Willo the wisp,
why can't you white folks realize that Chris Humphries is a man of color he is BLACK, AFRICAN AMERICAN, HE IS JUST FAIR SKINNED, got it!!!!! Plus he is stupid and goofy as fook!!! I know his cousin believe me the HUMPHRIES are BLACK not fricken white!!!!

1213 days ago

There's a problem here    

Two questions:

(1) He's white?

(2) Why does he look like Perez Hilton?

1213 days ago


THANK YOU TMZ....!! Like I said yesterday, people are starving out there. The only thing Kim was worried about was exceeding the ring her sister got from Lamar. This is pathetic. Scott is starting to look like the most normal. Frankly, he is. These people have absolutelty no idea what life is like...none. I dont care what they say.

1213 days ago


..I bet she is hard to live with. All the material things she needs (and all the Kardashian girls, really). It is going to take alot of money on his part, to keep her happy.

1213 days ago


He is ugly.

1213 days ago
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