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Kim K.'s Ring -- Costs Way Too Much Booty

5/25/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's $2 million engagement ring may not be a complete waste of money -- since it finally united the TMZ newsroom in agreement ... that it was a complete waste of money.052511_TV_kim_ring_still

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ok people she's been other open book for onece just be happy someone other than yourself that girl very respectful to mom more than the rest of them she's the only one so far donsen't say f" word to her mom she seem happy and beside mariage is a part of life she make she will be ok because her's won't be tha first I promisse wont be tha last either she seem very polite and shine have girl be love enjoy your life

1224 days ago


It may be too much money to spend, but at the end of the day it's HIS money to spend!! Congrats to the couple.

1224 days ago


This engagment won't last 6 months, Kim will find a way to get out of it and keep the ring. She is engaged to a professional athlete that all she goes for. If this guy was a common guy with a ton of money Kim wouldn't have given him a second look. Like I said this engagement won't last 6 months.

1224 days ago


The ring looks like a smaller version of the Krupp diamond.Harvey has no taste or knowledge about jewelry.He needs to read Elizabeth Taylor's My Love Affair with Jewelry for a crash course!

1224 days ago


There is devastation and destruction in Joplin. Does anyone know or care that New Orleans has not yet recovered from Katrina? Two million for a ring??? Two million in relief in Kim's name would really show love!!

1224 days ago


He just flushed $2m down the toilet.

1224 days ago


He doesn't look full evolved...

1224 days ago


At least this guy is not raping hotel clerks and then handing out million rings and jewelry and then blowing 50 grand on a "recommitment ceremony" like that jackhole Kobe. At least Kim "works" and makes her own money (if you can call what these trash Kardashians do “work”) None of them would know real “work” if it bit them in the azz.

Kim is not as bad as most of these lazy POS NBA wives who shop all day, spend money they have not earned and then cuss out store clerks and reporters when life gets too tough for them.

1224 days ago


Kim is as sexy as they come, only suckers don't realize it. She uses her natural female charm to get want she wants , yet you people call her names. WOmen like kim are the most sincere real people around , so don't trip.

1224 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Such an expensive ring for such a cheap woman.

Anything think this guy looks like a neanderthal?

1224 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    


Get off the drugs. Only an idiot would buy such an expensive ring for such a cheap loose woman.

There is nothing appealing about this woman other than a quickie if anything. She has a disproportionate body with a very pretty face. But that is all she has going for herself.

This woman is not marriage material. She is like a cheap used non-branded item off a pawn shop rack. NO thanks.

1224 days ago


I'm sure with what People magazine just paid for the interview and what they will be paid for putting the wedding on tv, the ring will be more than paid for.

Who in their right would want to put their life out on some reality TV show for the entire world to see? That mother of theirs is such an effing loon.

After the "reality show" craze is over in about another 15 seconds this family will be left high and dry. Oh...I forgot...these people are such "great businesswomen". Riiiight...they have some overpriced boutique that they pay others to run and they endors ANYTHING, (and I mean ANYTHING) as long as the price is right..remember their outlandhish Visa prepaid card? Whose bright idea was that and arn't they all getting sued for that one?

Nothing like selling your soul to the highest bidder folks.

1224 days ago


Does Kim have some sort of problem This guy is white. Someone needs to tell her

1224 days ago


I love her but come on he is ****ing ugly!!!she can do alot better then that!!sorry Kim

1224 days ago


He looks like Jethro.

1224 days ago
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