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Lindsay Lohan -- The ART Of The House Arrest

5/27/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan plans to spend her stint under house arrest doing lots of painting ... reading ... and relaxing at her townhouse by the beach -- exactly the kind of hard time the judge intended.


Sources close to the actress tell us ... Lohan is looking at her confinement as a "time to relax, focus on her recovery and figure out her new game plan for her life and career."

Before she started to serve her time -- Lohan stocked up on art canvases so she can paint to release the stress.

We're told Lohan also has a stack of scripts she intends to read -- so she can decide on her next project.

Lohan is confident she will be released from house arrest before her birthday on July 2nd -- and we're told she's already making plans for a sober celebration. 

No wonder she was smiling yesterday.


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Blood Red Witch    


Olive Hue

1224 days ago


Flower - very good point. However, Strauss-Kahn had to serve several nights in Rikers Island, gulp. And I don't think he's gonna get off easy. He'll have to watch that other people don't try to kill him in prison. Lindsay's troubles are small potatoes, comparatively.

1224 days ago

the Seeker    

Watch what you write haters
another ll story up = winning

1224 days ago


It's interesting - and telling - that Lindsay is putting feelers out there for a porn career, more or less, and she has no known takers yet. You know that if she got offered $$$, she'd take a porn part, yet...nothing.

So even porn companies aren't interested in hiring her?

1224 days ago


Ok haters .... if Lohan does not "get it" this time around you can rest assured you will get your pound of flesh because you can only get house arrest so many times.

Lindsay, please use this time wisely or you will quickly wind up in the jackpot again. You have not done very well over since 2007 and things will only get worse if you do not use this house arrest time to sort out your life.

Recovery is a process ... and the criminal justice system has basically forced you on that toad. You came into it kicking and screaming not even accepting you were the only who brought the bad things on yourself.

Wake up, Linds. You still do have a lot of people you still love you and are pulling for you. However, enough is enough.

Take responsibility for all of your actions.... and place those screw-ups in your past. Live in the NOW.... and allow God to take care of your future. He does have a special plan and purpose for all of us... you included ... so look to Jesus in faith and He will make a way for you.

1224 days ago


Note that A List actors are very infrequently mentioned in the tabloids and they keep working and earning accolades. You see them her looking smashing on the red carpet.

Lindsay is desperate to stay relevant. Keeping her in the tabloids may be entertaining, but every dumb story makes her less and less employable as an actress. Real film makers don't want their work and their investments obscured by media whoring.

She's got no class and has learned nothing. A story a day here is good for Michael Lohan who brokers them but not for Lindsay's career. What a selfish creep.

1224 days ago


SOOO sad to see her suffer so much stuck in her beach house!
Little girl ( and that's what she is...) will never learn her lesson if the court system keeps letting her off the hook. Spoiled little Shi@ is what she is. I hope no one hires her. Maybe that way she will learn that she in not entitled to anything she wants and cannot do as she pleases. The press needs to forget about this person and not give her the time of day.
She will be at it again as soon as she's free.. She will never learn her lesson...

1224 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Strauss-Kahn has not been convicted yet, and was at Riker's until he made bail.

1224 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Lou --

Legit pron companies also have to be bonded, have insurance, etc. Plus, like most employees except the Mafia, they prefer to have their employees have a clean record and no substance abuse problems. They are still film companies.

I still bet Playboy or Larry Flynt comes a -knocking.

1224 days ago


This is so sad - she (or more precisely, her mom) is always claiming to have a "stack of scripts to read". I don't hear other real actors saying this. Does her mom think that if she says it often enough, people will really believe it? Real actors don't have a stack of scripts to read hanging around the house, waiting until they're on house arrest. They get a script, they read it - nobody is going to wait around for them to get some down time before making casting decisions. We didn't notice her lugging a huge stack of scripts to Florida with her, despite all the time available on the plane.

Lindsay - spend your time reading real books, not imaginary stacks of scripts. You have a long way to go before any serious projects will be willing to take a chance on you. Your future is very uncertain, you are on probation for a long time with many ways to mess up and end in court and/or jail and a history of doing just that.

Focus on the hundreds of hours of community service once you're sprung from house arrest, treat it like a regular job and just get it done as quickly as possible. Stop claiming you are "working on your sobriety" but rather just don't set foot in a club or bar or even a restaurant that serves booze for the next few years. Instead of just spitting out such pointless imaginary promises, take your CS obligations seriously and work hard without just posing for the tabloids. Then if you really do get a legitimate non-porno script to read - you'll be ready and maybe someone will indeed take a chance on you without your mother badgering them.

1224 days ago


Why are there two new stories on Lindsay Lohan. She is a joke. What other Hollywood actresss is not allowed to leave her home because she is an inmate of the LA County Sherriff?

Will you let us know everytime she takes a dump too?

1224 days ago


Did she stock up on paint by number kits?

1224 days ago


money can buy you out of jail .why does she get out and not the guy that got cought with one joint.the courts have no balls.

1224 days ago


So glad she will relax and enjoy her time (not). Just like the head of the International Monetary Fund. He is relaxing in a high class townhouse while he waits for a decision on his charge of raping a woman. If that was any normal person they would be behind bars awaiting a trial. Lohan is so typical of the entertainment, sports, political figures. If a normal person does something wrong they are sentenced to time behind bars. If a star does something wrong they always get away with it. Do you think she learned her leson, probably not. She will be back in the newspapers in another few months.

1224 days ago



1224 days ago
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