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Lindsay House Arrest -- Best Vacation Planning Ever!!

5/27/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not to suggest you follow Lindsay Lohan's path -- allegedly steal a necklace, plead no contest and get placed under house arrest -- but it could be the best 35 day vacation you've ever had. 


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No Avatar


Puh-leeze, your picture alone SCREAMS "look at me, look at me", I'll bet you one dollar you have attempted to be a "model" with your so called portfolio filled with webcam shots and have been rejected left and right which would explain your mean streak and obvious jealousy.
Look at the picture, lol, chin down, wanna be sexy look, incredible lighting from your computer screen, oh yes it drips with ooze that you definitely took numerous shots until you came upon this sad one that you so proudly use as your avatar that is seen by many.
Bi*ch please.

1212 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

How did you find out I work for TMZ?

1212 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I can hardly wait till Pauly Shore and Lindsay Lohan make a movie together. Maybe it could be about two loser celebrities that still think they are still funny and people give a rats ass. Anyone watched Biodome lately?

1212 days ago


High fives Seeker!

1212 days ago


lol wow. You presume much and know little! Whats funny is how quickly you go on the attack when I have been nothing but civil and respectful to you.

I do not model, nor have I ever even considered a career in modeling. Why would i choose such a horrible profession? No thank you. I do not need to be degraded and told I am too fat, or not pretty enough or too short. I am perfectly happy with my looks and stature.

and Hmm. I don't see how looking into a computer screen can look sexy since I've obviously got to in order to take the photo. and yes I manipulated the light JUST right from my computer to get the right lighting. am I now a professional in webcam photos? why sir you give me too much credit.

again, it is funny how quickly you go from saying its a lovely photo to I'm sad all because I'm correct in that its a simple webcam photo where as lindsay needs professionals to look good.

1212 days ago

the Seeker    

"In the army now" is my fav PS movie btw it ROCKS !!!!!!!!!

1212 days ago


Trollhan/Truth is here to stir up some posts to keep the value of the stories the Lohans SELL to TMZ up. You don't see A listers in the tabloids.

1212 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Nobody asked, and nobody cares seeker, nobody.

1212 days ago


and truth...THE WHOLE THING was a BAD shot. you want to call yourself truth but calling THAT anything CLOSE to attractive is as far from TRUTH as one can get.

1212 days ago


You see? It's all about you when given the chance isn't it?
YOU are the one that tried to stir the pot even more by repeating her past mistakes like the twitter thing, people like you, town criers are a dime a dozen and utterly pathetic, picking on whomever they can all whilst behind a computer screen with sad webcam self shots.
I bet in person you would not have even one eighth of the ballz to say these things to Lindsay's face if you were ever to come face to face with her in person.
Peopl like you deserve to be given a dose of your own medicine.
You wanna tear people down? Expect to be torn down yourself.

1212 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

I for one, think jeebus is a very lovely young lady and is wise beyond her years.

1212 days ago


Michael Lohan clearly admitted to the New York Times that he brokers Lindsay stories to the tabs. He claimed that if they might as well be paid when they report the truth about her.

So great. She choses to be paid to be a tabloid drama queen. If you don't like that, tell HER to stop selling selling every turd she produces to the public.

1212 days ago


lol Oh you poor little troll. You want to get upset with ME for voicing her past indiscretions when there are so many out there that have said so much worse.

I think you will pick on the one you either feel threatened by for whatever reason, or the ones that show even the slightest bit of intelligence. I've noticed that about all the trolls on here. someone comes up with reasonable intelligent responses and all of a sudden we are disgusting, fat, degenerate and anything else you guys can think up.

You say something to me about myself and you don't expect me to answer back, then perhaps you should keep your comments about me to yourself dear.

And try to give me a dose of my "own medicine". I sincerely like to see you try. the difference between someone like me and someone like you or Lindsay, is I don't need random strangers compliments or attention to feel good about myself. and I don't need to sit at a computer all day like some of the other trolls hoping someone will come in so they can throw their self hate at them.

1212 days ago


LOL Dreamon,
Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones, the Beckhams, even the royals get caught in the cross hairs of gossip. That is NOT the point...the point is, when someone is trying, seriously trying to rectify their mistakes and yet blogs and poster continue to stir things up that makes them the worse of two evils.
They are salivating at continuing to see people spiral downwards and to point that out is the least one can do, so keep dreaming, your logic is Neanderthal in it's conception.

1212 days ago


Lets show just what type of humanitarian the Seeker is:

the Seeker 28 days ago
You can bet ali Lohan will get busted for drinking or drugging anyday now if she keeps partying with her coke head sister Lindsay

the Seeker 28 days ago
Is paris still a coke whore for hire like Lindsay Lohan ?

the Seeker 31 days ago
I think that is why america and the world are so repulsed by lindsay lohan and her parental management team.She is so fkn fake as is her online PR team of 'shills'and 'drones'
She don't got the balls to come to nyc and do letterman in front of a studio of live new yawkas , we would rip her phony ass apart.

And the best of all...

the Seeker 27 days ago
homos are not normal,sorry harv , I know why they want to jam their gay agenda down every bodies throats b/c their queers...imo

Yep, the're quite the humanitarian

1212 days ago
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