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Lindsay House Arrest -- Best Vacation Planning Ever!!

5/27/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not to suggest you follow Lindsay Lohan's path -- allegedly steal a necklace, plead no contest and get placed under house arrest -- but it could be the best 35 day vacation you've ever had. 


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No Avatar


Falling down on sidewalks??? WHEN???? When has this happened since all this mess these last months happened?

An alcoholic?? I could also say that your huge gut is the result of too many big macs but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and hope that it is a pregnant gut.

Personally I do not like alcohol because of the way it makes me feel the next day, I am considered a lightweight and even one drink has me feeling less than 100% the following day.

You lost credibility with your last post, so what you are saying is that it is better to continue to lynch Lindsay even though she is not acting according to how you think she should act because let's face it, the world revolves around you and we should adhere to your outlook on how to behave?
She went through extensive rehab ON HER OWN, she settled a case, she has glowing reports on her community service she has served so far and now she is reading scripts to get her career back on track and I am defending her from the lynch mob and you call me an enabler?

Methinks you have proven yourself to be an idiot.

1253 days ago

john smith    

Hang in there Lindsay, we know you can do it....Life's a beach..

1253 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Oh and since this story is presumably about her house arrest......

**********CONVICTED JUNKIE THIEF**********

1253 days ago


the Seeker about an hour ago

You trolls show compassion for everybody even fake dead aids victims but, not Lindsay or Michael or Aliana ,you're all real friggan humanitarians...NOT

I do have sympathy for Ali- with the lack of any sort of responsible adult in her life she's as doomed as Lilo. Lilo doesn't deserve sympathy because she refuses to clean up her act.

Why should ANYONE feel sorry for Mikey (I mean Seeker)- he has absolutely ZERO redeeming qualities- drunk,jailbird, multiple lady beater, deadbeat dad, whores stories about his family to the tabs for money, and the list goes on. I'll save my sympathy for someone who actually DESERVES it.

1253 days ago


The truth is the true hypocrit. He's high fiving the Seeker, who I just pointed out is the biggest hypocrite on here... whom 30 days ago was calling Lindsay a coked out whore. Yet berates Jeebus for staying true to herself.

Go figure...

1253 days ago

jeebus When she fell notice the date.

She was drinking then.

1253 days ago

john smith    

Lindsay is brilliant! If you need anything Lindsay just tweet, and If you run out of canvas to paint, just paint the walls.

1253 days ago


Even at 25, that still makes Lindsay younger than the wiccan.

And wiccan, calling the kettle black are we? Talk about projection, lolol.
Okay pot, whatever you say...
(ribs hurting from laughing at the levels of logic you are sorely missing)

1253 days ago


lol at the Truth. That's Lindsay's huge gut!!! really are not too bright, are you?

And here's the link to her falling down on the sidewalk in the last couple of months...

1253 days ago


Ladies and gentlemen, the wiccan fell into my trap by searching like a maniac for photos.
Tell me you are NOT obsessed now?
You are part of a lynch mob.

And judging from the guts response, I guess we solved that mystery that it is in fact a fat gut after all, how ridiculous to be so proud of that, good grief.

1253 days ago


Wow, your last comment doesn't even make sense Truth. What am I projecting? Projecting a happy life? I sure would LOVE to project that onto anyone. Unfortunately not everyone can be as blessed as I am.

1253 days ago


Oh my.. I fell in a trap by googling something that took me all of a minute to find. Big whoop. How is that being obsessive when i was simply offering you what you asked for?

1253 days ago

the Seeker    

@johnsmith good to have you back.
High fives team Lohan
I wonder if Linds is taking requests ?
I would love a custom designed Lindsay Lohan painting of the Lady liberty NY rangers logo like my avatar..

1253 days ago


I'm guessing the Truth has been drinking...even just one, because he/she is no longer making any sense.

Not even sure where you're going with the gut comments. That is a picture of Lindsay's "fat gut" as you called it. It's not my gut! So, if you want to call Lindsay fat. So be it. I don't happen to think of her as fat. I think of her just like anyone else. Not perfect by any means.

1253 days ago


You don't even remember your own comments wiccan???
Omg, you are something else...this comment below is what I was referring to as projecting genius

jeebus 13 minutes ago

hmm. Obsessive much Truth? Seriously out of all the people out there to obsess over you choose my comments to do that with?

So sad, and you have obviously become unhinged if you think I'm becoming UNGLUED."

and I love gossip, oh lawd, so you even go as far as posting a lindsay picture as your avatr, what an azz you are, complete azz and another member of the lynch mob.
May the fleas of 1000 camels invest your pits and groin, lolz.

1253 days ago
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