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Sarah Palin -- Bad to the Bone

5/29/2011 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes politician Sarah Palin hopped on the back of a Harley and took part in the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in Washington, DC today.



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Hey FOX "News" Believers, how about this ticket for 2012?

Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin? Todd could be Speaker of the House. Sarah could appoint all the loser Bush brothers to the Supreme Court. We could sell the Statue of Liberty to GE, and who needs national parks anyway? The could organize presidential shooting parties for polar bears and we wouldn't have to see those depressing pix of bears floating off to drown anymore. Where's the downside? It'd be almost as good as The Rapture.

1249 days ago



I never like to correct anyone, but that word you used to denigrate those of us who don't want to just eat up Sarah Palin with a big old spoon and say "Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm, Momma that's even better than your peach cobbler?" It's "unedymacated." Y'all keep believin', ya hear?

1249 days ago


That bike should fallen over.

1249 days ago


"I'm very not appreciative of the way she came in here," Ted Shpak, Rolling Thunder's national legislative director, told the Post. "If she wanted to come on the ride, she should have come in the back."

Hmmmmmmmm....she didn't, though. She rode to the front, spent 20 minutes letting the press take her picture, then continued on her bus tour to promote her book.

WHAAAAAAAT???? Not our Sweet Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!! She's so patriotic and real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1249 days ago


Sarah Palin Books Launched with - After years of writing about Sarah Palin impersonators, launched my Sarah Palin publishing project. Please tell your friends about the link,


The project can also be seen at Kickstarter at;

1249 days ago


For all these morons that hate Sarah Pali , they sure spend a lot of time reading about her. What hav you accomplished in life?

1249 days ago


Oh, you go first, Don. I'm sure we'll be impressed. LOLOLOLOL

1249 days ago


Oh, and Don: Do you realize that you actually said that people who read a lot hate Sarah Palin? Reading - ughhhhhh. That's the problem with some Americans - they READ. What is this country coming to, Don????

1249 days ago


Don -
For one thing, I haven't accomplished grifting poor, ignorant people who think she actually gives a rat's a$$ about them.
She has NO plan to run for public office ever again - mark my word. She makes more money by being loud and obnoxious.
She's only on her bus tour for attention(which she can't live without) and money - expect her to write a book about her bus tour. And some poor saps will buy it.
And did you see that hideous house she bought in Scottsdale? OMG it's got 3 bars, and the bedrooms all look over AC units. The entire top floor is a master bedroom which consists of 4 small rooms(and another bar). And it looks over sand and cactus. It's like a Wasilla hillbilly version of an expensive trailer - gaudy and not very functional. Check it out on Huff Post. If I had 2 million to drop on a house, it sure wouldn't be that one.

1249 days ago



Well, I learned how to spell properly, for one thing.

1249 days ago


Juju: Bet you lost points with Don in your first sentence. Don, were you outraged when you sounded out the letters and put it all together? Grifting is a Republican value. It's right up there with airport bathroom "dating." Hell, if you aren't out there lyin' and cheatin' you might as well go a-huntin' tiny caged birds and blast your buddy in the face with a shotgun.

1249 days ago

Nasious Cordova    

Another argument in favor of forced sterilization for the stupid. Thank god we didn't end out with this brainless boob's claws within reach of the button.

1249 days ago


Sad, SAD, sad, SAD and SAD.

No......NOT PALIN.....The filthy hateful comments on this nuthouse web site about Sarah Palin. The next President of the United States.

WHAT? YOU would rather trust the Nuclear football to a community agitator with commie friends or Sarah a successful Governor of the largest State in the Union of 50 States....NO NOT 57 obama, only 50 great states of a once fine union of the United States.

Sarah can return this Nation to a proud nation of self reliant confident people.

1248 days ago

RIta luisa    

Sarah makes me proud to be a liberal - her backwards, twisted pretentions are obvious (by the way, Richard Nixon was the Worst President EVER) and the mindset of those who believe in her are "rapturous" and ridiculous!!!! Next, she'll want us to burn all books becasue they are written by intellectuals and clearly, she isn't one!

1247 days ago


WOW....this group is so disrespectful of her....I think that they are really "scared of her"....GO SARAH!!!

1246 days ago
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