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David Beckham -- 'Speeding Really Bad' Before Crash

5/30/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham was driving like a MANIAC before swerving into another lane at a dangerously high speed ... and rear-ending a stalled vehicle earlier this month -- this according to multiple 911 calls.


One caller -- who claims she was driving behind David for several miles-- reported that David was "driving recklessly" and "speeding really bad" before slamming into the stalled car on May 6.

Another caller claims David was "definitely speeding" -- pulling in and out of the carpool lane ... "breaking a couple traffic laws."

As we previously reported, Beckham rear-ended another car with his Black Escalade ... on one of the busiest highways in L.A. -- and the other driver had to be taken to the hospital.

Beckham -- whose son Brooklyn was in the car with him at the time -- has not been arrested or cited.

A spokesman for Beckham tells us, "As unfortunate as accidents are, David was not cited by the police at the scene for any violations."

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No Avatar


Celebs don't have to obey the law like pedestrians, they do whatever they want and pay to get out of trouble, money talks the judicial system walks !

1212 days ago


I don't care about his son, Beckham may even kill his son as far as I'm concerned. What I care about is the other driver who is the innocent victim of this f*cking sc*mbag dAVID. GO TO JAIL dAVID!!! I think it would be better if his son was injured in this accident because of his speeding, maybe then he would THINK for the first time in his life. Why always the innocent people are hurt and the sc*mbags and their families go uninjured?

1212 days ago


On the other hand I pity the son who has this sc*mbag for a father, it must suck. I only hope that he won't turn into his father when he grows up, thinking that he too is above the law. At this moment he's watching his father almost killing another man and go free. What a lesson is that???

1212 days ago


The entitlement of these people is sickening!! All these celebs get away with so much, and are so narcissistic. Remember Hally Berry leaving the accident, Paula Abdul getting caught with a picture phone, let's not forget Linsanity, Paris Hilton having her car hit someone while they were being filmed, then leaving?This is just over the top, driving with a child in the vehicle like that!

1212 days ago


Stop acting all perfect. EVERYONE speeds on occasion and breaks a few minor rules here and there, it's human nature. Loving the fact that the woman who was driving behind him for a few miles while he was speeding still seems to be all innocent.

1212 days ago

Bad Drive    

Here's an app that lets you vent your road rage and rate bad driver online.http://www.driver-ratings.com/

1212 days ago


If you want him arrested just spray some black paint on him and throw an afro wig on his head. SWAT will have his ass eating pavement before he could say "don't taze me bro."

1212 days ago


Money always talks--and is heard.

1212 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

another celeb who think they're above the law. the victim needs to sue him into bankruptcy, he/he could of died.

1212 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

another celeb who think they're above the law. the victim needs to sue him into bankruptcy, he/She could of died.

1212 days ago


Seems like there's a whole slew of "celebrities" with an awful lot of money, good looks and no brains.

1212 days ago


Life is not fair. Money talks. Celebrity justice. Regular people go to jail--Rich people don't. My brain is starting to hurt.

1212 days ago


i hate these people who drive like that. it's basically saying to everyone else: you're below me, and i don't care if you crash and burn - i've got places to go.

EVERYONE has seen these types of A holes on the road - and this is exactly what happens, someone else got injured.

this should be a multi-million dollar lawsuit that seriously cuts into his net worth. nothing else is going to teach these F'ers.

1212 days ago


Just another case of star struck police officers administering celebrity justice! They should still be able to charge and and should!

1212 days ago


Well, of COURSE he wasn't arrested! Remember? This is LA and runs under Lindsay's Law.

1212 days ago
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