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'X-Men' Star Suspect in Weed Wacking Assault

6/1/2011 5:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Beghe -- one of the stars of "X-Men: First Class" and a veteran actor -- is under criminal investigation for allegedly attacking a man who was wacking weeds on his property, TMZ has learned.

According to the incident report, Daniel Montalvo was using a weed wacker on Beghe's Malibu property last week when the device malfunctioned.  Cops tell us ... a frustrated Montalvo "mistreated the device."  That pissed off Beghe, who then got into a loud confrontation with Montalvo which became physical.

Montalvo went to the Malibu cop shop and filed a report.  The Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station  investigated the incident and sent the case to the D.A. for possible misdemeanor battery prosecution against Beghe. 

Beghe was convicted in 2009 with accosting a process server.

Beghe is also featured on "Californication," and has appeared in "Eli Stone," "Ghost Wisperer," "Matlock," and our fav -- "Jake and the Fat Man."

Beghe -- an ex-Scientologist -- tells TMZ, "It's probably the Church of Scientology f**king with me.  They have it out for me."


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Robert Sands    

There have been at least two versions of the OT VIII course, the latter of which is called "New OT VIII" and states "You mocked up your own reactive mind, you mocked up your BTs and you mocked up your past lives."[2] Various outlines purporting to describe New OT VIII have been provided by ex-members who have completed the course, such as Ariane Jackson and Michael Pattinson. Jackson has described the course as having two parts: a preparatory e-meter drill, followed by a review of Scientology: A History of Man and an examination of previously identified past lives to find out which ones are false. According to Pattinson, the course included an affirmation from L. Ron Hubbard that "now he [Pattinson] knew who he wasn't, and was interested in finding out who he was."[3]

The Fishman Affidavit claimed that the older version of OT VIII included (among other things) a revelation that Jesus Christ was a "lover of young boys and men." After this was made evident the Church of Scientology revoked its original copyright infringement claim against Fishman, calling the do***ent libelous and a forgery.[4]

1242 days ago

Robert Sands    



1242 days ago


Louanne is a prime example of the church of Scientology's love and compassion. Snide and vicious, I don't think she'll be taking Mother Teresa's place anytime soon.

1242 days ago

Snake Oil Cult    

This story doesn't make sense.

It has the odor of a nasty smear campaign....the kind the cult of scientology is well known for.

I think there is a lot more to this story, and once it all comes out....Jason will be vindicated.

1242 days ago


to all the scientoloholes posting here just stop a moment and reflect what you're doing/just done .... deep breaths.... good, goood...... now sit and reflect if you think you really joined a religion..... having trouble?..... how about just trying to add up how much money you've paid into this bunch of arse?.... now just imagine what proportion of that money went into Miscavages's suits or expensive shoes.... how about his OTT bumboy gifts to his fellow dwarf nutjob Tommy Boy (Cruise to you).... nice custom built Harleys for example.... yeah, that's the way to go on posting your black ops PR here.... take a step back and think... you can still escape, it's not too late....

1242 days ago

Rick Mycroft    

Did TMZ bother to verify any of the details of this story before posting it whole?

1242 days ago


Jason Beghe is awesome. Hopefully the former cult member Montalvo hasn't reverted to drinking Koolaid.

1242 days ago


Nuts, super-nuts, Beghe. This guys has been acting "himself" too long. He is way more dangerous than Lindsey Lohan and even she is under house arrest!

1242 days ago


Am pleased to see this talented and hot man getting some publicity.

1242 days ago


scientology is a horrible life sucking cult

1242 days ago


It's nice to see the Scientology paid commenters are out tonight, I will wait for accounts from both Daniel and Jason before making any comments on the matter rather than take a TMZ "report" at facevalue.

P.S Scientologists isn't your leader getting investigated by the FBI for human trafficing and the Australian leader for covering up child rape.

1242 days ago

Fact Checker    

I see evidence of premature publication. More facts please.

1242 days ago


I think you are all being played by the cult of Scientology. There is no records of this assault. It was planted and TMZ fell for it.

1241 days ago

Pam Ellis    

Where is the police report?
Who contacted TMZ?

Sounds like a plant.

1239 days ago

Arkansas Process Server    

He assaulted a Process Server in 2009. I am a process server in Arkansas and I think there should be laws on the books that protect Process Servers. It should be a felony if a Process Server is Assaulted. Remember Process Servers are just the messengers.

1237 days ago
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