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OctoMom -- BIKINI CAR WASH to Save House!!!

6/3/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanna see Octomom in a bikini again? Got a dirty car? If you answered "YES" to either question ... it's time to make some lifestyle changes ... but until you do, Nadya Suleman is having a BIKINI CAR WASH!

It's the Octomom's latest attempt to fix her house problems -- we're told Nadya plans to hold a bikini car wash fundraiser on June 18  in L.A. at the Melrose Strip Auto Detailing in Hollywood... and she's inviting some well-known D-listers to help her out.

Among the bikini-clad ladies -- Charlie Sheen's porn star Capri Anderson ... and a whole mess of randoms like Reggie Bush's alleged mistress January Gessert, and Mel Gibson's alleged mistress Violet Kowal.

Car washes are $20 ... $30 if you drive an SUV -- and for a little extra, Octomom might just wax and polish your undercarriage.



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On the off chances Nadya is reading this...Nadya don't pay these naggy complaining heifers any mind. If they had something else better to do with their own miserable lives, they wouldn't have time to be on TMZ complaining and judging yours EVERYDAY! Notice how they followed your story from beginning to end, some even sign in under monikers just to spread the same hate because they have nothing else better to do.--> (Let the guilty party speak now or forever hold their piece on that one!) It's sort of a good thing, at least you know they care enough to yakk about you nonstop be it neg/pos. :)

So to you I would say, Nadya keep on doing the right thing, keep on doing whatever it takes to put food on your kids table, clothes on their backs and keeping that roof over their heads. These folks on here are not giving you one bloody red cent, so who cares what they think? They’re going to repeat themselves stupid anyway.

As long as Nadya is doing something positive and not harming anyone including herself/kids. She has my full support and I will cheer her on! All this naggy about tummy tucks and plastic surgeries that you can't prove has been done. What's it to y'all? LOL

She's done nothing wrong, it's her body not yours. It's her life not yours. If she got it to flaunt, let her flaunt it. Or are you jealous because you can't flaunt yours and have TMZ put your photo out there? Nadya's paying her bills with the money she makes people, she's not partying and putting it up her nose. First you complain that she's on food stamps and SSI--she gets off that and doing everything humanly possible to stay off and you're complaining about that too.

Even if she had the money to get Jonah lip fix, you all will just find something else to complain about. She can’t win…If you want his lip fits so bad, you know where Nadya live. Volunteer to pay his medical bills and get it done or shut up about it already. It's not your child and obviously the child pediatrician and CPS doesn't think not only Jonah or any of Nadya children are in life threatening danger.

Despite your like or dislike about Ms. Suleman, she is a very good mother to her kids. Her kids love her and she loves them back even more so... they go through ups and down, but then so does every "normal" family. If she didn't care about her kids, she would have neglected and abandon them years ago. Pull an Andrea Yates and Susan Smith... Let AIW/Gloria Allred and everybody else who tried taking her kid’s away from her do so. But she forth tooths and nails to make sure that didn’t happen. Her kids are neither starved. abused nor mistreated, people. Never heard of any reports of her kids acting out in school and being expelled have yah?

I think you all like Nadya and its okay to say so. She's really a nice and likable person who is just trying to look out for the best interest of her kids, and if people are willing to step up (which I'm sure they have and talked Nadya into this). Then I say; good for them and her. Every little help, the yard sale wasn't much but it helped her out a lot last year. Good luck with the carwash Nady!

1146 days ago


I think it is funny how she disappeared for a little while, and now all of a sudden we are seeing stories day after day again. It's quite obvious that she is running low on cash...

1146 days ago


This poor dummy is just pitiful and a total deludinoid.Mortgage payments are due every month.Is she going to raise enough money to pay off her house with ONE car wash?Is she going to give her hostages sponges and have them do the work? They're too busy trying to scratch out an existence in that LaHabra hellhole.She throws down a Costco roast chicken and makes them fight each other for it and they strip it clean in seconds like feral animals. She's despicable and doesn't have a maternal bone in her jacked up busted out hatchet job body

1146 days ago


Just absolutely freakin' disgusting. She should try getting, I don't know, a JOB!?

1146 days ago


Seriously, I find her to be quite gross. Not so bad of a body for a woman who carried some umteen kids but enough already! Be a mom, be decent and get over yourself lady! Who the f*ck told you to have so many f*cking kids anyway?! That alone shows how ignorant and irresponsible she is. Idiot! I'd give her money to NOT take her clothes off!

1146 days ago


Lindsay 10 minutes ago
I think it is funny how she disappeared for a little while, and now all of a sudden we are seeing stories day after day again. It's quite obvious that she is running low on cash...


Yep, it's June. She runs quarterly beg-fests rather than getting a job.

1146 days ago


That fundraiser better be to fix Jonah's lip, and not so she can go out and buy another pair of ugg boots!

1146 days ago


Why does the media feel the need to report on anything octoscam does? She seems to feel that she is a celebrity simply for having a litter of kids that she couldn't afford. She doesn't seem to think she has any responsibility to provide for her kids. After she had the eight, she put up a website begging for money. Now she seems to think that having a yard sale and washing cars in a bikini will support her kids. Her plans of being offered a reality show and making big money backfired in her face. Nobody owes her a dime. She made her own choices and now must live with the consequences. The only ones that are suffering from these decisions is her fourteen kids. They are being raised by nannies while their psycho mom is still trying to promote herself. Karma is a bitch and it will come back and bite her in the ass.

1146 days ago


Suleman told the British reporter she has discovered something about herself: "I'm not maternal. I'm a tomboy."

Why would someone have 12 embryos implanted when they already had 6 children if they are NOT maternal? ATTENTION - FAME & MONEY!!! She is pond s***!

1146 days ago


The number one reason she is hated so much is because she won't get a job. Instead she is always coming up with get rich and famous schemes. The money she gets she blows on herself with all this risky plastic surgery instead of paying her debts. I live in LA and had Kaiser when she delivered the litter, I already invested enough in this mess. She's already in her mid 30s and no amount of plastic surgery can make a homely/average person into Angelina Jolie. She is not a celebrity and never will be. She needs to get a job to contribute to society and pay taxes.

1146 days ago


@Bruno: Yep, it's June. She runs quarterly beg-fests rather than getting a job.


Apparently! Absolutely ridiculous and disgusting. It really pisses me off.

1146 days ago

disgusted in pasadena    

she should use her face for the sponge....UGLY!

1146 days ago


Will this stupid azz retard just go on welfare, food stamps, Medi-Cal and Section 8 housing already? I'm sure she is already on more than half of these programs alrady anyway. She cannot afford to be a homeowner in Orange County. People who are homeowners have jobs, they are not welfare leeches such as herself.

She is going to have to move into a county funded rental in Santa Ana and that is just too dayam bad!

Millions are losing their houses and so is she. So what??? Who cares if this unemployed leech does? Maybe she should have thought about how she would pay the rent before blowing through thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, expensive clothes, eyelash extensions, gym memberships, and makeup for HERSELF. She should be shopping at garage sales in in thirft stores, not Nordstrom and Victoria Secret.

I can't stand to look at this psycho's fugly azz face. This chick is so mentally ill and I don't know why the county has not taken those kids awasy from her. She is like an immature teenager. You give her a dollar and she spends in in 10 seconds on usless crap.

1146 days ago

Gsharon 710    


She is NOT a good Mother. She may be a LOVING Mother....Good Mothers do not opt for more children when she does not have the means to care for the ones she already has.

Good Mothers do not accept donations and spend it on cosmetic surgery when there are mouths to feed, diapers to buy, clothes to wash, or utilities to be paid.

Good Mothers do NOT spend money, accept free medical treatment, or participate in a fertility experiment for selfish reasons and continue to populate the world when she is husbandless, single, no sure way to support children, or try to live off the public's sympathy for something SHE CHOSE.

Good Mothers do not continue to rock in a home she cannot afford. Good Mothers, especially if they are single.....think about the children's needs first. It is not a must to live in a beautiful house when those children will continue to love their Mother if she was in a nice, clean, well kept home where she only had to pay 500 dollars monthly.

I guess you are calling yourself a heifer as well because had you not clicked on TMZ and read posts, you could not respond. How dare you call us heifers for responding to a story that is about our future adults.

CAR WASH MY AUNT JENNY. That car wash crap is just a way to flaunt her body and hope someone will notice her in a romantic way.

We all are suppose to love one another, but it is stupid to expect mature people to like what this lady did. She put her children on display for people to gawk and talk about, set them up for school bullies and deprived them of a Mother who makes good choices about childbirths. Too many single Mothers are already having to depend on the older children to help raise the younger ones when she has to work to support her family. That in itself is taking away part of a child's childhood and pushing them pre-mature into second mothers and fathers. As sad as that is, this lady made the choice to involve her older children. What in this world would make a single Mother want more children so much that she would involve a Doctor's help????......and what Doctor in his right mind would help her without knowing if she is able to care for more children????

1146 days ago


good post gsharon710

1146 days ago
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