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Kevorkian Did NOT Kill Himself ... But Would Have

6/3/2011 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Kevorkian did not end his life early ... but he WOULD HAVE if he had the strength to do it ... this according to Kevorkian's longtime lawyer Geoffrey Fieger.


During a news conference moments ago, Feiger explained, "I think had he been able to go home, Jack would have not allowed himself to go back to the hospital."

The cause of Kevorkian's death was not released, but he had reportedly been suffering from kidney and respiratory problems.

Feiger continued, "The circumstances were such that he was so weak he could not get out of the hospital, he was primarily sleeping most of the time."


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I'll bet the farm that "assisted suicide" will be covered by medical insurance policies in the future. It will be beneficial to the patient and the insurance carrier. Dr. Kevorkian was way ahead of his time. RIP Doc.

1177 days ago


Love My Fans, you are stick. And so what if he didn't commit suicide himself. He helped people who wanted to, why would you assume that just because if that, he wanted to do it himself? He was helping people who CHOSE to, that doesn't mean HE had to take that path!

1177 days ago


CORRECTION: Love My Fans, you are sick.

1177 days ago

Father Frank Pavone    

All of us at Priests for Life pray for the soul of Jack Kevorkian, as we do for all who have died. And we renew our commitment to proclaim that life is better than death. Every life has burdens. When we respond to the call to bear one another’s burdens, then we close the door to despair. Those who promote the so-called ‘right to die’ are heralds of despair. We, on the other hand, are heralds of hope.

And as for the "right to die,” I say, "Don’t worry – you won’t miss out on it."

1177 days ago


Is it just me, or does he look like Bob Barker in this picture??

1177 days ago


Looks like Dr. Jack Kevorkian can get those patient opinion surveys filled out now

1177 days ago

Rock Singer    

A true believer of Human Rights.....RIP

1177 days ago


Well Father Frank...obviously you have never seen a loved one scream in pain after the pain meds no longer work....begging to die to end their suffering. I had to watch my beloved grandfather, the kindest man on the planet suffer day after day..powerless to do anything about it...
It just isn't right. We don't let our animals suffer but our loved ones?? It just isn't right.

1177 days ago


I'd hate to be him when I got to Heaven and had to explain that "I robbed God of His Glory to claim His Own"...suffering & pain are promised as part of life to every living creature on this planet..guess no one told Mr. Kevorkian about God...

1177 days ago


@ Bons & Lindsay....Of course am joking. I just happen to have a stupid humor i guess....ha ha. Thanks though:)

1177 days ago


A fearless man. Until you've been there with someone you love - make no judgment.

1177 days ago


TheHOLETruth about an hour ago

Big bad Kevorkian, when it came to his time to meet his maker he chickened out... what's this bullsh*t that he was too weak... his death machine would have required that he do nothing, only consent...

I'd hate to be him on the other side.


The thing is...
Assisted suicide is not OBLIGATORY. It's just an OPTION. If he didn't want to commit suicide or was scared of death why should he do that? To please people like you? The people who asked him to assist WANTED to die. No one (including Kevorkian) forced them to commit suicide. Just because he helped others to commit suicide doesn't oblige him to do the same. He didn't want to die, that's the difference.

I don't know myself what to think about it but I'm not condemning anyone who wants to die or commit suicide because life is too painful for them and they have some terminal disease. It really has to be a difficult decision. So I'm trying to understand it.

1177 days ago


RIP DR. KEVORKIAN. It's sad when religious groups and the courts always condemed what you did. To me they are the biggest crooks in the world. If I were in your patients shoes I would have seeked your help too.

1177 days ago


I think medical assisted suicide shouldnt be something we can pass laws about. When a person reached the end of their rope, they should have the option to end their life peacfully. Before having to suffer the indignity of things like not being able to reach the bathroom on time, or having to remain on life support because family in charge of the DNR will selfishly keep them alive because its too hard to let go. Death can be a very painful thing, I know from watching my mother and grand mothers slowly and painfully deteriorate, and go through the pain of having to have their loved ones watch them go through it. In my opinion it should be up to the person and their dr. weather or not to concider and go through with a medical assisted suicide. And anyway, isn't pumping a person with morphene and "puling the plug" technically a medical assisted suicide?

1177 days ago


Father Pavone thank you for your comments and the defense of human life. So true that none of us will escape death. Our job while here is to defend life in all its forms. Dr. Kevorkian never understood that.

1177 days ago
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