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Kevorkian Did NOT Kill Himself ... But Would Have

6/3/2011 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Kevorkian did not end his life early ... but he WOULD HAVE if he had the strength to do it ... this according to Kevorkian's longtime lawyer Geoffrey Fieger.


During a news conference moments ago, Feiger explained, "I think had he been able to go home, Jack would have not allowed himself to go back to the hospital."

The cause of Kevorkian's death was not released, but he had reportedly been suffering from kidney and respiratory problems.

Feiger continued, "The circumstances were such that he was so weak he could not get out of the hospital, he was primarily sleeping most of the time."


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RIP Doc! I think what he did showed compassion and love. Being someone who faces a terminal illness myself If I was suffering and burdening my family, and had no chance at recovery! By all means put me out of my misery!

1153 days ago

L. Kibler    

Frank Pavone,
If your prayers could save one soul that has died. Then there was no need for Christ to die for us.

1153 days ago


Why did he wait so long if he would have done it himself? He was a Dr and knew he was sick and old? Why wait?
I do agree however that people should be able to end their own suffering.

1153 days ago


TheHOLETruth: I heard that!

1153 days ago


TMZ fails...all they had to do was look in a Detroit newspapers for the info...pulmonary thrombosis.

1153 days ago


My doctor participates in the assisted suicide program. We have a law in our State that allows this. Thank you Dr Kevrokian! Everyone wants to live here now, right?

1153 days ago


Father Frank Pavone about an hour ago
All of us at Priests for Life pray for the soul of Jack Kevorkian, as we do for all who have died. And we renew our commitment to proclaim that life is better than death. Every life has burdens. When we respond to the call to bear one another’s burdens, then we close the door to despair. Those who promote the so-called ‘right to die’ are heralds of despair. We, on the other hand, are heralds of hope.

And as for the "right to die,” I say, "Don’t worry – you won’t miss out on it."
finish the quote father bonehead..the right to die with dignity
being kept alive by machines is not what god had in mind...

1153 days ago


So big Chicken **** Dr. Death went the ''natural way''??
What a hypocrite!
Too bad he didn't speed up his own demise but chose to milk the health care system instead. Good riddance, anyway.

1153 days ago


Ihope, and pray that we'll have another brave humanitarian like Dr. Kevorkian who would fight for my rights, assist and help me die with dignity when the time comes. I fear pain, humiliation and hopelessnes more than death itself.
RIP Dr.Kevorkian.

1153 days ago


Feiger couldn't wait for him to die so he could get his name in the press again. He held a live press conference today in Detroit to talk about it. Half his staff of lawyers just walked out on him because he's such an a**hole. The idiot should have done what any normal person would have done and issued a 2 sentence press release, not called the tv stations for a press conference.

1153 days ago



1153 days ago


I liked this guy. Would anyone of us want to suffer in extream pain all the time, I don't think so. RIP Jack.

1153 days ago


People who are making such awful comments on here about this man who JUST DIED need to step back a little. Dr Kevorkian was a pioneer in an area of medicine that I hope to see become accepted and legal in the united states some day. The idea that we can take OUR OWN lives when ready and have had enough suffering would be a blessing. He did not kill people. He simply set up his machine. And TheHOLEtruth, he was unable to 'consent' to this because its still illegal! I am a nurse and know you cant do something illegal just because its 'Dr Death' or the Pope or whatever! He is a hero to the suffering patients he served and helped ease into peace. And it is unfortunate that such services were not available to him. We dont know if he suffered or not, the article is very vague.

1153 days ago


RE: k 3 hours ago

Give me a break! Would have killed himself "if he had been ALLOWED to leave the hospital"! There is this thing call "leaving against medical advice" all you have to do is sign a release form which release the hospital from liability for your stupidity!

You're really not that bright. Who says he was mentally able to make that decision himself? His lawyer said he didn't have the "strength" to do it. Have you ever been really sick - where you can barely move because you're in too much pain, too tired, too disoriented, too weak, etc?

He was in no shape to leave the hospital. He would of had to find someone willing to get him home.. and have the energy to make it happen.

1153 days ago


I think everyone should have the right to die, if they choose. If you've ever witnessed someone suffer through a terminal illness and the pain associated with it ~ it is a sad spectacle.

However, legalizing assisted suicide does open the door to the possibility that someone could drug up their sick family member/friend ..or somehow brain wash them into it.

Also there is a possibility that someone could kill their sick (yet non-terminal) family member/friend in cold blood (for money purposes, jealousy or whatever other motive murderers justify their killings for).. then claim it was assisted suicide.

It is a slippery slope.

1153 days ago
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