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Fire Destroys the Home of Country Star Trace Adkins

6/4/2011 5:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Tennessee home of country music star Trace Adkins was destroyed by a fire this afternoon, but everyone in the home got out safe. 

A babysitter was home with the children at the time of the fire. Adkins' wife Rhonda told WSMV the family had a fire plan in place. 

Rhonda was not home at the time and Trace is traveling to Alaska. 

Brian Goss, the Asst. Fire Chief for the Brentwood Fire & Rescue Dept., tells TMZ the fire started in the garage and spread up the walls and to the attic -- but the cause was not yet known. 

There was one injury that was somewhat related to the fire. A neighbor rushed over to help save the family dog -- and the dog bit him. The neighbor was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover just fine.


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What is with all the hating on Trace Adkins? If you new anything about him you would know he was a good guy. Too many haters in this world who don't even know what they're talking about. Just talk to hear themselves talking and it's never positive.

1240 days ago


It's really unbelievable and unfair that Trace Adkins is as underrated of a artist as he is. I am just now reading about this story,and I found it by accident. This man is a country legend if his house burns down it should be all over the news just like it is with other celebrities. I'm so sick of people overlooking talented country singers like this! I am glad everyone is okay,I hope that his family salvaged at least 1 important sentimental item because I don't care what type of insurance they have nothing can replace valuables that one holds closest to their heart. That heroic neighbor deserves some sort of reward for their kind action.

1240 days ago


WOW..Some people are really pathetic!!! These people just lost their home, will be rebuilt or another one bought. But they have lost so's terrible, whether they have money or not! My thoughts and prayers are with them.

1240 days ago


so did the dog live?

1240 days ago


How many families are 2 income dependent? Whether you are rich or poor, husbands and wives have jobs/work they do. That requires a babysitter, same as when my kids were small. You put your trust and faith in the person you hire to ensure your children are safe and well-cared for. The fire started in the garage. It's not like the babysitter left a pot boiling dry on the gas stove. Why people think that Trace Adkins was behind it, is a mystery. Sounds like people are looking for dirt. I think it's time to take our heads out of the gutter and slime that paparazzi feed us and wait for investigators to determine cause. Meantime, the neighbour rushed in to save a frenzied animal staring death in the eye. Dogs under duress like that will bite. The neighbour did a good thing. He should know that a stressed animal, in fear of its life will defend. That he got bitten is unfortunate but not unexpected. He still saved the dog, and that should be his only reward. Thank God that they are all safe.

1240 days ago


"There was one injury that was somewhat related to the fire. A neighbor rushed over to help save the family dog -- and the dog bit him...."

LOL!!! As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

1239 days ago


I guess he "left something turned on at home".

1239 days ago

Jim in Cali    

dogg pound and yo have to be the biggest idiots ever for TMZ posters. What a bunch of jerkoffs.

1239 days ago


Man, that sucks for Trace. Nothing sucks worse than a fire. What doesn't get burnt up gets soaked by the firemen for you to sort through later on. Serious suckage.

1239 days ago


Trace sure is a good ole boy

but Trace has never been a "good guy"

Yes, his wife shot him, when he was drunk and attacking her, and she tried to telephone for help. He knocked the phone out of her hand, and she grabbed the gun, and Trace went for the gun telling her he'd knock it out of her hand too.

If you believe his PR story version that it was an "accident" you are an idiot too. Look it up, what I said above is what is reported.

About the fire, hmmm.... suspicious indeed for insurance fraud.

Yeah I know, I like Trace's singing too, such a good ole drinking wife beating guy, great.

1239 days ago


I find it hard to "feel the pain" of someone who has so much more than so many others. This is nothing but an inconvenience for him.

1239 days ago


Trace, I saw you at the Dixon May Fair May 6, 2011. Your concert was awesome. I lost two baby lambs to dogs yesterday and I know they are in lamb heaven. I had to cancel my cruise to Alaska on May 31st because I have a detached retina. But compared to losing a home, completely, to fire does not compare to my troubles. May the Lord bless you and your family and hold you in the palm of His hand. Sandra from Elverta, California.

1239 days ago


Stupid dog. If it's going to bite somebody trying to save it, it deserves to die. I'm an animal lover but biting a person means the dog can easily be replaced with one who doesn't bite. I wonder what caused the fire and I'm glad everyone made it out safe.

1239 days ago


doug pound 13 hours ago
He has money to buy another house so who cares..and the neighbor justs wants to cash in on a dog bite

Money can buy a new house but it can't buy the memories that got lost in the fire.

1239 days ago


He's has gone thru so much in his life. Unbelievable! Wow. Thoughts and prayers with him

1239 days ago
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