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US Airways Flight 1549: Memba It?

6/5/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger piloted US Airways Flight 1549 and averted disaster by safely landing the plane in the Hudson River. Guess what that plane looks like now!



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do i want to see a plane that landed safely?

1201 days ago


The dude landed a plane in the water. Most times this is frowned upon, but somehow this guy is a hero?

Sully is no hero. A lucky pilot perhaps.

1201 days ago


LMAO! Only TMZ...

1201 days ago


You can't land in a river. Land is the earth, ground, runway or deck. Sully ditched his plane into the Hudson and did a very fine job of doing what most have not done before.

1201 days ago

Jon Vosburg    

RonBurgundy, Your right Sully may not be a hero. He was a pilot
doing his job, like he did for many years. When he lost thrust in both his engines he only had one option, land in the Hudson.
so in this case its not frowned upon. all of his passengers and crew lived. Thank god there wasn't someone like you in the left seat of that plane that day

1201 days ago


This is what happens when both pilots are focused on tasks in the ****pit and neither visually maintains separation from a flock of geese. I can't say for sure the geese could be avoided, only that it's likely they could. If so this emergency could have been avoided entirely.

Good job on handling the emergency though.

1201 days ago


What's the matter TMZ, I was only telling "Croc" where to see planes not landing safely?

1201 days ago


wow tmz get off his balls already...he did what anyone trained pilot would do..."oh gee ill land on top of a building" gimme a break like he was so amazing for picking the river any person trained as a pilot would have done the same thing....BORING

1200 days ago


OMG, I can't believe you people. I watched this plane slide onto the Hudson. I was racing to the waterfront like eveyone on the Jersey and NY side of the river. This was nothing short of a miricle. This was a space between the buildings of mmanhattan and the cliffs of Jersey - if it was earth I could walk across the expanse in a couple of minutes. PLUS there were yachts, communter ferries and other vessels on the water at the time PLUS corporate and tourist helicopters and private planes with a LOT of student pilots - it's crazy busy! And the F$##@ geese, OMG, they are EVERYWHERE! we can't kille 'em. Crap in every park. Thousands of them and PETA is very vigilent about protecting them. So they lie in parks and marshes and fields. This is in the middle of three (3) international airports within 25 miles of eachother - Newark, JKFK and Lagaurdia. Make no mistake - no one died or was really even hurt - this was a MIRICLE! Oh and at this time of year, the Hudson usually has ice on it. Less than a week after this event, the river was filled with huge chunks of breaking floating ice. I will never forget this. *** and yes we watched the towers and planes on 9/11 from this same point. When you live here you always watch the sky. It's habit now.

1200 days ago


With all of the cut backs airlines are doing, they were lucky to have had Sully flying that day. Only someone with that experience could have done what he did. Some 24 year old flying a commuter would have not known what to do at all! Staying calm and experience is what saved all of those people that day. The airlines should stop being cheap as@es and keep the experienced pilots and not farm **** out to commuters! Do you people really know how many hours these commuter guys have? I don't think you really want to know!!! The new pilots anyways! KIDS!!!! As for avoiding the Geese.. On take off, do you really think you can just say "oops, I see geese, I should move" going that fast??? WHATEVER!!!

1200 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

Sick of hearing about this guy. Yes...he did what he was trained to do. His 15 are OVER.

1200 days ago


@Elroy --- I think you said it best. Unless you live here and you know the Hudson River there was very little wiggle room for him to safely get that plane onto the water. Whatever anyone has to say here that doesn't understand what he did, then they are just ignorant about the true "miracle" it was.
Remember they wanted to take it to Teteboro Airport a short distance away but that would have meant the death of hundreds of people had he attempted to do that!

1200 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh big deal. you all know they were only spoiled kids wanting to play 'elitist' slip n slide....typical, use as much media attention to show off what yer good for. losers.

1200 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

really, the dude must've ran outta gas, because i have no idea how eles something so silly could happen. did the 'refuel union' strike while they were supposed to "fill her up"??! losers. a big ol bushy moustache gets in the way of thinking, obviously...

1200 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh. now i get it....a 'bird' strike...... lol, prettttyyy funny, these union boys. they make some hilarious word plays, i tell ya. a couple hundred dead passengers, ah, let's just call it 'a bird strike' lol!!! unions need to go to hell.

1200 days ago
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