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ATTACKS Kardashian ... and Lively?

6/6/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OK, she didn't use her name -- but it was obvious at the MTV Movie Awards last night, Reese Witherspoon HATES everything Kim Kardashian stands for -- from the sex tape to the reality show.

As Reese accepted the "Generation Award," she told the crowd, "I just wanna say to all the girls out there, it's cool to be bad, I get it ... but it's also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show."

She added, "When I came up in this business, if you made a sex tape, you were embarrassed and you hid it under your bed and if  you took naked pictures of yourself on your cell phone, you hide your face."

Was that a shot at Blake Lively?

Reese Witherspoon MTV Movie Awards


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I wath reality shows but Reese has ALWAYS had talent. And I agree with her 100% no she dont sound uptight. she gave good advice.. Hide ur sex tapes and if ur gonna take nakes pix do it face down! If she was uptight she wouldnt have stated it. Also I do not think it was towards Kardashians or anyone in general. I think bcuz of ALL THE REALITY SHOWS there are she let it be known that video taping ur life with a few instgations from producers is NOT talent. America is full of DRONES! Wake up america! Get on that concious tip... SMH...

1199 days ago


The Truth: At least Reese's mom didn't peddle a PORN tape of her own daughter to get her some attention and some money and then dress her 13 and 14 year old daughter in clothes worthy of a whore for even more KARDASHIAN fame and fortune. I met anything that by the time those little girls of her are 18 they will have their own sex tapes and posing naked in Playboy so mommy can have some more money.

1199 days ago


come on tmz your memory can't be that short: Vanessa hudgens, rihanna, miley cyrus etc.

1199 days ago


Reese is right. And she could also just be talking in general too, not just about Kardashian or Lively. It just seems that people try to take the easy way out by trying to 'make it' by being obnoxious, spoiled, or promiscuous. Anything that will get them attention.

1199 days ago


DO WORK, REESE!! I think people are really over the whole sex thing. Maybe it just me, but I thought that people grew out of that behavior. Sex is too much of the norm now to be considered scandalous any more. It's just tacky and tastless now. Again, big ups to Reese for the real talk! Kim and Blake are just (media) whores.

1199 days ago


@The Truth One of the first major films I can remember her in was Freeway. A disturbing film, but her acting was amazing. So even if what you say about her pushy mother is true, she has talent. I was going to link a Youtube clip but most of them are NSFW/could be quite disturbing for people unaware of the film:

I agree she would be good in a play, and while I don't think her acting is often shown off, when she's had good roles it's been top notch.

1199 days ago


Wow ive always like Reece but that was uncalled for and really shows she is a BITCH! .... why doesnt she mind her own business, and what did Kim K do to her? I bet you wouldnt see Kim talkin crap about her, because Kim is alot classier than she ever will be!!!

1199 days ago

I am Spartacus    

the biggest shot is at The Kardashians. They are the most relevant of the leaked sex tape/pictures stuff right now because they have like 8 reality shows about their family which was made famous because of Kim's sex tape. Kim also poses naked for pictures in magazine then cries when people see her naked. They have no talent but think they are big stars because E! and Ryan Seacrest feed them down our throats.

But its also a swipe at anyone that has done the naked pics/ sex tape stuff. Paris, Vanessa, Blake, Rihanna, etc (the list is too long to name them all). I'm sure anyone that has had a scandal about naked pics that was sitting in that audience felt embarassed while she was saying these things.

But The Kardashian family had to feel like a bunch of asses because not 1 of them can sit in the audience at an award show and actually feel like they contribute to whatever awards show theyre at. They aren't actors, they aren't singers, they are nothing but a crappy clothing store and bad merchandise built from a bunch of reality shows built off Kim's sex tape. Congrats on whoring your family out.

1199 days ago


really PEOPLE! she NEVER SAID KIM! ALL these whores on reality shows HAVE SEX TAPES NOT JUST KIM! SMH! U idiots stop trying to make drama. That was a general statment. You all r so quick to jump on bandwagons and ****. Everything she said is true and that fact that some of u are mad that she said that says alot about your morals and integrity. She said what any clasy woman would have said to the 'girls' not women she said 'girls" usually thats under 18 and they SHOULD hear that advice. I like Kim too and i dont think that was towards her at all. Get over it... ughh

1199 days ago


i think mrs witherspoon was dead on about these reality stars releasing sex tapes in order to get a price to fame and Kim K..

that was very classy and during her generation award speech i though to myself

wow could Kim K, Paris H, the reality show girls ever have a legacy like reese?? nope not at all.

reese before i thought you were a prude.. but now i understand your 30-something class.. i give you wonderful amnt of props for your speech it was dead on..

like she said she's still trying to make "good girls cool again" and in that i appreciate and respect.. atleast some chicks out there understand the difference between being good and bad.

1199 days ago


Reese continues to have a career. Paris Hilton and the Kardashians, while having made millions, will fade into the sunset.

1199 days ago


FINALLY!!!! Somebody is finally publicly criticizing these untalented, celebrity wannabes as the trash that they really are!

1199 days ago


Love it !! She is so right, all these girls are really soft porn stars on regular TV. Kudos for the real talented and class act like her.

1199 days ago


Good for Reese! At last a girl in the industry with the courage to`say out loud what we're all thinking!!! A +! She earned 10 brownie points in my book!

1199 days ago

I am Spartacus    

"She said what any clasy woman would have said to the 'girls' not women she said 'girls" usually thats under 18 and they SHOULD hear that advice. I like Kim too and i dont think that was towards her at all. Get over it... ughh"

she's warning the "girls" to not be like Kim and make your fame off being a whore. Do it the right way, with talent.

1199 days ago
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