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Congressman's Woman

Big Weiner Supporter

6/7/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the women who engaged in torrid sexual conversations with Congressman Anthony Weiner is fiercely committed to his political views, and feels he's being singled out unfairly for criticism.

Anthony Weiner

40-year-old Lisa Weiss -- a Nevada blackjack dealer who went back and forth with Weiner on Facebook for more than a year -- tells TMZ she first began messaging him in August, 2010, after hearing an impassioned, microphone-slamming speech he gave on health care.

Weiss sought Weiner out, messaging him, "You are the coolest dem on the planet!"  She added, "Keep fighting for the sane people in this country!"

Weiner wrote back, "Thank you Lisa.  Glad you have my back.  You keeping an eye on the wackadoodle Angle for us."  Sharron Angle is a guns rights advocate who ran for Congress in Nevada.

Weiss tells us she's a liberal democrat who believes in Weiner's policies and spent a lot of time messaging him about his views.  She believes it's unfair to target Weiner:  "Bill Clilnton was the best President we ever had and look what he did.  Kennedy banged everything in sight."

As for using Congressional resources to carry on their sexual conversations, Weiss says the only time she talked to Weiner from his office was one night at around midnight, when he talked with her on the phone for 30 minutes and it was "strictly about politics."  She says she was actually surprised the conversation didn't get sexual."

Weiss, who says she wants to apologize to Weiner's wife, does admit the conversations got raunchy.  One notable mention:  In February, after watching Weiner on Bill Maher's show, Weiss wrote, "Didn't think I could love you more until I saw you on Bill Maher tonight."

Weiner responded:  "Maybe Maher will let me do you on his desk.  Since u like me there."

And we had to mention the cheesiest line of all.  Weiss said in one message, "didn't want you to call homeland security on me." Weiner responded, "No, we have a special secret agency that deals with hot women."


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Starting illegal & phony wars for profit is worse than fooling around. Isn't Adultery pretty low on the list of bad things done by US Presidents?

1212 days ago


All jokes aside; do you want your kids to look up to these pigs?

1212 days ago


Want to chase cheap bimboes? STAY SINGLE. Then you can chase after all the cheap trash you want without tormenting your poor wife to death.

1212 days ago

PRO US    

Weiner can become a spokesperson for a National Salami company. "Hello, I'm "Weiner" and we're going to play "Hide the Salami!", and "Hello, I'm a Congressman and I tweet nude pictures of my privates under my own name to porn stars and I think no one will find out about it because I'm a Psycho! Buy our salami! Thanks!" and "I'm a Tony Liar Weiner. Weiner for President!"

1212 days ago


Which Kennedy ??????????????????????

1212 days ago


Why get married then? That always baffles me.

1212 days ago


Only Democrats?
How about Foley going after little boys, Gingrich cheating on 2 wives dumping one while in hospital with cancer,larry craig trolling for gay men.We can name 100's of GOP sexual misconduct
TMZ leans republican ?

1212 days ago


That chick is not worth all the humiliation and embarassment, if you're going to do something stupid and disgraceful, make it worth it for God's sake, somebody HOT at least. His wife is very pretty - actually quite gorgeous. He sure dosen't deserve her. I hope she leaves his ass. I don't care if he's got a big ****, no blood rushing to his BRAIN....get your eyes check weiner...duh Losing!

1212 days ago


"Stella" I dont care who you picked in the poll, I care that you insulted people that didnt pick Kennedy. And I stand by what I said. "grow up", wow, I didnt know you knew how old I was, based on my comments.

1212 days ago


Why only Democrats on your poll? Couldn't include Gov. Sanford, who lied to his staff and his wife while cheating with his mistress in another country, which, by the way, wasn't his first affair. And how about Rep. Mark Foley, Sen. Larry Craig, Bob Weiss, Chris Lee, David Vitter and John Ensigh?

1212 days ago


All I have to say about the Poll is that whoever didn't pick Kennedy needs to check this out:****_incident

Seriously, the dude let his woman die because he was drunk and didn't want to get caught because of the publicity...

1212 days ago

Shane D.    

Wait a minute, isn't The Donald a Liar and cheater too? Marla Maples?

1212 days ago


He is a disgusting *********** fool just like the disgraceful Bill Clinton.

1212 days ago

who cares    

How is this a exclusive Harvey when radaronline broke her story yesterday and interviewed her.

1212 days ago

who cares    

Any ladys want to see my weiner pic?

1212 days ago
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