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Selena Gomez

Blood Pressure Issues

6/12/2011 6:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Selena Gomez has undergone a number of tests for blood pressure issues since being hospitalized Thursday ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Gomez was rushed to the hospital on Thursday after taping an appearance on "The Tonight Show," complaining of nausea and a severe headache. 

Sources tell us Gomez has undergone a number of tests for blood pressure issues, but so far ... doctors have not been able to determine what is causing the problem.

Oh ... as for the rumors going around she's pregnant ... totally untrue.


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Im not a selena fan neither a justin bieber fan, but im not suprised if she is pregnant, random teens who dont even know what "true love" is! so i could really careless bout them!

1231 days ago


And if you dont believe me, fine, just search blood pressure during pregnacy! this might give you a hint about selena gomez health

1231 days ago


I finish Med study but not in U.S. for me as a specialist from heart problem it is obvious what it is.
Angina is caused when blood flow to an area of the heart is decreased. This impairs the delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to the heart muscle cells. Stable angina. The pain is predictable and present only during exertion or extreme emotional distress, disappearing with rest.
Unstable angina. This may signal an impending heart attack. Unstable angina is angina pain that is different from your regular angina pain or pain that occurs while at rest. The angina may occur more frequently, more easily at rest, feel more severe, last longer, or come on with minimal activity. Although this type of angina can often be relieved with medication, it is unstable and may progress to a heart attack. Usually more intense medical treatment or a procedure is required.
Prinzmetal's angina. This is when angina occurs at rest, when sleeping, or when exposed to cold temperatures. In these cases, the symptoms are caused by decreased blood flow to the heart's muscle from a spasm of the coronary artery. The majority of people with this type of angina also have coronary artery disease. These spasms occur close to the blockage.

1231 days ago


oOOOOHHHHH I know .. she's sitting on her fatass all day so her blood pressure is too low. She need to get up and go do something real for a change, like her own cooking for a start, which is what WILL BE the final soullution for her little issue. Not that i care --its fun listening to all these half wits on this thread.

She's not PG , you don't go to the hospital for being PG, you whackjobs.

1231 days ago


Don't care for these "LATINAS" very much. They add nothing but crime and reduced property values to our culture and of course ruin schools, hospitals and the roads. Actually they ruin pretty much anything they can get their paws on. Rather see an America without them. They really are the worst "immigrants" all of. Of course most of them can connect their entry to the USA, illegally. But I guess they are our burden. They definately add a third world vibe anytime they are around.

1231 days ago


High blood pressure is a silent killer.I have seen 18 year old suddenly die from it.Its a good thing that Selena became symptomatic and a diagnosis was made,if that's what it is.
Selena should watch Sodium(Na+)intake in her diet,no salt shakers,no canned food,check food labels for Sodium (Na+) contents,like bread is baked with baking soda which is Soda bicarb.(NaHCO3.That is a no,no and take mild diuretic in the morning.(Have doctor prescribe Hydrochorthiazide 25 mg,once a day in the morning).That aught to take care of it. This free medical advice is only for Bieber's girl.

1231 days ago


It's all that Mexican food. She probably has gastrointestinal problems and is too embarrassed to talk about it. That's what I think.

1231 days ago


She is prego fools!!!!!!

1231 days ago


It's prolly the pill, I've read that Yaz users are seeing a high number of BP problems...

1231 days ago


Why don't they just leave her alone. I'm sure she'd rather not have the world following her through this time in her life. The paparazzi and the media are hounds. Leave her the hell alone.

1231 days ago


sucks for her.

1231 days ago


Use of diet pills can cause ones blood pressure to rise. It happened to me. Or maybe is doing coke. Who knows.

1231 days ago


Is Right.

And TMZ Should
Ban Idiots Who
Type In All CAPS!

1231 days ago


Migraine? Sinus problems? Why can't they figure out what's wrong?

1231 days ago


She's near goddess status in my shotty brain, but we all have a holes right? So that's my opinion, as for any real (or not) Dr.(s) on here, you aren't examining the patient, so you can only theorize, and thanks for the theories, but dont present them as FACT. It is disingenuous at best, NO doctor is foolproof or has all the answers in all the situations, don't be pompous and present yourselves as such. Thank you for listening! :D

1231 days ago
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