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Rioting Canucks Fan -- The Bittersweet Crotch Shot

6/16/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the crotch shot heard 'round the world -- the moment a rioting Vancouver Canucks fan's junk met an exploding flash grenade!! Hockey IS awesome.

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"o*****roup" gets censored by TMZ's language filter? Makes sense.

1227 days ago


Dorinha: The league depends heavily on Canadian revenue? Don't you have that ass backwards? Without the US involvement there would be no way your players would be getting paid. There are plenty of junior hockey players here to choose from if we wanted our own league, and it would probably make it even more successful if there were more american players.

Out of all of the canadian posts about the incident I haven't seen one that states the real reason for the riots - anti-american sentiment. Many of you knew the riots were planned in advance but don't seem to know why. Really? We're not stupid. If that championship game involved 2 canadian teams, there would have been no rioting, I guarantee.

The cracks are starting to show now. It wouldn't surprise me at all if in the future, when american teams have to travel there for a championship game, that they'll insist that the league pay for beefed up security for them, as well as having the riot police and swat team present INSIDE the venue as well. Mark my words.

Canada may not be dangerous to you, but it is to us! I know what it's like to be surrounded in my car at night during a snowstorm by a bunch of 18 wheelers trying to play chicken with me because I have a US licence plate. I know what it's like to be held by canadian customs for hours for no reason other than they want to see my classic mustang go on the auction block. I've been there enough times to see what goes on. You're citizens drive like a bunch on maniacs in your cities, WAY worse than NYC taxi drivers.

Believe me when I tell you - americans have no interest in going to your country for anything. You blew it for yourselves because you take in no tourism revenue from us. Now you can't even manage dealing with hosting us for a lousy sporting event. Shame!

1226 days ago

I cleaned the damm city    

Might I point out Harvey, you're an idiot!! Also what the hell is in your cup? The idiots that started the riot were NOT Sports Fans. They came to the venue with intent. They showed up with Lighter Fluid and Masks. The true Sports Fans and Vancouverites are the ones that came back down to the City in the thousands with their own brooms, gloves, garbage bags and cleaning supplies to clean up after the loser hooligans. I notice that THAT is not what is being published is it??? Not a good enough story for you??????

1226 days ago


Atleast we didn't elect Bush twice for President or are labeled so badly. Americans label themselves as Canadians when they go to other countries because America is so badly tarnished in their rep. Atleast we'll be able to recover ourselves. TMZ failed to show the thousands of people who went DT to help clean up. Americans are extremely ignorant. You don't even know what goes on in Canada. This is just a bunch of drunk and angry people who started it. Some of the people aren't even from BC or Canada. Most of the players are Canadian. You can go ahead and make your own league but i guarantee that it won't be successful. Win or lose, no matter what team it is, the riot would have happened either way.

1226 days ago


Maybe the city will listen to us residents and not put up giant TV screens up for future games. Why do we constantly invite the B+T yobs into our city for events when they just leave our neighbourhood raped. Let Surrey, or New West, or Coquitlam, or Burnaby (etc) host game night, the fireworks, and such; they can deal with their own mess.

1226 days ago

Not All Canadians are Jerk Offs    

Well this guy got what he deserved. Just an FYI we aren't all morons in Cananda. Just a few a-holes make the rest of us look awful.

1226 days ago


Def got what he deserved. Just wanted to say we aren't all ******** here in Cananda. Makes the rest of us looks bad they should be ashamed of themselves.

1226 days ago


The cops had to go to Maple Bay in Vanvouver tonight because apparently on social networking sites there is supposed to be another planned riot there...FYI those people were not Canucks fans..two teams beat out 30 others so they don't suck and as far as Luongo, what can u say eh? ;)

1226 days ago


@ Zanny:

Here is a brief excerpt from the Toronto Globe and Mail (October 11, 2008):


"The Giant Sucking Sound"

Canadian teams are sending millions of dollars southward to their struggling U.S. counterparts and the salary cap is skyrocketing, Sean Gordon, Allan Maki and David Shoalts report. So what did the lockout accomplish?

Revenues are soaring, television ratings are up, a new season is under way and yet not all is sweetness and light in the NHL.

The grumbling is intensifying behind the scenes from owners and team officials who are watching with mounting dismay as millions pour from successful franchises in Canada and the United States to their staggering partners, mostly in the American sunbelt.

According to information compiled by The Globe and Mail from various sources, the six Canadian NHL franchises contributed more than $40-million (all figures U.S.) to their fellow owners last season, and about $50-million when playoff revenues are taken into account.

So yes, Zanny, the NHL depends heavily on Canadian revenue (I had always assumed this was stating the obvious to anyone who truly follows hockey and who understands anything about the business of hockey in Canada).

The Toronto Maple Leafs are the wealthiest team in the NHL and among the wealthiest franchises in all of professional sports. The city of Toronto could easily accommodate a second NHL team and have it be every bit as successful as the Leafs. The NHL would love to do so (and/or add an additional team in Hamilton) except that without major restructuring, the move would almost certainly devastate a blue market franchise like the Buffalo Sabres (who happen to be my favorite NHL team), and whose organization depends heavily on Ontarions making regular cross-border trips to Buffalo for regular season games. It is easier for many Canadian fans to cross the border into Detroit or New York, as corporate sponsorship in Canada devours so many regular season and playoff tickets for Canadian-based teams.

The NHL indeed depends on grassroots development in Canada. Arguing otherwise is nonsense. Remove Canadian players from the equation, and the competition level sinks to a point where marketing of the game in either country is no longer viable. The USA simply does not have the infrastructure in place to grow the game. I suspect that more Canadians wish for this to change than does your average American. Many Canadian hockey fans cannot fathom why the game is not more popular south of the border. It's fast, physical, and fun. The sport can be unnecessarily violent, but it is a contact sport, and so injuries are inherent (I often find it slightly hypocritical when violence in hockey is cited as a turnoff, when violence permeates so much of North American entertainment). There are excellent American-born NHL players like Tim Thomas and Ryan Miller, and the USA is capable of icing a highly competitive national hockey team, but the depth of talent does not exist to support the league as an exclusively American because the game is not being developed outside of the major U.S. markets (and even within these major markets, player development is small when compared to the nation-wide infrastructure in place north of the border).

Of course the NHL depends on American revenue for financial success. Still, the NHL board of governors is willing to allow failing franchises to continue in cities like Phoenix, whose population cared little about supporting their NHL team. The city, much to the chagrin of its citizens, will suffer millions of dollars in losses in the 2011-2012 season because local government officials have agreed to once again bail out the team. Meanwhile, thousands of fans in Winnipeg have been rewarded after the Atlanta Thrashers folded and were relocated to a much smaller city and fan base that will still generate more revenue than had the NHL remained in Atlanta. It seems like only a matter of time before Phoenix also relocates to Quebec. Visit Long Island, Columbus, Florida, etc. during the regular season, and you will be greeted by near vacant arenas, whose revenue is generated largely by hosting non-hockey events. Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, the Rangers, and the L.A. Kings (thanks to Wayne Gretzky) have a core fan base or else a sizable enough population to maintain healthy franchises. In Canada, putting fans in the seats is never an issue.

You can daydream about the NHL forming an exclusively American league with home grown players as you wish, but you're living in a fantasy (see "Atlanta re: Winnipeg"). If anything, the NHL wishes expand in size by adding European teams, and making the league truly global. Logistically speaking, I hope European teams do not join the league, but the fact remains that the revenue to grow the game exists in nations outside the USA. The USA is a major financial generator for the league, but you only insult your own intelligence by suggesting that Canada's contributions are any less relevant.

Strict border enforcement works both ways, Zanny. You might recall how things tightened up after 9/11, and how your own government requested that Canada and the USA work more closely together to become stricter in their joint border enforcement. The security checks are for everyone's benefit, even if they are an annoyance.

If 18-wheelers are purposely targeting you because you're an American, then what you are describing is tantamount to attempted vehicular homicide. Take down a license plate and contact the local authorities. I am more inclined to believe that you perhaps shared the road with a particularly reckless driver than to believe your license plate identifies you as a hostile (if you truly believe so, then I suggest that it is Canadian motorists who should be wary of you and your driver paranoia).

Regarding the Vancouver rioting, many law enforcement officials and media agree that the rioting was bound to happen whether the Canucks won or lost the Cup. People turned up on the streets wearing balaclavas before the game started. This was a pre-planned attack that had nothing to do with anti-Americanism. Instead, blame it on thuggish, alcohol-fueled behavior, with a dashing of mob mentality (reminds me of "Hell Night" in Detroit...people intent on doing bad things will find a way to make it so).

If you sincerely believe that Canada deserves to be shut out of hosting future Olympic games because of the disgraceful actions of these rioters -- and especially after the phenomenal success of hosting the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games -- then what hope does the U.S. have? Remember the Atlanta bombing? Shameful behavior, don't you think? Talk about lax security. I NEVER want to see the Toronto Blue Jays visit the Atlanta Braves for interleague baseball play again, or at least not until the USA beefs up its security measures. If not, MLB should prevent U.S. teams from entering Canada. We don't want to associate with that kind of behavior. Come to think of it, this is likely the REAL reason behind the NHL's relocating the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg -- to rid itself of all those dangerous Americans who like to blow each other up. (See? I can talk nonsense, too. Hyperbole is fun!).

Seriously, Zanny, drop the chip off your shoulder. You make blanket generalizations about Canada and its citizens (e.g., we all drive like maniacs) and make xenophobic statements that only perpetuate stereotypes. I respect the USA and value my American neighbors. I just find it difficult to tolerate willful ignorance.

Boast about lost tourism revenue all you wish, Zanny. Canada is America's largest trading partner, and that's not going to change anytime soon. As much as you hope to delude yourself, the cross-border flow of revenue is not a one-way street. Presently, Canada's economy is more stable than your own. Since you're so unnecessarily hostile towards my country, do us both a favor and stay home. While you're at it, you may wish to get your own house in order before you have the audacity to criticize mine. Your entire argument is scatterbrained.

1226 days ago


Was my last response unnecessarily bloated?


Do I care?


1226 days ago


Vancouver Police Department(VPD) got lax, complacent, etc. The Premier is a rookie and without the much needed foresight. VPD Chief is irresponsible for not being humble to admit being shortsighted and complacent and just chose to use the BLAME GAME instead .

Rioters are MOSTLY WHITE MALES(I don’t really know if there are any other races). Non-active participants(bystanders gawking) are not entirely innocent as they chose not to ignore the scene in a sense that they should have walked away and just went home.

Defenders(people trying to make sense to the rioters) may be naive for attempting to try to stop the rioters from looting, overturning vehicles, and protecting human lives(Bruins fans) BUT DEFINITELY NOT STUPID for doing so. The should be given good and positive recognition.

Responders MAYBE self-righteous for not placing their self in bystanders perspective in that bystanders are still human for being unable to stay away from the ghastly scene.

Unpredicted? Unlikely. Unprepared? Might be. Organized? Not by a long shot. Spoiled? Apparently. Sore-losers? Just human who are mostly intoxicated.

“To err is human, to forgive is divine” ~ Alexander Pope

P.S. There is no "I" in team. The whole team didn't step up enough.

1226 days ago


Dorinha: Do you honestly expect me to believe that the riot was not a direct result of the Canuck's loss to an american team? If the Canucks had won, you think they would have done it anyway? You can't be serious! Those fans were there to celebrate. What would tons on non-fans be doing traveling from all over to watch a game and be a part of the action having no interest in the nation's premier sport? Please. That game was Canada's Superbowl. They didn't expect that loss and when it came, they were pissed. Plus it doesn't really matter if they were fans or not, or whether it was planned or not. Excuses, excuses. Why divert the real issue? The bottom line is there was not just one - like in the case of the Atlanta Olympic bomber - but thousands of thugs/anarchists/terrorists there looking to upstage the Bruins victory even if it meant doing harm their fellow citizens. It's no reflection on the US. And since you know so much about the sport of hockey, you know damn well that that kind of incident would never happen here. We don't demonstrate that kind of hate towards Canadian teams.

I accept your argument that money from Canada is going to support fledgling franchises in the US, but has it occurred to you that the reason why there is little interest in the sport here is due to the fact that it's dominated by Canadians? Not to mention the fact that most of the country doesn't support cold weather sports in general. Without us though, there would be LESS interest in the sport and less revenue for Canada as well. The drama would be greatly diminished for Canada just playing other national teams. It's no wonder they're looking to recruit European teams. I still think if Canada was not involved here, a strictly national league would generate more interest and be just as successful. We did it in basketball, football and baseball without you.

Oh and let me tell you about that vehicular homicide attempt involving five 18 wheelers with canadian plates. You can be sure that if I was able to get their plate numbers through the blinding snow they were kicking up all around me, I would have put all of them on ice. I wouldn't even bother reporting them to the canadian authorities. I was minding my own business in the right lane when they mounted that attack. If I had a canadian plate they would have left me alone. This happened in the frozen tundra without a town, city or fishing shack in sight. If I wasn't a good driver I wouldn't be alive to tell the tale. Try getting into a car with US plates and drive around your cities for a day. See for yourself. Better yet, go on the road at night when all of the ice road F*ers are out. I bet you wouldn't dare.

I've heard the trading BS before. Be happy that we've opened our borders to you and are your biggest supporter. We are for most of the world and get sh*t on in return. If your customs weren't so lax we wouldn't be paying billions trying to keep out the undesirables that canada lets in. They don't even want to stay in Canada, they're looking to come here. Canadian border patrol tends to go after do***ented US citizens and leaves they're own alone. I personally know an ex-canadian who crossed in twice with no paperwork whatsoever. This person happens to be one of the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who live here illegally and have no intention of going back. They compete for our jobs without contributing a dime. If they have no interest in staying there, what makes you think I have any interest? If not for a friend who lives there, I would avoid it like the plague.

1225 days ago


@ Zanny:

Anti-American sentiment did not trigger the riot. Regardless of the opponent, it seemed destined to happen. Both the media and the Vancouver police department's positions side with mine. Nowhere have I heard any credible evidence to suggest that this riot was motivated by anti-Americanism. Historically, many American-based teams have either won or lost the Stanley Cup to a Canadian rival without incident.

Canadian hockey fans did not cheer for the Vancouver Canucks en masse, just because they are a Canadian-based team. From Ontario eastward, there are likely more Bruins fans than Canucks supporters. There are more Canadian players on the Boston Bruins' roster than on the Canucks, and so rioting over a Bruins' victory seems a pointless way of expressing anti-American sentiment, even if this was a riot in Vancouver following a Vancouver defeat.

Rioting wouldn't have happened in the U.S.? Probably not in this instance, Zanny, but you will recall the rioting that took place -- albeit on a smaller scale -- following the Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series victory (rioting on the streets of Boston, no less!). Also, recall the hardship that Mitch Williams of the Phillies endured from hometown fans after losing the deciding game of the World Series to the Toronto Blue Jays (his house was vandalized, and he received death threats). These incidents do not reflect the mentality of an entire community or nation. They are the criminal actions of alcohol-fueled thugs and delinquents. In Vancouver's case, there was also a mob mentality (along with YouTube to broadcast the mayhem to the world, giving the disturbance an even grander scale). There is no question that disgruntled, sore loser fans joined the mob, but I firmly believe the same result would have occurred regardless of the opponent. This is an in-house Vancouver problem, and a very ugly one, that the city needs to address.

Vancouver fans were not expecting to lose? In a seven-game series for the Stanley Cup, no serious fan assumes anything. After the Canucks' first loss to Boston, and following the near blindside hit on the Bruins' Horton, fans and media alike were discussing the momentum shift in the series (and Vancouver was still leading the series at this stage). The hockey talk in Canada before the series began was that the Canucks should win if they stuck to their President's Trophy-winning style of play. If the Canucks allowed the Bruins to dictate a physical game, and if Tim Thomas stood on his head -- which he did -- then the Bruins should win. I'm willing to bet there were few Vancouver fans who thought this series was in the bag from the onset. The Canadian sports media were cautiously optimistic in their pre-series predictions, but many gave the Bruins the edge following games 3 and 4.


You wrote:

I accept your argument that money from Canada is going to support fledgling franchises in the US, but has it occurred to you that the reason why there is little interest in the sport here is due to the fact that it's dominated by Canadians? Not to mention the fact that most of the country doesn't support cold weather sports in general. Without us though, there would be LESS interest in the sport and less revenue for Canada as well. The drama would be greatly diminished for Canada just playing other national teams. It's no wonder they're looking to recruit European teams. I still think if Canada was not involved here, a strictly national league would generate more interest and be just as successful. We did it in basketball, football and baseball without you.


Indeed basketball, football, and baseball can carry on perfectly well with or without Canadian involvement. I never suggested otherwise. It is you who argued that the U.S. can develop and support a National Hockey League that operates independently of Canada. I listed my reasons why this scenario will never happen, and your follow-up response does a good job of supporting my arguments. Regardless of financial resources, U.S. interest in hockey (and for cold weather sports in general, especially in the sunbelt states) is not nearly sufficient enough to create and maintain an exclusively American-based NHL. This topic is hypothetical -- and we both know it will never become a reality -- so it is hardly worth debating further.

A friend of a friend (or whomever) telling you that he or she had a negative experience while driving in Canada or while passing through customs, or even your own hard-luck driving adventures cannot be generalized to reflect the experiences of all Americans visiting Canada anymore than it remotely reflects the conduct of an entire nation of people. My American cousins from New York visit Canada every summer because they love it here. Using your criteria, I may conclude that all New Yorkers love Canada, wish to regularly visit, and that they all have a pleasant time. We cannot make broad generalizations based on personal experiences.

Are you seriously suggesting that all Canadian highways are unsafe for American travelers? Where is your data to support this claim? Let us more reasonably assume that all communities in both Canada and the United States have their share of good and bad drivers alike. Considering the massive population differential between our two countries, I will also assume that incidents of traffic violations and accidents are significantly higher south of the border, if only due to sheer numbers.

For the record, Zanny, I lived and worked in the Northwest Territories for five years, and so I do know something about ice roads and truckers. I routinely traveled the roadways in and around Yellowknife, where the majority of highway-bound vehicles are big rigs. Roadways are often in poor condition due to permafrost, and are more narrowly constructed than provincial highways due to lower traffic volumes, higher costs, and easier maintenance, and so driving is often more treacherous there than in the south. Big rigs demand cautious driving from all motorists in any part of the world. I'm guessing that most truckers, including Canadians, only wish to reach their next destination so that they can unload cargo, get paid, and pick up their next load. As for evil Canadian truckers purposely targeting American drivers, methinks this is more rooted in paranoia than fact.

You have "heard the trade BS before"? What exactly have you heard? It must be convenient to be able to dismiss these daily major cross-border transactions as "BS", only because they don't suit your hometown bias. Canada and the U.S. are indeed each other's largest trading partner, and there is no "BS" about it.
Sorry, Zanny, but your opinions here reflect complete ignorance, and only suggest to me that you are debating subject matter over your head (the same goes for many of your border security talking points). I recommend conducting basic research into Canada-U.S. relations and then perhaps you will re-think your position. Do so for your own benefit.

If you want a short and VERY simplistic introduction, go to YouTube and watch "Tom Brokaw explains Canada to Americans". It's a five-minute fluff piece that aired during the Olympics that superficially explains the obvious, but at least it's a starting point for the particularly stubborn. If you want to seriously examine the political-economic climate, you'll want to look elsewhere.

For all your charges of "anti-American" sentiment, you seem to have one giant board stuck up your rear end over all things Canadian. With your facts so muddied, I can't fault you for your stubbornness. Still, you may wish to take a look in the mirror and examine your own biases before levying more accusations, as irony permeates many of your remarks.

It's been interesting, Zanny, but you and I have reached an impasse. Thanks for the discussion.

1225 days ago


Dorinha: You have discounted my experiences in Canada just as you have discounted the rioting. Everybody seems to be speaking for the rioters (who came from God knows where. Probably from under a layer of permafrost) like they are so sure of their motives. What was the riot for then? Don't people riot, loot and flip and burn vehicles when they're angry about something or did Canadians not get the memo?

I'm glad the NHL is dying here. We don't need hooligan sports like hockey and soccer here that evoke a mob mentality. I promise you that the americans who traveled north to see that game were wishing they stayed home after they left that arena. You can't see it because you're Canadian. If you want to open your mind to the fact that there are MANY canadians who think they're superior, just take a look at this board and see how many times they take swipes at us. That's what I was referring to with the 'trade BS.' They're quick to point out that the US wouldn't survive without Canada's bounty. @@ (eye roll) Then we hear about how your economy is so much better, health care, less crime blah bleh bleh. My guess is education is at the bottom end of the spectrum judging by their spelling alone. The bragadociousness smacks of jealousy and resentment. Then when someone dares to jab them back it eventually leads to condescension - 'take a look in the mirror.' I've seen it 100xs.

Here is a short simplistic video that explains how America views relations with Canada -


1224 days ago


Your opinions of Canada are defined by your prejudices. You are too stubborn to acknowledge the monumental importance of our mutually beneficial cross-border relationship. Billions of dollars in trade between nations does not happen just to keep up appearances.

Where have I "discounted" the rioting? I have written at length about the ugliness of the incident. You reject my opinions because they do not "concede" that the riot was motivated by anti-American sentiment. Show me a credible news source that supports your position. The true motivation that I and others have maintained is much darker in tone than your suggestion -- it is the belief that the rioting was destined to occur regardless of outcome or opponent. This is a much more frightening prospect for Vancouverites. While Vancouver's losing the Stanley Cup absolutely magnified the scale of rioting, the same result would have occurred in Vancouver regardless of opponent. The Bruins rarely visit Vancouver (and vice versa), as the teams belong to different conferences, and so there is no preexisting rivalry between the two teams or their fan bases. I am not "blinded" by Canadian bias on this issue, Zanny. I shudder to think what might have happened had the Leafs won the Cup (and I'm only half joking here).

I have no interest in the rhetoric of other TMZ posters whose flaming tactics have upset you. Their opinions have nothing to do with mine. I entered this discussion with honest intentions of challenging your observations about the riot, hockey, and about Canada in general -- observations of yours which I firmly believe are deeply flawed. Your views have not changed since, Zanny, and so I have accepted that we are at a stalemate.

As for random Canadians posting negative comments about Americans in TMZ forums, who cares? You are decidedly selective in your criticism. I can highlight as many negative comments being made by Americans about Canada as you can otherwise. Flamers are going to flame. Reread the three Vancouver riot articles posted in TMZ, and you will see that the overwhelming majority of Canadians are apologetic and ashamed of the behavior of the Vancouver rioters (as if Canadians had to apologize en masse to the world for the actions of these simpleton thugs). If you truly are proud of your country, as I am mine, then there is no need to be irked by juvenile flame wars, especially where people's opinions have little or no basis in fact.

That being said, I have been aggressive in my responses to you, Zanny, because you insist on peppering your replies with exaggerated attacks. Your attitude suggests to me that you were never sincere in your intentions to discuss cross-border relations. I have not made a single insult about the United States. It has been difficult for me to refrain from making condescending remarks towards you, when you insist on rejecting my informed opinions about my own country, and without you providing any evidence to support your opinions beyond your personal "bad driving/customs" experiences. The tone of our entire exchange has been characterized by you making outlandish charges against Canada, followed by me calling you ignorant for believing so. Rinse, wash, and repeat.

The reason I trivialize the importance of many of your personal experiences is because of how you use them to generalize about the entire nation. How can you not see anything wrong with making such broad-based assumptions?

Where in my responses is there any evidence of bragging? I never once stated that I believe Canada is superior to the United States. For the record, I would not trade my quality of life here for anything.

At least you now indirectly admit to having feigned interest in hockey in your opening responses, as you have done an about face by relegating the sport to hooliganism. This strikes me as incredibly phony, Zanny. You are glad that hockey is "dying" in the United States? Who, other than you, believes that hockey is "dying"? Here you go again, using one ugly incident to judge an entire group. You already admit to not following the sport, so do not even attempt to suggest that the Vancouver riot is indicative of the behavior of hockey fans in general, or that the sport in any way mirrors the hooliganism that has historically plagued major league soccer. Your claim has no basis in fact, and is equal parts ridiculous and paranoid. I am sorry for addressing you so condescendingly, but how else should I respond in light of your nonsense talk, apart from ignoring you completely?

Hockey may be over (and nearly over) in cities like Atlanta and Phoenix, but it maintains core fan bases in the major U.S. markets. The game will likely never surpass the other three major sports leagues in terms of popularity and revenue, but the status quo has at least allowed the NHL to operate with relative stability since its inception. Do you really believe that hockey will suffer after Boston just won the Stanley Cup? Thanks to the Bruins victory, the sport is currently receiving additional coverage south of the border. Do you wish to offer any predictions as to when NHL franchises will fold in cities like Chicago, Detroit, L.A., New York, Boston, and Philly? Try never. You shouldn't be so quick to throw common sense out with the dishwater whenever you get irritated.

I love South Park's treatment of Canada because Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and the entire South Park writing staff "get it". The show takes good-natured jabs at Canadian stereotypes, and there is always a fondness with which they treat the subject matter. Everyone I know appreciates South Park's Canadian humor, along with the show's regular nods to their northern neighbor. Even if South Park was to produce an absolute Canada-bashing episode, I am sure we will forgive them. After all, the show lampoons everyone and every subject mercilessly. Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with why you posted the link. Your video reference is meant as another potshot, and serves to reinforce your preexisting prejudices of all things Canadian. If this video represents the opinions of all Americans, as you suggest, then I truly feel sorry for the state of your nation. No worries though, Zanny, as I appreciate that the video was created by South Park as a gag, and that your average American viewer understands this as well (although I am not entirely convinced that you do, Zanny).

Having a sincere discussion with you about cross-border relations seems fruitless. Your mind was made up long before I joined this discussion. While I intend to read whatever reply you may choose to attach, I am done responding to you. This has been an exercise in futility.

(Re: "bragadociousness"):

"www.thesaurus.com" should either hire you or award you a medal of bravery as a token of customer appreciation.

1224 days ago
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