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Amy Winehouse

Booed at

'Worst' Concert Ever

6/19/2011 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse was unmercifully booed at a Serbian concert  last night as she wandered the stage incoherently, in what the local paper called, "the worst [concert] in the history of Belgrade."

At one point Amy gets so discombobulated ... one of her background singers comes over to sing the song for her. 

Tickets to the show were roughly $57 -- a lot, considering the average monthly salary there is only about $428.

Money ... spent.


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"the worst [concert] in the history of Belgrade." -That's about on par with being the worst opera in the history of Blooming Grove, TX, population 927.

...I bet it was bad though.

1191 days ago


I know this shows my age a bit here, but the movie with Bette Midler called, "The Rose". The final scene she is standing there singing incoherently and then, just drops dead on stage in front of thousands due to years of drinking, drugs and being used up by her management and those around her. This the live version with the exception of Winehouse dropping dead on stage. Does no one consider that "life imitates art"? This girl is a corpse and isn't there a single person anywhere in her life that will tell her what the real deal is? Probably is and she isn't listening. Sad....really very sad.

1191 days ago


They said she needs to go to rehab, oh baby....go go go.

1191 days ago


Bye Amy, give my best to Jimmy Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Bon Scott, John Bonham, Brent Mydland, Gram Parsons.... You guys will make one hell of a band.

1191 days ago

as I was sayin    

She could always lip sync -- a lot of them do that - they get help from their music playing in the background. If she could learn some dance moves like 'Beyonce" something that keeps them from booing. They all have their days too, so she should not give up.

1191 days ago



1191 days ago


RE:suckafoochick13 "...I think that anyone who is considered to be influential needs to be drug tested at random times each month.Just to show that they are not abusing the spot in our eyes and our children's eyes..."

Your whole post was so ignorant, but this little snippet really takes the cake. I don't know you, but I am sure you are an idiot.

1191 days ago


Quit covering Amy Winehouse. She is no longer a singer, just a messed up drug addict. When media give her space in their publications or on their shows, it keeps her name alive and makes it less likely she will feel she ha***** bottom and possibly seek help for herself.

This is also true of other losers like Lindsay Lohan. Media kept her in the public eye throughout the last several years and yet she had no body of work that showed she was still an actor.

Quit covering these people. We don't need to see Amy, Lindsay, Charlie Sheehan, and other fallen celebrities.

1190 days ago


@NightOwl, You are entitled to your opinion of what I said. Just as I was entitled to express my views. I will not let someone make me feel bad for wanting to see a change in the way the performers act. They chose to be placed in a position of being idols. They should choose to be good influences. Also, I am not an idiot in any sense of the word. But I respect your opinion and ask you to please respect mine.

1190 days ago


I can see this mess, 10, 20 years from now, strung out, living on the streets, with a cup in front of her begging for money, maybe a sign, "I used to be Amy Winehouse", then swearing at the person when they only drop a few pence. As a musician, it makes my blood boil when I see someone get a real chance to get their message across while making a sack load of dough at the same time, and they waste it all on self-inflicted wounds, drugs and alcohol, when people like me, with talent just begging to be noticed by the right people at the right time, don't even get a sniff. To have the world by the balls and throw it away is a direct insult to people like me who'd do anything just for the chance.

1190 days ago


I wish this bitch would enter a suicide pact with Ladyboy Gaga.

1190 days ago


There is actually no human being i cannot stand more than Amy Whinehouse. Literally no one.
She is a pathetic waste of air.

1190 days ago


I agree she was a total mess but all I heard was cheering, not booing.. What is TMZ listening to??? Please tell me at what time there was booing....

1190 days ago


Her promoters, agents and family should be sued for even letting this train wreck book a concert! Anything for the money she needs to get wasted.

1190 days ago


She is special. When she was healthy she kicked ass. Is there any situation where TMZ and/or their connections/ability to get difficult things done would consider to help her. She is in a situation where she actually can't help herself, as weird as that sounds, this is where her addictions have brought her. I think, honestly, as fun and silly as you guys are, I know you guys & gals (or one of your super connections) could do something to show us all who you really are. I know you are all smart and sincerely want to help. Just this one time, show us how to live right and help this one person. I know that some of you have already thought about this. I hope you do.

Michael Golds
Berkeley, CA

1189 days ago
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