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Bam Margera's Parents: Bam Is 'Devastated'

6/20/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is "devastated" after hearing news of his friend Ryan Dunn's death today -- and according to Bam's parents, they're worried about their son.

Bam Margera
April and Phil Margera sat for an emotional interview with MyFoxPhilly earlier today -- claiming, "We're just worried about Bam. He's out of town and was just told. He's devastated."

Bam's mom was especially choked up during the interview -- telling Fox, "I can't believe it ... [Ryan] was part of our family ... He always used to call me on Mother's Day."


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Anybody who's a friend of Bam and knows where he is--go help him out. I don't know him personally but I have no doubt he is devastated and needs people around him. Please. Love you Bam. I know this will not be easy. Take comfort in family and friends and do not do anything stupid.

1218 days ago


All of the people who have something negative to say seem to be the same people you couldn't pry a smile out of and if they did start to smile they would try to hide it. This is an accident and it is horrible to say that this was because of liquor honestly ignorent people belive that a small ammount of liquor is danerous the truth is that it isn't. The truth is that accidents happen, they are vary sad, and the world has lost two people that we worth something. I can't imagine that the world would grive if they were not worth something. No one grived when my drug addict friends died of OD, when they died in car wrecks, or when they were shot to death in Iraq. No one cared about them, and no one cares about me, no one cares about you either. We were fortunate enough to be allowed to look upon Mr. Dunn and his friends and extended family, to aliviate the suffering that we all endure in our day to day lives. I want to thank the people of Jackass for enduring so much physical pain to make me smile, for creating so many wonderful memories, and for inspiring to be different, for inspiring me to be stupid and up set the monoteney. I personaly love making prank phone calls, vandalizing things, and striking back aginst the forces of old and evil. I see that Ryan Dunn lived a fun and adventurose life and that he made something of himself. I see so many people that follow the same rut and wonder right into the grave, they never try to be anything special and they are just boring exploited pieces of meat.

I salute you Mr. Dunn for living fast and dieing hard.

1218 days ago


That fellow on the left doesn't have long to live. At least not if the world is logical, but then, sometimes it isn't.


1218 days ago


Dr Drew, Dr Phil, Dr Oz? Anyone---can anyone intervene with this nonsense? Steve-O almost kills himself with drugs, Bam gets beat up, his uncle a sex offender, Knox is a multi millionaire living off the hurt of others, and now 2 people are dead.

This stuff isnt funny anymore---its dangerous. Let Knox live with this one. He created it. All of it. Or ripped it off from the Buzzkill show--taking a candid camera kind of approach and adding drugs, booze, violence and broken bodies.

May this man and his passenger Rest in Eternal Peace. But lets learn from it---and quit encouraging the getting smashed and jumping on motorcycles, in boats, and cars all call out prejudice when you see/hear it---start calling out people driving after driving. Hypocrites the whole lot of you.

1218 days ago


perhaps these people should stop talking to the press and respect Ryan's family's privacy. he was not their son, therefore they shouldn't be talking about him to the press right now.

1218 days ago


Ok so all the people on here being rude and saying horrible things about Phil, April, Bam, Ryan, and the other members of jackass need to just be quiet. Ryan may have been drunk but that doesn't give anybody the right to say he deserved what he got, as for the passenger, he was probably just as drunk as Ryan and if he wasn't then he should have drove instead of Ryan, it was not just Ryan's doing.The pain that April and Phil are going through is pretty obvious, you can see it in their eyes and you can hear it in their voice. They aren;t using this for publicity, you heard them, Ryan is just like a son to them and Bam was just like a brother. Of course they are worried about the other members of jackass in a time like this. I think Bam doesn't take stressful situations well. Bam can be a douchebag sometimes but he does have feelings, he cares about his family and friends. I remember when Novak got put into a mental hospital, Bam cried. I have no doubt this will be tougher on him than that, they had been friends since high school :( I just hope Ryan Dunn can rest in Peace along with his "unidentified passenger" this is a tragic day no doubt

1218 days ago


This is so sad I hate reading these mean nasty comments about someone who is no longer with us. I'm pretty sure if it was anyone in your family you wouldn't care how they died you would still feel the worst pain maybe people should think before they say anything. I don't think anything bad about the Jackass guys in fact I'm a big fan. I used to think they had to be on something to do the stuff they did but when I saw Steve-O going through his addiction and the pain he felt for his mom dying then saw how all the jackass guys pulled together to get him help that changed my thoughts. I don't know them and neither do most of you so maybe you guys should think about what your saying and how hurtful your being. I only hope none of his family and friends looks at any of these!! RIP Ryan Dunn you were a very funny guy and you will be missed...and the same goes out to the isn't always fair

1218 days ago


This mother should be very concerned about her son...He uses,he looks for trouble everywhere he goes. She needs to help her son or he'll be next.

1218 days ago



Love you Dunn

1218 days ago


Poor Ape and Phil. And those that say Ryan killed someone else, that person made the choice to get in the car with him. The real sadness would have been if they crashed into another car, who was innocent in all of this. I am a fan of Ryan's and don't want to pass judgment on anyone until the autopsy results are in, but everyone makes choices in their lives and there are consequences. The thing is, do we learn from others mistakes?

1218 days ago


This entire thing is just so sad for everybody that I couldn't even imagine how bam feels... They were friends long before jackass ever started. I grew up watching those 2 hurting themselves.. I loved those two cause they were always hilarious and having a good time. I just hope he R.I.P. And my thoughts go out to all his family and friends xoxo

1218 days ago


jdub about an hour ago



I seriously did not know who these people were. All you had to say was they has something to do with Jackass.
I’ve seen Jackass on various appearances and I thought stapling his balls was pathetic & stupid. I’m sorry if I didn’t find his act amusing. I don*****ch Jersey Shore, and I dont know what show Heidi & Spencer are on either. I was asking a question

1218 days ago


This interviewer in this video is one of the worst interviewers in the history of the world.

I know journalism is so bad today but wow; learn how to interview. Allowing these long pauses for these poor people is rough to watch.

1218 days ago


Let's just forget, at the moment, about the involvement of alcohol. My God, this just happened less than 24 hours ago. Let's mourn the deaths of Ryan Dunn and his passenger. And let me just add that I do not know either personally, but I will pray for those who do. I am a huge fan of Viva la Bam and Jackass and I send my regards to the Jackass crew.

1218 days ago


Who the hell are any of these people ??!!

1218 days ago
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