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Margera RIPS Ebert -- SHUT UP About Ryan Dunn

6/21/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is FURIOUS with Roger Ebert -- telling the the movie critic to shut his "fat f*cking mouth" over a tweet Ebert posted earlier today, criticizing Bam's friend and "Jackass" co-star Ryan Dunn for drinking and driving ... just hours after Dunn passed away.


Earlier today, after TMZ posted the story that Dunn was seen drinking at a Philly-area bar before his fatal crash, Ebert posted a tweet that read, "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive."

After a day of silence, Bam finally went to his Twitter to BLAST Ebert late Monday night ... saying, "I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of s**t roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents about a jackass drunk driving and [he is] one, f**k you!"

Bam added, "Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat f**king mouth!"



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Hey Brooke!

We do know that both Ryan and his friend made the conscious decision to go out drinking KNOWING that one of them would be driving home DRUNK.

It was a very selfish action. Ryan Dunn should have been more responsible. If he was the one bastard driving or not.

He is a grown ass man that knew he and his friend were going to drink and drive together. Doesn't matter which one was driving.

Irresponsible selfish jerks that I say GOOD RIDDANCE to.

At least they won't have a chance to kill a child or family now.

1189 days ago


I would like to add, if i made the decision to get in a car with a friend who was drinking, and accident followed i would not want anyone blaming my friend for our mutual poor decision making. Leave the friend who you do not know, out of this.

1189 days ago


yah well when you are 34 maybe you should be responsible for your OWN drinking its not everyone elses responsibility.

1189 days ago


Bam , relax brother, his a well known person and after some shots, zdrastwujtie..

1189 days ago


bladerunner- pills, they want you- and I'm sure that's the only time you've heard that from anyone/thing!

1189 days ago

Eff Ebert    

I live in west chester p/a an bam an his crew were local celebrities that didnt move to hollywood an were proud for them to have made it..

Regarding drinking an speeding,those without sin cast the first stone..Please,ryan an his friend paid with there lives.They get the point.For ebert to tweet that crap is so hollywood elitest crap..If you dont have anything nice to say,then shut ur mouth.

1189 days ago


My thoughts about Ryan Dunn dying... maybe if his so called "friends" wouldn't have been doing idiotic **** then their "friend" would still be alive right now. All of those guys are mental and psychotic. Jackass is the stupidest show/movie. I cannot believe people buy into that bull****. Bam, millions may be crying but billions are laughing. I can assure you. Nobody should be sad about a jackass dying... if Ryan Dunn could comment on this ****, he'd probably laugh himself. I honestly wish all of those jackasses would have been in the car, so the show would be ended for good.

1189 days ago

Comic Beef    

Hi i'm Ryan Dunn and this is drunk driving.

1189 days ago


tough luck. Good news is this drunk driver killed no one but himself. Every once in a while the Karma crew goes upside your head. 1 drunk killed. no innocent men, women, or children injured. This makes responsible people kind of happy, actually

1189 days ago


What we have here are a bunch of enablers getting offended and not taking the blame for being what they were (fans included) enablers.

1189 days ago


What a selfish loser. Someone else died in that car too, you know.
You don't think there was some serious operator negligence to blame? The guy was out in PUBLIC, and not one person stopped him from getting in the car? Jackasses all around.

1189 days ago


wait- the fact that they chose to stay in Pennsylvania is supposed to be a good thing. Zoiks!

1189 days ago


A few points to be made:
1)Has it been confirmed that Ryan was the driver?
2)Roger Ebert was out of line by making those insensitive comments
3)There are a lot of holier than thou individuals out there
4)The toy car up Ryan's bum was a hysterical piece

1189 days ago


Millions of people are crying????
Look.. it's sad... but come on. If you're going to get behind the wheel and you're drunk then you should know this kind of thing can happen. My best friend died in a car accident when he was 17 because he'd been drinking. Guess what. As much as I miss him.. it was his fault. Luckily he was the only person in the car.
That's not the case with Ryan Dunn. Guy got behind the wheel drunk and ended up not only killing himself, but somebody else in his car.
Roger Ebert is 100% spot on. Sometimes, the truth hurts.

1189 days ago


Misdirected anger Bam, you should be angry with your friend. He is the one that exercised poor judgement.

1189 days ago
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