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Master P -- Child Support Battle Begins

6/20/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Master P was ordered by a court to fork over just $271/month in child support for his FOUR kids ... but TMZ has learned this is only the beginning ... 'cause he probably won't get off that easy. 

According to docs filed back in March, Mr. P (real name Percy Miller) was ordered to pay ex-wife Sonya the minuscule amount (by his standards) based on a monthly income of just $1,387. 

We're told P's ex has been trying to get his real financials, to no avail so far.  So the Dept. of Child Support Services hit him with the minimum until they can assess his true worth.

The Millers have six children, four of whom are minors -- Tytyana, Italy, Hercy and Mercy.

A rep for Master P had no comment. We wish the rep said "Uhh!!! Na, na, na!" ... but it was just a no comment.


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First off I am Female so this is not from a guys propective. However That is the amount of money she is getting which does not mean HE is not taking care of his kids and kicking in non court ordered money towards them. if they need something they got it from HIM. This happened to my brother His Ex took him to court and she got the minimum. Before she took him to court...he was paying her more than the court ordered and he was taking care of what needed to be taken care of so I dont feel sorry for her. And dont feel sorry for the kids cause they are not going to be broke or starving. I am sure he hid his assets for good reason. This is just a nasty divorce gone wrong.

1229 days ago


I guess he figured, if he had to be stuck with "Percy", he was going to make his kids suffer too. Isn't it enough suffering for them to know that their "father" is a piece of crap... and too cheap to come off of $200...

Percy, yo mama, grandma or something taught you better than that boy, and while you're at it, change your underwear.

1229 days ago


Master P, is not broke. He figured out a way to hide his money. Again, he's an ******* but he IS NOT BROKE. He's worth an estimated $500 Million.

1229 days ago



Lawd have Mercy go to the sto' for me lmaoooo

1229 days ago


Why do these arrogant losers always have these moronic names? Master P..rofl! I am not a big believer in child support or alimony, women have access to birth control and should be able to support the kids they agree to conceive but it is losers like this that give fathers a bad name. Most decent men will step up and help support their kids they just don't want to hand over their money to their ex, there has to be a better way.

1229 days ago


You people who are saying pay for your kids and calling him an lowlife are complete effin' morons. If you don't think he hasn't supported his kids, look at what he's doing for his kids in regards to their careers...Look at Romeo...Romeo couldn't do DWTS the first go around - as a father, he stood in for his son not having any background in dancing.

1229 days ago


Bout damn time some bitch didnt get rich of somebody cause she had his baby

1229 days ago


maybe she was getting a lot more support UNTIL she decided to take him to court

1229 days ago


What? You expec' a black gangsta rappa to be supportin' his cheeruns?

(wipes tears of laughter)


They be losin' they cred wit they homies if they be seen ackin' responsible or decent.

Dat be fo' chumps!

1229 days ago


How do you know he doesn't pay for his kids? "Child Support" is just a check that goes to an administrative agency. I'm quite sure the house they live in, HE pays the taxes for. . .the clothes they wear HE bought. . .that he give them allowances.. . I'm kind of glad judges are scrutinizing this hustle women have been using for decades. The real question is, when are women gonna start being compelled to produce receipts to show what they spent the money on(ahem, clothes, drinks at the club, shoes for the new guy they're screwing)

1229 days ago

Superstar in a Superstar Machine    

I hope the IRS is aware of this BS. He has to make way more than that in back royalties alone.

1229 days ago


You white people on here are so Eurocentric... Like no one even knows or cares that he's worth 600+ million. Yeah, a smart black man. Can you believe it?! Child support is definitely not a problem for this man.

1229 days ago


He has to be bringing in WAAAYYYY more than that. Regardless of if he's taking care of them outside of child support, as their father, he is obligated to pay a certain percentage of his income to them in monthly child support. My 65 yr-old father is on disability and brings in more than that a month. This is also the same dude that I remember on MTV cribs some years ago with an executive bathroom in his home DECKED OUT in 24-carat gold fixtures and even in the dang floor!!!!!! If she has custody AND they were married loooonngggg before he ever made it big in the music industry so P knows better, she deserves more!!!

1229 days ago

Bay Business    

People please, let’s think logically, if he has his money in a trust, corperation, or an estate technically he doesn’t have the money. Let’s not assume that the kids are being neglected, let’s have more faith in our legal system.

1229 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I didn't even know he was divorced. He can make her wait all he wants but after over 20 years together she WILL get the money.

1229 days ago
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