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Bam BREAKS DOWN at Ryan Dunn Crash Site

6/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera visited the crash site where his best friend and fellow "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn died -- and he was so overcome with emotion he could barely put together a sentence. Brace yourself, it's heartbreaking.062211_margera_fox_still

In this MyFoxPhilly report, Bam has tears streaming down his face as he recalls getting the news that Ryan had died, saying it "was the worst phone call I've ever gotten in my life."

Bam went to the crash site on Tuesday. He says he was in Arizona when Ryan crashed early Monday morning.

When asked how he'd get through this ordeal -- Bam replied, "I can't. I can't."


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joseph elipinali    

you guys are idiots bams crying cuz that wa***** best bro from back in the day if u idiots knew anything u would know that....

1165 days ago


I don't think he's faking at all. Dunn was his best friend! i'm upset because it was a reckless decision to drink and drive, taking his life and the life of another person as well, but on the other side, there are his loved ones. when i saw Bam in this interview i just thought what would i do if this happened to my best friend, and i don't think i could take it. i just started crying, it's sad. but as Shakespeare said: "A gravedigger was hired on the very day that Hamlet emerged from his mother's womb". since the moment you're born you're destined to die, sooner or later. but that doesn't mean we are gonna take down everything on our way, I do believe in untimely death which I think was the case of Dunn.

1165 days ago

good as gold    

shine 6 minutes ago

for those of you who have the audacity to disrespect a life like this by saying he deserved it for his stupidity


You are an IDIOT. Dunn was the one who disrespected his friends life by driving drunk and too fast. Get a CLUE you IDIOT.

1165 days ago


I look at tmz quite a bit but I never comment. I noticed all the very rude comments people were making about Ryan Dunn because of his choice to drink and drive. Everyone knows its a bad idea to drink and drive, and its a really big shame, that it took two peoples life, buthow about some respect for the dead. Ryan Dunn made me laugh, and he seemed like a genuine person, and now there are alot of people who are really destroyed by this. Bam will never be the same, and neither will anyone else who knew him closely. You people should SHUT YOUR MOUTHS. If you dont care then dont write anything, but dont say good riddance, and all that evil ****, about a person who just passed away. I on behalf of every jackass fan and anyone with a good heart and soul, appologise that any one close to ryan dunn or his friend, may read those hurtful comments. I wish them all a very heatlhy recovery process and laughter with out pain for once.

1165 days ago


Authentic pain.
Fake tears.T
Next time try The Lee Srasberg Method, it works wonders for bad actors

1165 days ago


I'm so sad for Bam....this really made me cry. I went through a similar thing when I was a senior in HS. A few differences but very similar car accident, my friend and his passenger did not survive. I was woken up by sirens I latter realized were the accident response. I feel for Bam so much.... it cuts bad, things like this. My heart goes out to everyone.

1165 days ago

j pardee    

Isn't it weird that this weirdo named Bambam had to go to the crash site on camera??? Its too bad this guy died but he was DRINKING AND DRIVING and therefore he caused his death. Tragic but completely preventable if he would have been sober. Sorry! But true!

1165 days ago

Nature Freak    

I would like to personally nominate Ryan Dunn for a 2011 Darwin Award. He is a worthy contender. Look on the bright side, at least there is one less homicidal maniac on our roads!

Bam should be ashamed for being an enabler!

1165 days ago


Damn, i really liked dunn :(

1165 days ago


Not to spit on a dude who just died but could this be some sort of hoax? After all, look at what kinds of people we're talking about.

If I were in Bam's shoes I'd be a way bigger mess than him. He's not even shedding a tear.


Don't drink and drive folks!

1165 days ago


Umm...tape should still be up and a cop there 24/7

I wondered what their last words were to each other.

Horrific crash.

1165 days ago


Once again apologize cause my KPH to MPH ratio is off so I google it out of laziness. Yeah this guy is doing 250 KPH which is 155 MPH into this corner. So I apologize and should of stuck with my original math. 155MPH and 130MPH is close enough though...simply put things come fast: Dude was hauling. CLOSEST YOU WILL GET TO A SIMULATION IS HERE.

1165 days ago

Sick of it    

This is your wake up call..tomorrow is promised to no man. There is more to life than a party.

1165 days ago


Wow...some of you people are complete insensitive *****. He just lost his best friend and you're sitting there acting like he's faking it or making this about him??!!! Unreal! He's heartbroken! I truly pray for Bam and the rest of Ryan Dunns family and friends that are going through this. No one should have to go through that. Show some sympathy!

1165 days ago


Okay ~ watched the entire video is the girl walking with Bam - Missy? I thought I had heard they had broken up! My thoughts and prayers are with all the parties involved!

1165 days ago
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