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Octo-Doc Begs: Let Me Keep Practicing Medicine

6/21/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's doctor, Michael Kamrava, is now pleading with a judge to let him keep practicing medicine ... even though the state Medical Board has already ruled to strip his license.

In court documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court ...  Doc Kamrava requests a stay of the Medical Board of California's decision earlier this month to revoke his license -- and says he intends to appeal that ruling.

Kamrava claims the Board exceeded its jurisdiction and violated his due process right to earn a living.

If the court doesn't step in Kamrava's license will be revoked on July 1.


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1st NO

1158 days ago


This doctor is totally reckless. Even worse than that douchebag Ryan Dunn having 8 drinks, getting into a high-powered Porsche and driving drunk at 130 MPH.

This doc was dangerous to these women. Especially to the Octomom who is going to struggle because she can't possibly afford that many kids and no sponsor wants to touch her with a ten-foot pole.

1158 days ago

bobby smith    

OH RIGHT!! I'm going to sue the cops because for some reason when I try to sell cocaine they stop me. THEY keep messing with me and my right to earn a living..

GO WORK AT WENDY'S like many others living on low income.

1158 days ago


Let him work and support those kids.

1158 days ago


Not only should this jerk be stripped of his license, he should also be worked over with a wiffle ball bat.

1158 days ago


Hey Doc, think of the 18 kids you made that will never be able to make a living....try selling shoes.

1158 days ago


This man knew what he was doing was wrong and did it anyway. He should have sent Nadia to a psych doctor for evaluation! He also had an obligation to make sure that the children being brought into this world would be able to be taken care of. He failed miserably! He should not be a doctor but I also think if Nadia can not afford her brood then they should be taken away until she can get on her feet!
How sad for the children.

1158 days ago


Was very satisfied to see BMQA come to this decision. Having been in this field for many years I have been incensed by the those taking such incredible risk with human life and the possible tragic consequences. I was at a medical conference twenty years ago and standing up to state my anger at the fact they were implanting six embryos and doing selective termination to ensure the viability of the remaining fetuses!! Little did I know then how horrifying it was to become! Am just happy to see we now have a "poster child"...pun warn the other egomaniacs who just love pushing the envelope in the name of "science." Even in a highly respected profession such as this, albeit in ALL professions, there will always be those to taint a good thing with greed and selfishness

1158 days ago


Whoever would think it would be a good ides to implant eight fetuses into an emotionally unstable single parent?

A totally irresponsible doctor looking for fame by bringing these kids into the world, that's who. Anyone sensible person could see this situation as the train wreck it has turned out to be. Not only should he not be allowed to practice medicine, he should be cited by the AMA!

1158 days ago


While I think he screwed up on this one, I do NOT think he should lose his license. He and his patient knew what they were getting into and therefore I think the medical board should simply allow him to continue his practice with warnings. He made a decision, his patient agreed with it, and in the end there was no MEDICAL HARM done!!!!

1158 days ago

Octomom and everyone that has ever had anything to do with her should be deported.

1158 days ago


This guy got what he deserved!!!

1158 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i don't think they are gonna let him continue practicing medicine....but i'm sure he can keep his witchcraft license.

1158 days ago


He has the right to go work at Mickey D's. He's also licensed in another state, he could always move back to Ohio.

BTW: it was 12 embryos. A DOZEN people. No way that's either safe nor sane. 8 kids were born to a media ho and are suffering developmental delays and neglect.

1158 days ago


He put 12 Embryos in a single mothers uterus who already had 6 kids. He should lose his license. And maybe even have to help Octo mom pay for those kids he made.

1158 days ago
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