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Octo-Doc Begs: Let Me Keep Practicing Medicine

6/21/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's doctor, Michael Kamrava, is now pleading with a judge to let him keep practicing medicine ... even though the state Medical Board has already ruled to strip his license.

In court documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court ...  Doc Kamrava requests a stay of the Medical Board of California's decision earlier this month to revoke his license -- and says he intends to appeal that ruling.

Kamrava claims the Board exceeded its jurisdiction and violated his due process right to earn a living.

If the court doesn't step in Kamrava's license will be revoked on July 1.


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He should pay those kids rent and utilities for the rest of their lives.

1185 days ago


he needs to lose his medical license

he needs to be ordered to contribute financially to the care of the children that he caused to be

he can earn a living on the fringes of medicine
i.e. working as a lab tech, orderly, porter in a hospital, blood bank etc.

anywhere where he is in no position to make judgments about medical issues for patients as obviously his judgment is not sound

1185 days ago


@Christina 46 minutes ago

too right!

1185 days ago


The only way he gets to keep practicing is if most of his earning will be sent to that POS octomom so we don't have to foot the bill.

1185 days ago


doug pound 16 hours ago

You still have the right to make a living go get a job at Mcdonalds


1185 days ago


If you need a job you quack, go get a job at McDonald's. And when someone orders an Egg McMuffin, don't throw 20 eggs on the grill.

1185 days ago


They should only let him keep his license if he agrees to make Nadia's mortgage payments so she can shelter all the children he caused her to have. And he should chip in for groceries and college savings accounts.

1185 days ago


Way back when there was a case where a doctor messed up a tubal ligation. He tied off a ligament instead. Anyway the obvious happened and there was a law suit for "wrongful life". The patient won, and the doctor ended up supporting the child. So there is a precedent of sorts.

1185 days ago


No way should he give OctoLeach one penny. He should be forced to pay the State of CA taxpayers back. If he gives it to OctoLeach, it will only go for more surgery and HER needs...wants. I cry when I think what must be going on behind closed doors at that home. Sad that the State of CA won't do anything until one of those kids are injured seriously or killed. Alex Baldwin called his daughter a little pig and he is all over the papers. OctoLeach has been screaming at her kids daily (as told by neighbors who hear it) and no one does anything. It is so obvious she is mentally incapable of raising those kids. The only reason the older six are halfway stable and normal is due to Gramma raising them!! Please God, protect those one else is...:(

1185 days ago


not really a precedent for this particular case but forgive me for being entertained by the case you are citing....a ligament! LOL!

Hate to say this but this guy does know his stuff.....too bad his ego got in the way. They could have just limited his practice to gynecology only, but my guess is he will probably go back to Ohio where he still holds privileges. He went beyond pushing the limits, and hope he is a good example to the others

1185 days ago

South Beach    

If there was ever a case to be made for pulling a medical license this is it. He disregarded every aspect of the psychological aspects of infertility not to mention the fact that she already had 6 kids at home, unemployed. He's as crazy as she is.

1185 days ago
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