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Jackson Kids -- Daddy's BAD ASS Motorcycle Memorial

6/21/2011 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jackson kids recently got a glimpse of the coolest Michael Jackson memorial yet -- in the form of a SICK custom-painted motorcycle ... depicting the King of Pop at various stages in his career.

Paris Jackson tweeted the photos over the weekend -- and the timing couldn't be more perfect ... because this Saturday marks the two-year anniversary of their father's death.


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i'm paris's best friend she doesn't have a twitter account. and if you guys don't like mj then whatever you don't know him like i did the man is nothing but as sweet as sugar. he is NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A CHILD MOLESTER. and those are his kids. i don't look nothing like my mom so i guess i'm not her kid i look like my aunt and older cousin more than my mom

1222 days ago


Maximus-Sweetheart klein has nothing to do with those kids,accept it and move on. Yes those kids are MJs biokids. Get over it.

1222 days ago


To all you haters out there leaving negative comments: STF up!!!! If you all don't like MJ and his children, then don't ****en leave your crappy azzzz comments and go about ur boring life (we're guessing you all don't have anything excitting in ur lives that's the reason for you all leaving dumb comments)!!!! If you don't like them THEN DON'T COMMENT bc it makes you all look MORE stupid!!!

1222 days ago



Missy, honey, those kids look nothing like MJ, accept it, and move on. Yes, those kids were cooked up in a lab. Get over it.

1222 days ago


Screw you haters you dont like him and he wouldn't like you either!!
Its a cool looking bike but a Harley painted with his name and images would be much BADder and sell much better!!
But if the profits go to charity its worth that!!

1221 days ago


"Every body wanting a piece of Michael Jackson,....Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson,....Just when you thought he was done He comes to give it again,...They can put it around the world today...He wanna write my obituary....No matter what You just wanna read it again...No matter what You just wanna feed it again...Whi is it strange that I would fall in love....Who is that boogey man you're thinking of...Or am I crazy cause I just indulge...This is Breaking News (They keep breaking the news) This is Breaking News (They keep breaking the news)...Everybody watching the news on Michael Jackson,.... They wanna see that I fall cause I'm Michael Jackson....

"Just because you read it in a magazine, see it on the tv screen don't make it factual!! Actual!! Your just so damn disrespectable!!,...."

"Do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins!!

Assume - Makes an ASS out of U and Me!!

1221 days ago


I could not / can not stand Michael Jackson and cried not even one hint of a tear when he was murdered so I say this not as a fan of his: man, that is one SSSWWWEEETTT motorcycle! The artwork is awesome!

1221 days ago


Maximus-check your facts,those kids look very much like MJ as well as other members of the Jackson family,sorry you're too ignornat to see what the facts are.

1221 days ago


Very nice tribute.

1221 days ago


YOu people who say MJ is not there father.
So that mean when people out an adopt a child thats not their child???? Because it not blood oh I see.
And whe a couple go to the Vetro Clinic to make a test tub child they too are not the parents I see...
Thank you so much for explain this to me...
So if it does not come out of your body your not the parent.
Which mean you have no legal obligations to the child and you can just let them run free on the streets.
For all the parents that adopt a child or ten, and all the parents who spend thousands of dollars to have a child or children F**ing thanks for the heads up....

1221 days ago


Thanks for letting everyone know she has a twitter account -_- Not cool TMZ. Not cool.

1220 days ago


June 24, 2011
Prosecutors want another delay in trial of Michael Jackson's doctor
Posted: 04:13 PM ET
Los Angeles (CNN) - Prosecutors want another delay in the start of the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's doctor, but the judge will wait until next month to decide the request.

"I'm not surprised by all of this," Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor said during a hearing Friday.

The trial has already been delayed twice since Dr. Conrad Murray invoked his right to a speedy trial after his arraignment in January.

"When I got myself involved in it, I said 'It ain't gonna happen,' " Pastor said, referring to the original starting date of late March. The case has been "creepy crawly," he said.

Jury selection was under way in May when the defense requested a delay so its expert witnesses could have more time to prepare for new experts hired by the prosecution. Pastor then dismissed hundreds of prospective jurors and rescheduled the trial to start on September 8.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said Friday morning that the prosecution needed another three weeks to prepare because of "scheduling issues." Defense lawyers did not object to moving jury selection to the end of September.

Pastor, who said he "rearranged all sort of cases, including capital cases" to start the trial in September, said he would wait until a July 12 hearing to decide

1219 days ago
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