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Chris Brown

I Didn't Mean

to Piss Off the Gays

6/22/2011 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just lied through his teeth ... tweeting that he has "total respect for [the] Gay community" after dropping another gay slur in L.A. yesterday.


He never apologizes ... but instead writes a half-assed, dismissive explanation saying, "my intention was not to insult anyone."

Listen to the way he hurls the word around -- Chris clearly used the word "gay" as an insult ... no two ways around it.

Still, we still gotta ask ...


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I am not a racist, I have much respect for 95% of african americans, but Chris Brown, you ARE A ******. Thank You

1188 days ago


The Dictionary Definition-

Chris Brown - (see ******)

1188 days ago


I am so freaking tired of ballers, rappers, comedians, actors and anyone else I overlooked making hateful, slurring remarks towards gays. This is getting ridiculous and I firmly believe this is being done now just to get attention.

I am not gay and have no gay friends, it's the principle of this name calling that's getting old.

Grow the f*ck up celebs and stop trying to get press coverage at the expense of gay people. How about you keep your apologies because IMO, they are not coming from the heart but instead learn to keep slurring remarks about gays out of your mouths....that way you won't have anything to make a fake apology about.

1188 days ago


I still think the word "gay" has multiple meanings and has long transcended just meaning homosexuality in general slang use. Its closer to meaning "out of the ordinary" in the context it was used here. Yeah he meant it as insult but not one necessarily directed at homosexuals. This was not Tracy Mogan's speech. This was a way millions of people use the word gay that do not hate people who are gay.

1188 days ago


Well since Chris thinks it's OK to deride people by calling them "*****s", then it's OK to deride him as a gay ass ***** too, right? lol

1188 days ago

The Truth    

Someone should sit Harvey down and force him to read all these comments. Keep up the "word police" antics and continue with your own hateful editorial articles and in a couple of years you will be left wondering why everyones visiting Radar online instead of TMZ. I used to visit this site daily, not anymore, get off your high horse Harvey.

1188 days ago

Hershey Bar    

OK, I think the word "Gay" is being taken out of context, at least the way he used it. I am a gay man and was not at all insulted by this. My straight friends use it all the time in conversation. Example: That email I received from my co-worker, it was so gay. I think some people just need to lighten up a little with the use of the word Gay.

1188 days ago


Ok i call bull****. If TMZ thought GAY was in any way even remotely a possible slur is would be censored just like so many other ridiculously unoffensive words that are censored in comments here, just to be extra diddly PC safe and not offend anyone.

1188 days ago

RJ Hunt    

So let me get this right. You can't call gay people "gay" WTF!!!!

1188 days ago


Jodi 6 minutes ago
I am so freaking tired of ballers, rappers, comedians, actors and anyone else I overlooked making hateful, slurring remarks towards gays. This is getting ridiculous and I firmly believe this is bein g done now just to get attention.


That's funny, I haven't seen any allegations by TMZ that the comments were actually directed at homosexual deviant paparazzos.

1188 days ago


Gays holding people hostage like the Taliban.

1188 days ago


It's so obvious someone there over at TMZ has it in for Chris Brown. I mean, after all his posts bring you 180 plus comments while the others bring you 10 if lucky. So sad what you'll report to gain traffic to the site. I'm still confused on where the gay slur was made. I swear TMZ will do just anything for a story! Look at the context in which the "gay" term was used. We're in a new era where everything is so "gay" or not cool. Teens use it all the time! Chris Brown didnt invent it, and is not the only one who says it. Looks like Harvey's on his gay!! oooh sue me! Wow, who would've ever thought that TMZ would become so tabloid-like! #SHAME

1188 days ago


TMZ if you are so worried about gay rights and respect why do you support, they are the most homophobic site ever. They make money out of teaching young black people that gay is wrong and they are at the bottom of this site so who are the bigger ******** CB for his gay slur or you guys for supporting a website full of gay slurs.

1188 days ago


Remember the nazis came for the jews, then the gypsies, then the communists, and the homosexuals, and since you are none of those by the time they come for you there will be no one to speak out for you.

So speak now to prevent acceptance of prejudice bigotry and discrimination.

1188 days ago


TMZ you have turned me from believing that the gay community should be allowed to get married to someone who just wishes you and these bs issues would just go away. Every time you post a story like this all it does is cause trouble and hate spewing in the comment section. You make me sick. Just go away and stop your whining.

1188 days ago
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