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Chris Brown

I Didn't Mean

to Piss Off the Gays

6/22/2011 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just lied through his teeth ... tweeting that he has "total respect for [the] Gay community" after dropping another gay slur in L.A. yesterday.


He never apologizes ... but instead writes a half-assed, dismissive explanation saying, "my intention was not to insult anyone."

Listen to the way he hurls the word around -- Chris clearly used the word "gay" as an insult ... no two ways around it.

Still, we still gotta ask ...


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Mr. Worldwide    

Screw the gay community!!!!!!!!, everyone and anyone has the right to express themselves. i do not feel sorry for them one bit first of its not right!!!!! and secondly they want attention or its an excuse to get rich!!! if they didnt they would leave Tracy Morgan alone if you do not like being offended do not go to his shows or any comedian's for that matter MEN R to be with WOMEN and WOMEN with MAN thats how we were created. And to all the GAY haters I am with Chris Brown just not the fact he beat a women. Women are the most amazing gift GOD AKA the LORD aka Jehovah gave to MEN, they are delicious, beautiful, sexy. the gay community needs to grow up. leave all celebrities alone and stop with the BS and I would like to respond in advance to the haters that will respond to this F YOU I do not care about you. Love ya TMZ

1131 days ago


The guy who says to the officer... "So Chris Brown Want Be Getting a Ticket Today?" is Super GAY!!!! Who does th@???? These irascible activists are projecting their insecurities on to anyone who uses the word "Gay" which by definition describes a merry/ jovial/ high spirited person...Get a life Ppl!! the word is being used in the vernacular for Ppl who have "Man Up" moments which we all do...

1131 days ago



You do realize that you are the same anonymity as the other people on these posts, talking sheit, right? Just making sure because you sound like a meat-head who is being a keyboard coward? Just making sure, that's all!

1131 days ago


Everybody has been using that word since the beginning of time! It's not a big deal! TMZ, stop always fishing for Chris Brown blow ups! Hell if I was him, I'd be angry too! All ya'll do is flip everything he does and makes it something negavtive. Let that boy live! Ya'll have forgiven far worse people! Frankly I'm tired of hearing about it. People need to stop being so damn sensitive this day and age! Everything is not a f***ing insult! Good grief!

1131 days ago


Her eyes are blood-shot

1131 days ago


OMG ITS NOT EVEN THAT SERIOUS I swear i would hate to be a celeb they try to destroy your name every chance they get...Yu *** are so freakin senstive damn now celebs cant say Gay and ****** you have to be kidding me stop takin D**k up yur ass and MAN THE F**K UP

1131 days ago


okay give the boy a ****in break, everybody says throws the word gay around, its like slang. when some normal person says it no one gives a **** but he says it and all hell breaks loose. stop being so damn sensitive.

1131 days ago


When did GLADD get control of this website ?!?!?

1131 days ago


Sounds like someone at TMZ is taking this a little too personally. Or maybe someone just wants to rile up some more gay anger for kicks. TMZ is sort of like that one jealous girl at school who always repeats what one of her friends said about the other so she can watch them fight. And recently, its been one black friend and one gay friend. I smell an instigator.

1131 days ago


Whippy F'in Do! Does a straight person get angered over someone calling them straight? Get over it! If you aren't comfortable with your sexual orientation as to be offended over a word than maybe you should reconsider your sexual orientation. Racial slurs are one thing, oneself has no control over the ethnicity they were born as but a sexual orientation is by choice and can be changed if you feel offended.

1131 days ago


CB-- was he a character on the Wizard of OZ?-- the one without a brain or heart??-- all voice, no sense, amazing he can remember the lyrics of any song.....

1131 days ago

Chris Brown    


1131 days ago


the gays dont even care, therefore no one cares. no one takes anything that serious except like 'peta' and 'glaad' where they send out a formal letter.

1131 days ago


Pobre pendejo! No sabe ni hablar... seguro es porque no terminó ni la primaria :-)

1131 days ago


Look we are in 2011 the word gay is used now a days as a word to describe the anger in someone. Its not like he is saying he hates gays. All the gays need to get over it. It is what is. I will call my best friend gay for something he does that i find weird. Its like calling a girl a B**ch when she as acting rude.GET OVER IT. I can see in situation when the actual person is gay and the person calling him gay is trying to make him feel less about himself. GET OVER IT. At one point the word gay meant happy. Shut up and leave the guy alone. Hate him for beating Rihanna because no one should touch a women.

1131 days ago
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