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Chris Brown

I Didn't Mean

to Piss Off the Gays

6/22/2011 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just lied through his teeth ... tweeting that he has "total respect for [the] Gay community" after dropping another gay slur in L.A. yesterday.


He never apologizes ... but instead writes a half-assed, dismissive explanation saying, "my intention was not to insult anyone."

Listen to the way he hurls the word around -- Chris clearly used the word "gay" as an insult ... no two ways around it.

Still, we still gotta ask ...


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Are there lots of gay Jews? Just wondering Harvey what the Jewish community stand is on gays. I think the problem is the word "gay". You guys didn't like *** or homo or fairy or fruitcake and now if you call someone gay who isn't, you fellas get all offended. You fellas are too sensitive. Suck it up. No, wait, you know what I mean.

1217 days ago


kiss off!!! all you haters, this paper are what ever you call it is just messey!! Chri*****es no one!! you are just a bush of a**es!! Thank You

1217 days ago

Mikey Adams    

The word "gay" is not a slur on someone's sexuality.

It's a common derogatory phrase and NO ONE has the right to NOT be offended.

For the love of God, Harvey, stop posting stories about people who even remotely come close to bashing F...A...G...S, will you?


1217 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Has Chris beat your ass? You have no idea what information he swallowed to not make the floozy look bad. Anybody who likes to be hurt during sex or pissed on, has little credibility.

Harvey you are letting the gay groups use you to start chit, and jus*****ching things this past week, you are racist against blacks. This is no longer funny and people are changing and getting fed up with the bull**** you are delighting in.

When this gets ugly, pat yourself on the back.

If one of you f'king flunkies are ever allowed to call blacks monkey again on this board, I will support black leaders as they chew your ass the way your groups have been allowed to do by you. I am not going to post again, but I will read and copy.Several times after all the monkey calling, the posts were deleted. Luckily, I copy and paste.
Don't consider this a threat to your person, we will just see if gay groups support your tail when the spotlight is on you.

1217 days ago


So if I call someone a spider that means I'm an arachnaphobe?

1217 days ago


Boy i tell ya! I remember back in the day when the word gay meant *sing it with me* Happyyyyy!!! Now you people ain't NEVER happy... (and don't start hating on me because i said "you people")

1217 days ago


lol aww, we got all these chris brown haters who love gays. lol seriously. who cares being gay should be illegal. endofstory. That's So GAY!
That's so GAY! That's so GAY! get used to losers. i don't care if i offend any gay freaks. im gonna keep saying it. love you chris brown. haters keep being jealous and just go back to your dead end jobs. peacee yo.

1217 days ago


And for the record i say things like "That's gay" all the damn time.. When i say it i'm not even thinking about that's gay as in "Like two grown men who like having sex with each other" i mean that's gay as in "that's dumb" The word means many things. Maybe ya'll should just go by homo instead of gay so you all will stop feeling the need to throw a huge hissy fit every 5 minutes (no pun intended)

1217 days ago


honestly i think media sites and networks have become biased. you choose whether you like someone or not and when they do something of questionable faith you demonize them. i respect tmz and the staff but i think its time you separate the opinionated articles from the respectable articles, im not saying this doesnt deserve to be an article but to not give him credit is low he could have said to h*ll with it and went on with his rich happy life, but he spoke up and gave respect to the gay community. im sure my two cents mean nothing but chris brown is not perfect and im sure he doesnt pretend to be so why is everyone putting him on a pedestal to be an angel 24/7

1217 days ago


Of course, this arrogant jerk could just park legally like the rest of us. Then there'd be no need to have made the accusations in the first place.

1217 days ago


This story was sooo written by a thin skinned homosexual. Talk about being a drama queen and making to much of something! This guy's got that move down.

1217 days ago


"Chris Brown -- I Didn't Mean to Piss Off the Real ******* I Was Just Dissin' the Paps"

There i fixed that headline for you, TMZ.

1217 days ago

South Beach    

This guy is just a **** to the 3rd in every way.

1217 days ago


Listen up TMZ. I'm not a CB fan but I don't forgive him for there's nothing to forgive!!!
As a Canadian who was raised in a Christian country that's intolerant of homosexuality, I've defended and supported gays when family and coworkers condemn them. I believe in human rights and support their rights to marry etc. but I do think gays have a genetic defect not unlike Downs syndrome.
Harvey is gay and I've never heard him admit that so nobody needs to know but someone like CB can't hide the fact that he's black and that's the difference between gays and other minorities. They shouldn't compare themselves to the black struggle. I'm not homophobic. I've been hit on by gay or bi women and It doesn't phase me. I'm not interested but can still be friendly to them. I have also worked with gay teens.
What CB said is not a slur. He doesn't need to apologize. Tracy Morgan 's comment was offensive but for crying out loud CB didn't mean that as a slur. He used the N word which was worse. Teens and young people talk like that all the time. If he said the F word then I would have a problem but leave it alone and stop beating up on this guy for heaven's sake. I still remember when gay meant happy and it's unfortunate the homosexual community hijacked this word. Why not concentrate on gay men who have a terrible image, flaunting their sexuality and behaving like perverts during parades?
In my community some gay men go to bathrooms in parks and restaurants to be intimate. While on holiday with my family in Niagara Falls, the teen boys in our group witnessed gay men trying to have sex in a bathroom at Wendy's restaurant.
Please save the indignation for when it's truly relevant and stop crying over every little comment or it will backfire. It's really beginning to piss me off and that's not an easy thing to do. I've been called worse names in my life and guess what, I don't cry and whine about it or take everything personally. It's also been my experience that gays are just as intolerant and racist as anyone. Don't go looking for trouble. Move on.....CB doesn't need to apologize. End of story.

1217 days ago


I love how blacks now have to actually watch their mouths now, like whites do. Getting a big dose of the PC patrol watching every word. I actually don't care about the words he said. I just love them having to taste their own medicine.

1217 days ago
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