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Cops: Justin Bieber's Security SCREWED UP

6/23/2011 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's security REFUSED to follow police orders today ... after an unruly mob nearly overran the singer and are to blame the ruckus that followed -- this according to law enforcement sources.

We're told Bieber deviated from a carefully planned route outside Macy's today -- where he was supposed to sign autographs for fans -- and the crowd nearly trampled him.

Law enforcement sources tell us a plainclothes officer jumped to save Bieber -- but as we previously reported, the singer's security didn't realize the guy was a cop ... and pulled him off.

According to law enforcement, the officer in question immediately identified himself -- but Bieber's security guard still refused to stand down ... so cops "secured" the guy and cited him for disorderly conduct.

Bieber wasn't injured and continued signing autographs once the situation was brought under control.


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David [Why are people so gullible? Then when you talk about the savior of the world, Jesus Christ, they want you to shut up].

It's hard to tell if you are being sarcastic by suggesting that followers are gullible, or if you really are that gullible that you believe in some magical guy in the sky.

1216 days ago


I laugh out loud when people criticize Justin Bieber, especially if they're adults. I understand why young boys would be jealous of him, but there is no excuse for adults to not support and uplift the ambitions of any young person. I bet he does more before breakfast than most of his criticizers do all day.

1216 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

Whos aid anything about being jealous?

Most people don't like sht music, and the heshe makes sht music, same with Lady Gaga.

And it would be nice if everyone who made sht music took a ride with Ryan Dunn. ;)

1216 days ago


How many of us do you REALLY THINK care about Justin Bieber????

Maybe you need to set up a tween website.

1216 days ago


I hope bieber gets attacked and the person injects him with TESTOSTERONE. he has way to much estrogen in his body. and why is a 17yr old BOY making lip gloss, nail polish and perfume is he trying to tell us something?

1216 days ago


I can't really blame the guy. In a way, he should be commended. I'm sure people say ALL KINDS of things to try to get close to celebrities. Just look at all those stalkers out there!

1216 days ago

the real diva    

all i keep thinking is in 5 years we will all be saying justin who?he will be long forgotten. too bad it is not now.

1216 days ago


Last I checked Cops outranked rent a cops.

1216 days ago


Man, I have a difficulty understading these people. Parents should really work harder at being good parents and not allow their kids minds get to twisted around into believe into someone being so special and above them. But he did work hard and got a chance and that is commendable for sure. But not to the point of this sick obsession we see here.

1216 days ago


That's crazy. Bieber could have been crushed to death. Someone sure as heck goofed, and I hope to heck that he's apologized to the cop who saved him from most-probable danger.

1216 days ago



you're an idiot who apparently lacks basic reading comprehension...

there is NOTHING TMZ has to apologize for considering they didn't make a single "accusation"... they just reported what the law enforcement sources said/claimed, that's their job...

1216 days ago


Let's not forget that there's an awful lot of simple minded cops out there, just enough brains to prevent em from having a **** on the floor but not enough to think. Some cops really think that they're superman but in fact they're power-hungry and frustrated.

1216 days ago

Molarity Calculator    

This is definitely a nice site. I would definitely be coming back to it again.

1216 days ago


Beiber is a spoiled brat and deserves to get exactly what he asked for when he ignored PUBLICLY FUNDED police ... he should have to pay for the police covering his event, and apologize for ignoring their plans. Entitled idiot...

1216 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh, sure outside "Macy's" ....well of course, there is only one single "Macy's " in the entire whole world, uh huh.... which moron writed this???!

1215 days ago
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