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Probation Report: Lindsay Lohan Just Won't Change

6/23/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's probation officer thinks she's a spoiled brat and asked the court to lock her up in jail -- because she wouldn't change her partying ways.


The probation report which was submitted to Judge Stephanie Sautner ... indicates Lindsay failed an alcohol test on June 13 -- the day after she was seen partying on her rooftop deck in Venice, Ca.

It also states Lindsay refused two prior narcotics tests -- on May 31 and June 2 -- and passed another on June 9.

LiLo's probation officer writes, "The defendant's behavior indicates she is not attempting to change. It appears that the defendant does not view being on the electronic monitoring program as a privilege.

The report goes on to recommend Lindsay should serve "suitable time in custody."

Of course, we now know Lindsay should NOT have been tested at all ... since the order requiring testing expired on February 25.


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Clearly her parents are at fault, they never taught her how to hide drug and alcohol abuse.

1196 days ago


In order to be a Probation Officer in LA, do you have to pass a reading test or a urine test?

1196 days ago


In all honesty, if she was really not required to be tested anyway, then why didn't the judge just cancel the hearing anyway? It's not like she didn't know Linds was coming in today over this.

Personally, I think it wasn't clear at all, and that's why they did this whole thing behind closed doors. I would be willing to bet money that there was conflicting demands from the courts orders. And I think Sautner may have even set it up that way, to give Linds an out.

Either way, if it was so crystal clear that she wasn't to be tested.....she wouldn't have been in court today. Linds always gets off on a technicality, because that's the one thing she's good at - finding that little bit of grey area.

1196 days ago


Judge Sautner and Judge Fox - The fairest Judges in LA

The DA asked Judge Sautner to modify the terms of Lohan’s probation to include testing for drugs and alcohol, but Judge Sautner refused.

1196 days ago



1196 days ago


Probably the crummy legislature will have to raise the fee for a driver's license another $5 to cover this fiasco. Why didn't they check here probation terms before dragging her in and wasting money. She did nothing wrong - just another example of our government wasting money. Someone in the DA's office needs to lose their job. Taxpayer's money is not unlimited and to be wasted.

1196 days ago


She'll probably have a case of wine delivered to her house to celebrate. I'd suggest she become a rapped since she's been arrested enough times, but if she were a rapper then she'd be in jail.

1196 days ago


Obviously some of you including TMZ don't know the terms of probation and home confinement. While on both the person can be tested at anytime and refusing is a violation. I have worked for home confinement before so I know what I am talking about. So no Lohan cannot refuse and she cannot still use drugs and alcohol while on probation and home confinement. Doing so is a violation and often times is what gets the person sent to jail and off from probation and home confinement. Next time TMZ do your home work before posting.

1196 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Nicole, I have a question for you. If Lindsay thought it was ok for her to drink in her own home, then why did she flat out lie about drinking, or having alcohol in the house JUST 2 DAYS AGO? Obviously, she was under the impression that she wasn't supposed to drink. But being the enabler that you are, you like to twist it around to make it look like that skank is some kind of saint, who does nothing wrong.

So now it's ok to drink and do drugs while under house arrest. When she eventually gets behind the wheel intoxicated again, and kills or maims someone, you should be held personally responsible, Nicole, because you and the rest of your enabling ilk seem to encourage Lindsay to do "whatever she wants". You're pathetic.

1196 days ago

Ghost Rider    

If Jay was punk rock he wouldnt care. About anything. I think Jay needs a new avatar, how about Boss Hog?

1196 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

How long til she racks up new charges?

Prediction for Lindsay's 25th birthday: Lindsay crawling out of château m with piss running down her leg

1196 days ago


Relax - she'll be back. She'll keep drinking, keep lying and expecting to get away with it. And the court system has done a fine job of enabling her.

1196 days ago


it might not be possible to save her from herself...

1196 days ago


It's just alcohol. Big deal. As for her changing her partyng ways...I'm 47 years old and still like to party once in a while. She is young, and she should be having fun. I am starting to feel sorry for her.

1196 days ago


This whole circus is just out of hand already.

For those of you in this woman peer group, 20 somethings, I'm shocked that MORE you are not defending her.

When one is in their 20' party. You drink, you act the fool...because you are 20 something!!!!!!

This whole thing is so stooopid at this point..and if I was tax payer of that county I'd be ticked off that they are wasting my money.
I don't care if she drinks, if she smokes, if she is peeing on the sidewalk. She isn't hurting anyone with her actions besides HER. OH NO!!! she took a drink!! Look at the drunks in that state!!

She has no children, no husband, she has money to take care of herself. Her only problem is she is famous. So, all these big mouths on here acting like they are holy are so full of BS.

I'm very sure most of you have done the very same thing Lindsey has done, except ya'll didn't get caught and you were not made an example of.

I feel for this kid, she is getting a raw deal, and the goverment is crwaling up her butt for no reason.

Chase some real criminals for change in Cali, like ya'll don't have any? As if there are not tons of people in that state that are robbin' and killin' as we type? I'm begining to think the D.A. out there has a thing for her, I think they want to make her show up so they can have another look at her.

But go after Lindsey Lohan?! Not gettin' it at all......if she wasn't forced to be made an example out of, she would have never even went to jail to begin with...just ridiculus.

1196 days ago
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