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Probation Report: Lindsay Lohan Just Won't Change

6/23/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's probation officer thinks she's a spoiled brat and asked the court to lock her up in jail -- because she wouldn't change her partying ways.


The probation report which was submitted to Judge Stephanie Sautner ... indicates Lindsay failed an alcohol test on June 13 -- the day after she was seen partying on her rooftop deck in Venice, Ca.

It also states Lindsay refused two prior narcotics tests -- on May 31 and June 2 -- and passed another on June 9.

LiLo's probation officer writes, "The defendant's behavior indicates she is not attempting to change. It appears that the defendant does not view being on the electronic monitoring program as a privilege.

The report goes on to recommend Lindsay should serve "suitable time in custody."

Of course, we now know Lindsay should NOT have been tested at all ... since the order requiring testing expired on February 25.


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i agree with one of the other commenters. let her drink herself to death. i use to cheer for linsday, wishing she'd get her life in order so she can start acting because she had potential to become a great actress but she's such a spoiled brat i'm sick of it. she contributes nothing to society. all she does is waste tax payers' money. b*tch needs to run herself into a hole. THE UPSIDE TO THIS IS SHE'S A F*CK UP AND THAT'S ALL SHE KNOWS HOW TO DO SO SOONER OR LATER SHE'LL END UP IN JAIL AND HER IRRELEVANT A*S WILL ONCE AND FOR ALL BE FORGOTTEN ABOUT.

1217 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Lindsay could mow down a child while intoxicated be caught on video and Nicole,darkrage6.riley,Puckett,David and other delusional blind rabid faots would blame the child instead of a spoiled rotten selfish whore who doesn't give a damn about her rabbid fanbot who worship the ground she falls on and the day Lindsay had fu paint on her fingernails that was also aim at her blind rabid fanbots who blindly support her and Lindsay never going to change her way because the judges in California are chicken beep do anything to her and Karma will eventually get Lindsay

1217 days ago


When she's drunk on probation or house arrest or whatever and takes out an innocent family while driving DUI I want the whole damned nation to get behind suing the f*ck out of every single judge, individually, and then the city, and then the state for failing to take any action against her whatsoever.

1217 days ago


She's blonde blue eyed and knows she can get away with it. Celebrity justice once again.

1217 days ago


I wonder how much the judge is getting paid? No one who is not a celebrity would catch these breaks

1217 days ago

Please God     

For the love of god put her in prison. She's unattractive, her acting only works for kids who can't understand movie plots beyond herbie and her attitude is nothing but a spit in the face of the justice system.

I didn't care what happened when she was in the paper the first 15 times but now I'd watch her trial on court tv everyday if they'd convict her for just being arrogantly stupid.

1217 days ago

George Costanza    

Lock her up for consuming alcohol in her own home? Are we living in the prohibition era? This saga is getting more retarded. How did she get the booze if she is under house arrest? Bust her accomplice.

1217 days ago


What law did she break? She was drinking in her own home. The order for testing expired in February. She wasn't driving or taking drugs. Last time I checked drinking was not against the law.

1217 days ago


Lindsey can do all she wants...I'm just never buying or watching or paying any of my money for anything she is involved with. give her a real taste, make her only value "entertainment" on TMZ. I think she can make a career of it!

Laughing my way all the way to her future bankruptcy.

1217 days ago


I sure wouldn't want to be the prosecutor there. The judges make a mockery of the system in her case; the public servants try to do their best, and their efforts are just for naught.

1217 days ago


Ok, so the idiot didn't violate probation, BUT what it did prove, once again, she is a lying sack of ****. Did she not just state in an interview that her new rented condo is an alcohol free zone? Yep, she sure did. What? Did the alcohol in her system just mysterly fly up her fire crotch, lodge into her system which inadvertenly tested her positive for alcohol? Enquiring minds want to know. A lot of DWI offenders out their would gladly use that defense.

1217 days ago


When will TMZ give up their predicitions of any real jail time for this bimbo? She continues to skate and TMZ continues to look dumb.

1217 days ago


Well, I think if the order to test her expired in February, then it should not be an issue. Was the ankle monitor strictly for her not leaving the premises? Or does it go off when alcohol or drugs are consumed? At this point, so long as she stays in her home, then whatever she does there should be ignored. She's in her own home. How do you stop anyone from having ****tails in their own home? If that is the case, then they should have put her in a cell. What is the big deal? Really!

1217 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Lindsay dying in a cool car accident is way to cool of ending for someone as pathetic as Lindsay. I forsee something lame like croaking in front of the Viper room like RP. Aside from dying in a wreck, the only other cool way to go is to just disappear...

1217 days ago


There's nothing in that report about Lindsay that is unknown to the general public and the L.A. criminal justice system.

1217 days ago
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