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Probation Report: Lindsay Lohan Just Won't Change

6/23/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's probation officer thinks she's a spoiled brat and asked the court to lock her up in jail -- because she wouldn't change her partying ways.


The probation report which was submitted to Judge Stephanie Sautner ... indicates Lindsay failed an alcohol test on June 13 -- the day after she was seen partying on her rooftop deck in Venice, Ca.

It also states Lindsay refused two prior narcotics tests -- on May 31 and June 2 -- and passed another on June 9.

LiLo's probation officer writes, "The defendant's behavior indicates she is not attempting to change. It appears that the defendant does not view being on the electronic monitoring program as a privilege.

The report goes on to recommend Lindsay should serve "suitable time in custody."

Of course, we now know Lindsay should NOT have been tested at all ... since the order requiring testing expired on February 25.


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They will let her go and let her go again until she either dies of an overdose or a DUI results in a fatal accident -- Then, the judge should have to answer. Only a jail term will show her that rules apply to everyone.

1182 days ago

Pony Princess    

Everyone should aspire to be like LL. She has a license to drink and drug herself silly now. Not even a slap on the wrist! Shame on the judge and the probation department for wasting LA's precious money on this silly sham of a case. LL Rules! She will always be Lindsay Effin Lohan and better than the common people who laws apply to.

1182 days ago


Honestly, I wish she just freak’n go away. She is a NOBODY and acting.. That’s a joke. It is obvious she will never learn or want to get better. I would have more respect for her if she just said “it’s my life and I’m going to drink and do what I want”. Then this entire BS we hear over and over… I think that is was everyone is more pissed about. Her BS statements..I’m getting my acting career back and moving forward. She doesn’t deserve it and I would never pay to see her in another movie. WORTHLESS!!!!

1182 days ago


@ Rob: The only people who are going to hell are those who wish other people can go to hell. Because if you believe in God, wishing the worst for someone else means that you have sin.

1182 days ago


Nicole and David

What is your F*cking problem with LA County? They're just doing their job.

1182 days ago


19 minutes ago

The best thing for the Taxpayers in S***my California is to just let Lindsay the Loser Lohan kill herself. Nobody would even miss her. Well maybe her Cocaine addict slut of a mother.
But other than that Lindsay is pretty well worthless. To bad she could not have been the 2nd person In Ryans car when he crashed and went up in flames.

You need treatment.

1182 days ago


Come, come anyone really surprised about a failed test? Lindsay is on a dead end road. I hate to say it, but I would not be surprised to read a Lindsay overdoses story in the not so far future.

1182 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Somewhere I think there is a Dead Kennedys song, or Bad religion song about these types of corporate punkers like Jay. They are the ones that "Bought In" as they say.

1182 days ago


of course shes not ever going to change, i wouldnt change either if i could get away with hijacking a vehicle, speeding down the pacific coast hwy chasing my assistants mom, kidnapping people while high on cocaine, bring cocaine into a police station, fail to finish my classes for probation, travel to france to party instead of dealing with the court (using the old i lost my passport so i cant come home excuse) steal a necklace, get house arrest instead of jail (im sure im forgetting something else this **** has done)

After all that she has done, she still gets to hang out in her own home, getting to do whatever she wants, including now drinking and drugs since shes not being tested anymore

If this is punishment sign me up

1182 days ago


Today's hearing and ruling shows how lazy the probation and DA departments' employees are since they failed to read the terms of her probation. Lohan should sue the county for invasion of privacy for the alcohol tests since she is entitled to drink.

1182 days ago


Much as I agree that Lohan is probably a bratty, self-absorbed young woman, I don't think that's cause for sending her to jail even if we might like to.

1182 days ago


i sure hope she's playing the lottery or betting big in Vegas or something cause this girls luck just never seems to run out!!!! how many of us non-celebrities would be receiving the same treatment? NONE OF US!!!!!

1182 days ago


Okay, she didn't go to jail so let's get back to talking about all the movies that she's currently, officially assigned to/working on - NOT "Mean Girls" (2004). Do I hear crickets?

1182 days ago

angela rocks    

Seriously.....and average citizen would have been in jail ages ago when this saga began, before it got to this point, and the good people, (the taxpayers) of our financially defunct state have to foot the ongoing bill for the antics of this spoiled brat, it is painfully obvious that she has no intention what-so-ever of getting or staying clean/sober or changing her ways and to all of this I say "Y A W N" is there nothing else more newsworthy, and perhaps SHE should pay the entire bill, every single red cent that she is costing the state/City with her droll and pathetic antics.

1182 days ago


This is a BS comment from someone who has no business commenting -- she was under zero legal obligation to be tested yet he wants to throw her in jail. Scary world when people like this are in positions of authority -- long live the Constitution and the freedom of the USA!!

1182 days ago
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