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Anthony Weiner -- 'Tense,' 'Miserable' Lunch with Wife

6/26/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good news: Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin are still together.
Bad news: It's still reallllllllly awkward.

The disgraced former congressman and his wife were spotted having lunch in New York City on Saturday where she "looked miserable," a witness told the NY Daily News

The couple (who both sported wedding rings) dined at La Bottega in Chelsea's Maritime Hotel and spent most of the meal attached to their cell phones (see below), the witness told the paper.

Their waiter told the NYDN that Weiner was a bad tipper and looked "really tense. Just like he was carrying some intense baggage."

Later, Weiner was seen carrying actual baggage ... as in her purse. 

That's probably not changing any time soon. 


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Of course there is tension - anyone has this to deal with would be a little on edge. I don't condone what he did, but this is a personal matter between husband and wife. He's probably ruined his political career, and assuming his 'antics' have not affected his political work, the media should back off. Besides, maybe he's on the phone looking for a new job!

1153 days ago


if she is a practicing Muslim then we also have to take in consideration how/when/wheere/why/if an Islamic woman may obtain a divorce and if it the same process/rules whether or not she marries a Muslim/Christian/Jew?

anyone know

1153 days ago


only a matter of time on this one

1153 days ago


"In the Muslim world, legislation concerning divorce varies from country to country. Different Muslim scholars can have slightly differing interpretations of divorce in Islam, (e.g. concerning triple talaq).
No-fault divorce is allowed in Muslim societies, although normally only with the consent of the husband. A wife seeking divorce is normally required to give one of several specific justifications (see below). Islam discourages divorce.

If the man seeks divorce or was divorced, he has to cover the expenses of his ex-wife feeding his child and expenses of the child until the child is two years old (that is if the child is under two years old). The child is still the child of the couple despite of the divorce.

If it is the wife who seeks divorce, she must go to a court. She must provide evidence of ill treatment, inability to sustain her financially, sexual impotence on the part of the husband, her dislike of his looks, etc. The husband may be given time to fix the problem, but if he fails, the appointed judge will divorce the couple if the couple still wish to be divorced."

so looks like her religion dictates a second chance for him

1153 days ago


His personal life is just that personal.We democrats just lost a good voice. WHY is VIDDER still in office? WHY is'nt TMZ getting shots of him and his family? AND people that's how you eat an ice cream cone.I for one HOPE that he can get back into politics one day.

1153 days ago


He's out of politics and the public limelight, just leave him and his wife alone.

1153 days ago


I in no way condone cheating, but I think I can understand a little bit. Being married to Huma, and I have looked at several pics before scandal too, looks like it would be as fun as being married to a brick. They have no chemistry and she is just not into him. I am beginning to believe the Hillary rumors. I mean how does a lowly intern afford the designer clothes she was seen in and the expensive condo she bought and her parents are not rich. She is a kept woman but not by wiener.

1153 days ago


How a woman chooses to handle her husband's indiscretions is her prerogative. Regardless if it went beyond an inappropriate text message or photo should no longer be the concern of the public. She has already chosen her MARRIAGE and FAMILY.

This individual is no longer an elected official and his private family affairs should be handled privately and not on a public forum such as this. It is no one's place to judge this situation and I hope that they put their marriage in God's hands.

1153 days ago

Boba Lola    

This fool should pay attention to his Wife in the first place.
"The grass isn't greener on the other side...its greener where you water it."

1153 days ago


How about adding an option on the poll: NOT MY BUSINESS

1153 days ago


they don't look tense and miserable to me. what is this? guys.. look at the material before you do the title, no?

1153 days ago


I can't stand this hypocrisy anymore: we are the internet people, we flirt with internet girls and guys (depending on the gender) all the time: of all the people we shouldn't throw stones because you know what? everybody is laughing . we are a bunch of hypocrites.
now even "inventing" a title when the pictures tell a completely different story. How can one be miserable when having an ice scream or walking holding hands with his wife?

how is this possible?

who does the titles? and the stories?

1153 days ago

some guy    


What are you talking about? Of course we're the people to throw stones at this. Is someone here going to lose their job b/c of what they posted? Besides me?

1153 days ago


Dude is gay as a christmas tree!!!!
The pictures of his weenie was meant for the 'guys' to see!!!! JMO!

1153 days ago

some guy    

Be kinda nice to give up my job as a coal miner. Gets kinda lonely here with only my laptop and my canary Spike. Oops gotta go. Gotta dig out some more veins before my Black Lung kills me.

1153 days ago
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