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Bryan Stow -- FLIPPED OFF During Dodger Game

6/29/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bryan Stow didn't appear to be worried that Dodgers fans were giving him the finger the night he watched the Giants play in Dodger Stadium ... instead, he smirked and hoisted his beer.


One of Stow's friends posted a photo on Facebook, showing Stow and his buddies proudly sporting their team colors in a sea of blue on March 31 ... while two unidentified Dodgers fans photobombed the shot by flipping off the camera.

As we previously reported -- Stow had a verbal altercation with another Dodger fan during the game ... after Stow allegedly yelled out that he'd rather eat his own feces than a Dodger dog.

Stow was brutally beaten in the parking lot after the game and is still recovering from some VERY serious injuries.

062711_fight_small_v2_launchThe LAPD arrested one man for the attack, Giovanni Ramirez -- cops say he's the prime suspect. 

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His buddies are pretty big guys. No reason to leave your buddy with injuries like that. It should have been 4 on 2. No way I'd hang with someone that would allow me to get beat the way Stow was beaten.

1182 days ago


I tend to think the verbal bashing continued in the parking lot-there is more to this random attack.If you were walking out o*****ame with your friends and someone out of no where jumps on of your back- don't you think someone in your group would have attempted to defend you? Did his friends even have any defense wounds of any kind?Something is wrong with this.I know I would have some sort of defensive reaction???????That's where this case becomes fuzzy . In our cell cam world there seems to be no film regarding the actual scene of the crime...strange.

1182 days ago


It seems to me that this person was around his friends, talking **** got by hisself and got his ass whip......good next time if you can't back it up, shut up. where was his friends when this happen they ran like bitches. Get over it.....when you talk **** you get tapped.

1182 days ago


where were his three gorilla girlie friends when he was getting his ass kicked?

1182 days ago


Most men who go to sporting events are douche bags.

1182 days ago

Master Po    

I Dont understand how a grown man with 3 friends can be beaten to a pulp. Unless those friends are a bunch of punks, who either ran away or said f*ck this loud mouth and left him with the attackers.

1182 days ago


Wow! What a scoop! Not. That kind of thing happens at sporting events all the time. For all we know, they laughed with the "finger guy" after the picture was taken. Regardless of what transpired during the game, or how douchy Stow may or may not be, anyone who beats someone that severely needs to be taken off the streets. Period. Throwing a few punches is one thing but this went way beyond that.

1182 days ago

Jim D******    

The DOUCHEBAGS are the many who post on this and similar message boards only looking to get a rise out of the rest of us. I hope you and your computer get a virus.

1182 days ago


We all need to have something called self control. NOBODY deserves to be physically assaulted no matter what was said. If you are that insecure about your self or your team(dodgers)get a grip on life. Lets beat someone half to death cause they talked **** at a baseball game. Whom doesn't talk **** at a professional sports game? I feel bad for the children, and lets all hope they don't grow up to pull some columbine ****. But then again everyone is concerned with this guy being a d bag not how we can make it so this doesn't happen again.

1182 days ago


think of it this way- His friends under- reaction may stem from the fact that this entire situation was about his typical behavior-meaning they were resistant to react because they had defended him on multiple occasions and simply were not moved to help him because - they had done it before and did not want to get involved with a beat down. what other reason can there be to let a friend be beat close to death -by random thugs.

1182 days ago


The truth about this is finally coming out! He isn't the sweet guy who is innocent and just got beat on for "no reason at all". No wonder his family is pissed. Their little free ride of donations is about over and they are starting to squirm.

Who even goes to those games nowadays anyway? All the gang bangers here in No. California wear the team colors as their own and there is no doubt in my mind that a sports stadium is now a dangerous place to go.

1182 days ago


Jenny to answer your statement......He probably was talking mess while getting is butt whipped. He seems to be a person that probably said something racial.

1182 days ago


jimmy d- We know the only free speech you believe in is your own...

1182 days ago


jimmy from modesto- You are right- I notice when the cash flow becomes compromised the actual cause of a case becomes a non-issue.

1182 days ago

I lol'd     

sm - "I'm a 5 foot girl who has worn the opposing team's gear to stadiums. I laugh in the face of someone who flips me off too. Do I deserve to be beaten into a coma?"

Can't stand chicks like you. Yea you'll laugh in the face of an opposing team's fan until this happens to you too. Of course you don't deserve to be beaten into a coma, but if you play with fire you're going to get burned. You mix trash talking, alcohol, and rival teams and you end up with something like this. Little naive girls like you run their mouths and then cry foul when something serious happens as a result need to shut up and sit the **** down.

1182 days ago
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