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Halle Berry

Claims Gabriel Violated

Custody Agreement

6/28/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry went to family court this morning, complaining her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, violated the custody agreement they struck over Nahla, and to reinforce her point, her lawyer submitted a lengthy court document claiming Gabriel has put Nahla at risk.

Halle Berry Custody
Sources tell TMZ ... Halle is concerned for 3-year-old Nahla when she's in the care of Gabriel.  Our sources would not be specific about the violations, but we're told it has to do with requirements Gabriel was supposed to follow when he had custody of Nahla.

The lengthy documents go into great detail about Gabriel's parenting skills, claiming there was once an incident overseas when Gabriel allegedly neglected Nahla, imperiling her safety.

Halle wanted the judge to find Gabriel in violation of the custody order.  Gabriel was not in court today, and the judge set a hearing on the matter for later.



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some guy    

@L Ron Mangravy 21 minutes ago: "She should be hard fuct in the ungreased asz by a plantation owner that looks like Col. Sanders. After a good half hour of said drilling, the master should pull out and spray his Kentucky fried goo all over her screaming face!"

Now, now, this isn't the time for racial jokes. I don't think it's come to that yet.

1211 days ago

some guy    

Halle, when do you think Nahla will start making money? I like to get 'em going young, myself.

1211 days ago

some guy    

Ughh I dont wanna be mean right now. Feeling pretty happy.

1211 days ago

some guy    

Can we talk about how Lindsay's doing?

1211 days ago

some guy    

I wasn't really alive back in the day, but can anyone recall when actors did it for the love of the craft?

1211 days ago

some guy    

Ugh I got a feeling I know why Halle's doing this but I don't think I wanna share that right now.

1211 days ago

some guy    

Ok, all I'm gonna do is ask one question and then I'm gonna leave it alone:

Saw your first wrinkle, Halle?

1211 days ago

some guy    

Such a waste... watermelon's delicious.

1211 days ago


everyones opinion of Halle and 25 cents wont buy coffee. No one knows what was in the papers, she didnt leak anything to the press, maybe its between the too of them. If she has money, she earned it, its hers to do with as she sees fit. I am really sorry everyone is losing respect. I still say if this were a poor white woman against a black man, she would simple be protecting her child. Get over it, they will and the child will be fine, she cant read.

1211 days ago

Khate sucks    

This crazy lunatic is such a liar! Still lying about her OBVIOUS NOSE JOB and now about a poor man who DESERVES custody! That little girl's only chance of a normal life is with her Daddy! She did him for ALL of those years and now she's trying to say HE'S crazy!!! Please, she's the one with the hit and runs under her belt! NOT giving a **** about someone she hit with her car! IDIOT!

1211 days ago

some guy    

"If you don't like watermelon or fried chicken, then there's something wrong with YOU!"

Cookie if you know who said that.

1211 days ago


She really gets on my nerves. She seems crazy, she seems narcissistic, bordline personality. I read at another site one of the reason's she is angry is because he gave Nahla pizza on a "non-cheat" day! What the hell is that? Is that baby on some weird hollywood diet too?

1211 days ago


another scorn woman trying to prevent her child from having a relationship with her father, and the cycle continues, smh

1211 days ago


Halle B is crazy, I have no respect for her. She makes me sick how she immediately went to the race card to discredit him as soon as she thought he would challenge her holly highness for custody. Does she think he just figured out now that she is black (at least half black, though she doesnt recognize her white heritage at all; "one drop black") Hollywood is the land of narcism!! I hope she loses custody, she is nuts!!

1211 days ago


Its funny how we act like we know her and all the facts. Mind you your own business.

1211 days ago
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